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Oh, come on! You're the perfect size for a gecko. And geckos can do stuff crocs can't.

Beshte, The Little Guy

Geckos are lizards that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Pride Lands.


In the Real World 

Male electric blue geckos are bright blue with heavy black throat stripes, visible preanal pores, and hemipenile bulges. The females range from brown or bronze to bright green, and have little to no black on their throat. Females can easily be confused with juvenile or socially suppressed males that are also green, sometimes with a bluish cast. The underside of both sexes is orange. Colours of individuals vary according to mood and temperature. Males may range from black or gray to brilliant electric blue. Females may range from dark brown to brilliant green with turquoise highlights. Adult snout-vent length is 5 to 8 cm.

In The Lion Guard

Geckos in The Lion Guard look exactly the same as they are in real life, with the exeption of the yellow underbelly.


In the Real World 

Geckos have bulging toes covered in hundreds of tiny microscopic hairs that allow them to almost completely attach into anything that their feet have latched onto. Male geckos court females with lateral flattening, puffing out of the throat pouch, and head bobbing. Two to three weeks after copulation, the female lays a clutch of 1 or 2 pea-sized white, hard-shelled eggs that are glued to a surface in a secure, hidden location. Eggs hatch in 60 to 90 days. Geckos feed primarily on smaller insects such as ants and flies.

In The Lion Guard

Geckos in The Lion Guard are quite the same as they are in real life, except that they can stand on their hind legs for quite some period of time.


The Little Guy

A gecko named Hodari wishes to become a member of Makuu's Float. He is ev

Hodari the Gecko.jpg

entually accepted after he helps Makuu in defeating Kiburi

Battle for the Pride Lands

Hodari helps the Pride Landers fight Scar's army.

Notable Geckos in The Lion Guard


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