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–Fuli's catchphrase

Fuli is Kion's friend and later his second in command, a former member of the Lion Guard and a current member of the Night Pride at the Tree of Life. She is a cheetah, specifically a king cheetah, and her special ability is her very fast speed. She is a major character in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and The Lion Guard.



As a cub, most of Fuli's appearance is the same, except that she lacks the stripes on her head, and her spots are smaller and a lighter shade of brown. Her nose is bright pink, and her tail tip is a bit fluffier. Her yellow fur is also a bit paler.

Screenshot 2021-05-21 at 11.55.47 PM.png

Fuli has the appearance of a king cheetah with soft, vivid yellow fur, with many light brown spots and markings all over her body. Of these spots, she has five rectangular spots with smaller spots within them, as well as three spots on either side of her face, three on the top of each ear, and a small heart-shaped spot on her head. On the back of her head is also an arrowlike shape that resembles the one that Avatar the last airbender has. Also on her back she has two little heart-shaped spots as well. The heart-shaped spot on her head is bigger than it is when she’s older. Some are solid, while others have hollow centers. Her inner ears are light brown, rimmed with dark brown.

Her muzzle, paws, and underbelly are a pale creamy-yellow, as is the fur encircling her eyes. Her eye color is a strong emerald green and she has black eyelashes. Her nose is a similar brown to that found in her ear, with a tawny brown bridge. Fuli is lithe and thin, with a light frame, large pointed ears, and a long tail, that is tapered at the base. Her jaw is sharp and prominent. On her left shoulder, she is shown to have the Mark of the Guard imprinted in dark orange.

As a teenager, aside from growing taller with age, Fuli's most prominent changes involve her markings, which noticeably change from light brown to a darker shade of brown to the point of almost appearing black. Likewise, the number of markings around her legs has increased by one spot, while the markings around her body have changed in shape to the point of having spots within previously blank markings.



–Fuli's frequently said phrase

Fuli is confident and independent. She is well aware that she is the fastest animal, and isn't afraid to say it.[1] She has been called "tough, smart, and no-nonsense"[2]. Though usually wearing a confident smile, she is quick to grasp the seriousness of dangerous situations.

She can act haughty and slightly arrogant, but has a good sense of logic and is shown to be a loyal and caring friend, getting deeply worried about those she cares about, when they are in danger or distress. Despite this, she isn't afraid to tease them or snap at them. She is very independent and prefers to hunt alone, but considers the other members of the Lion Guard like her family.[3] She can be sarcastic and fairly short-tempered, often saying "Seriously?!", when she gets annoyed. Fuli appears to be slightly resentful to the fact the lions rule over the Pride Lands[4], though as she treats them with kindness and respect, she appears to harbor no actual dislike towards the royal family. She dislikes water, getting muddy, bugs including termites[5], having her fur touched[6], and baboons. She also detests certain odors, such as Bunga's stink. She has also mentioned having nightmares about baboons chasing her before, which likely contributes to her dislike of some animals[7]. In certain situations, such as when Kion is absent, she displays a sense of firm authority. [8]

Fuli can be impatient, and does not like to wait around.[9] As noted by Mzingo, she seems to be unaware of the fact that even cheetahs have their limits, believing that she is always at her full strength. Fuli, like the rest of the Guard, cares about the Pride Landers and does her very best to protect the Circle of Life. She uses her gift of speed to assist animals in need, and will not always wait for the rest of the Guard to come along. However, she has agreed to wait for her friends, though shortly after she asked that they try to move faster.[10] She is harsh and fierce when confronting those, who do not respect the Circle of Life.

Being the most temperamental member of the Guard, Fuli would usually resort to violence first, as she was the first one to step in when she saw Jasiri as a threat before discovering that she is a good hyena.

As a teenager, Fuli has started to develop a bit of a calmer disposition and tries to act as the voice of reason for Kion, when he gets temperamental and aggressive. This is also why Kion chose her to be the second in command of the lion guard.

She is shown to be able to calm Kion down, and treats him with gentleness and respect. If Kion is unable to properly lead the Guard, Fuli assumes control in his place. Fuli cares most about Kion, and worries for him more than the other members of the Guard.


The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

Fuli smirks as Bunga is flung off of her back

Fuli is first seen during A Beautiful Day, dashing past Kion, as he chases Bunga through the Pride Lands with their game of Baobab Ball. Fuli soon notices that she's picked up some unwanted extra weight on her back in the form of Bunga, who she soon catapults off by halting suddenly.

Baboons chasing Fuli!

Later, when Kion attempts to locate her, she is seen running away from some baboons after a misunderstanding. Kion manages to stop them by using Beshte, which she is grateful for. She apologizes to the baboons for her remark, and that she meant no ill by saying that they looked funny, when they scratched their heads. They accept, and Fuli joins the rest of the group, which Kion had already assembled.

Fuli tries to control her laughter after hearing Kion's roar.

