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Geese are birds that appear in The Lion Guard universe.


In the Real World 

Geese are primarily white-feathered birds with a medium-sized body. Some geese can be different colors.

Barnacle geese have a black chest, neck and crown, with a cream-white face. The sexes are similar in appearance, but males typically are larger. The extension of black from the neck over the head gives the face a hooded appearance. The upper back is black, shading posterior to silver-gray

In The Lion Guard

Geese in the show are chubby white birds with dark orange beaks and feet.

Barnacle geese are dark blue, her wings are blue, light blue and black, their tail feathers are dark blue and blue, their legs are black, their face is white, their bill is dark blue, they has a few very dark blue feathers on their chest, and their underbelly feathers are white.


In the Real World

Geese are birds that come in many different sizes and colors. Some of these are domesticated.

In The Lion Guard

Geese are a type of food which the hyenas enjoy eating.

Geese teach their youngs how to fly and jump off the cliffs.


Eye of the Beholder

During Outta the Way, a goose appears as one of the animals that Janja fantasizes about, jumping up and down with a wildebeest as he exclaims Birds and Beasts.

Janja's New Crew

After chasing a herd of antelopes, Tano mentions a wild goose chase.

Friends to the End

The Lion Guard is nearing the Tree of Life when they see barnacle geese chicks falling off cliffs in the Canyons. Despite Kion's wishes to proceed, the other members of Guard save them anyway. However, the chicks' mother appears, and explains her two children were deliberately falling in order to fly. Ono explains that barnacle geese learn to fly by falling, which embarrasses the Guard. Kion, frustrated, tells them not to rescue anyone else from now on, as animals don't need their help.

Notable Geese in The Lion Guard

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