Friends, Allies & Acquaintances

Chama and Mzaha 

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Furaha is incredibly close to Chama and Mzaha, to the point that he considers them his family over his own troop.

He is always supported by the pair, and dislikes being away from them for prolonged periods of time. He is able to joke and prank them both, without either of them becoming offended or upset, unlike most animals who consider his nature disruptive.


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Furaha and his friends wanted to move in with Rafiki, believing him to be a "fun guy". They have a lot of admiration for Rafiki, and tried to return to his tree after they failed to make amends with their respective herds.

Although they were turned away by the mandrill, the group still appreciated Rafiki, and returned to save him, Makini and his tree when the tree caught fire. Having found a place near Big Springs, the group turned Rafiki's offer to stay at his tree down, but accepted the invite to Makini's Painting Ceremony.


Makini loved having Furaha and his friends around. Makini thought that they were friendly and fun. Makini even joined them when Furaha was doing his "bug eating record." When Rafiki's Tree was on fire the three friends saved her and Rafiki. 


Tumbili kicks Furaha out of his troop the first time. The guard brings him back t
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he second time and Tumbili tries to explain to Beshte that he was trouble to his troop. He lets Furaha back in until he moves out to be with his friends. 

The Lion Guard

Furaha had a good relationship with the guard. Bunga even joined in on their fun. Until the guard brought them back to their herds. The three friends didn't wanna go back but they knew that it was part of their role in the "Circle of Life."  
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