She has appointed a role in the Lion Guard along with Ono, Beshte, and Bunga. Fuli was specifically chosen for her speed. She is curious enough to ask Kion who the fiercest is, and becomes annoyed at his role as fiercest based solely on his roar. Kion attempts to demonstrate his power, but is only able to let out a squeak instead of the roar he was supposed to show them. Simba soon turns up but scolds his son for not choosing a group of lions, like his predecessors, and for treating his role more like a play date with his friends, which causes Kion to leave Fuli and everyone else for some soul searching. Not long after, hyenas attack the gazelles, and Kion calls the group back. He places his paw over their shoulders to mark them as official members, and the group rushes into action.

Bunga atop Fuli as they race to save Kiara

Fuli stops the hyenas dead in their tracks with her speed, as the other members also do their part to help stop them. Soon it is revealed that Kion's sister, Kiara, is in danger, and Fuli rushes in to save her with Bunga on her back. Bunga leaps over to Kiara once close enough and lets loose a fart which ultimately clears the gazelles and secures her safety. After clearing the mission, everyone returns to Simba, who witnessed the whole event. After seeing them use their skills, Simba decides that Kion made the right decision in his choices, and he happily accepts the new Lion Guard.

Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots

Concerned at Kion's absence

Fuli and the rest of the Lion Guard chase Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu out of the Pride Lands. Kion pursues them slightly further and ends up falling into a fast moving river. He manages to climb onto the shore, but unfortunately, it is the shore of the Outlands. He arranges to meet the Guard at Flat Ridge Rock, which Bunga claims to know the location of.

"I can't believe we don't know where to go! We're the Lion Guard!"

After Kion and the Guard separate, Fuli, Beshte, Bunga, and Ono end up getting lost in a forest. They soon discover that Bunga has no idea where the location is, and Ono is forced to lead them out. As they exit, they are approached by Thurston, who asks if they need help. Fuli becomes frustrated when it becomes clear that he has no idea where Flat Ridge Rock is, or even where he is. Beshte suggests his friend Mbeya, and the group heads off to see the rhinoceros. Fuli becomes impatient, and Beshte wraps up his conversation. By relentlessly questioning Beshte, Fuli discovers that, to her annoyance, he never did ask Mbeya for directions. Beshte quickly goes back to do so.


Now knowing the directions of where they want to go, the friends travel through the Pride Lands. As they near Flat Ridge Rock, Fuli speeds ahead, leaving the Lion Guard in her dust. When they finally catch up, she cheerfully asks what took them so long, saying that she even had time to clean herself of the mud, that had accumulated on her during their travels. When it was pointed out that Kion would never have left them like that, Fuli feels ashamed and apologizes.

Growling at Jasiri

The group then heads into the Outlands to find Kion. When they encounter their leader, they find him in the company of a female hyena, named Jasiri. Fuli springs into a crouch and tells Jasiri to back off. Jasiri crouches back, and the two snarl at each other. Kion leaps in between, protesting, and explains that Jasiri is a friend. Fuli responds with disbelief, and Bunga points out that

"I like her already!"

Jasiri is a hyena. Kion tells them, that not all hyenas are bad and that some are good, including Jasiri. He explains that she helped them fight Janja and his clan, saying that "she was fierce". Fuli grins and says "I like her already", and the Lion Guard leaves the Outlands, reunited with Kion.

The Rise of Makuu

Fuli and her friends rush off to save a Pim the hyrax from a thorn bush, about which she is not that much impressed. But along with Bunga, they save the little guy by rushing in

Fuli saves Pim

whilst Bunga holds up the thorns. Fuli comments on his love for the snake skin he holds and Ono explains, that he was using it to mask his scent. Fuli points out that this isn't particularly useful when the snake is right next to him. She and the Guard travel to Big Springs, where Beshte invites Bunga into the water in an attempt to clean him up. She is anno

Fuli watches the Mashindano

yed by a large splash of water caused by the honey badger, though soon diverts her attention to Pua's fleet, as he asks Basi, if the fish are ready. She, along with rest of the guard then hears Makuu challenge Pua to a Mashindano. Later in the day, many animals in the Pride Lands gather and watch the duel with Makuu ultimately emerging as the victor. After the match, the team rests in the Lair of the Lion Guard. They are informed by Kiara that Zazu has just info

"Are you trying to stop Bunga from smelling or being able to smell?"

rmed her of some bad news. Fuli and the Guard rush out to find that no one is in their right habitat because of crocodiles. Fuli joins Kion and the Guard as he attempts to reason with Makuu, but to no avail. They return to Pride Rock, only to find out from Kiara, that it has become infested with baboons, much to Fuli's chagrin. They watch as Kion leaves to think about the situation. Back in the Lair of the Lion Guard, Kion has come up with a solution. To per

Fuli looks around

suade Makuu to move Kion orders Fuli, Bunga and Ono to head off to Grove of Trees to make sure no one is there. Everything was clear except for a lone hyrax, but with Fuli's quick thinking she and Bunga save him. After Kion uses his roar, Makuu leaves, and Fuli and the rest of the Guard are happy to be back to normal.

Bunga the Wise

Fuli is seen with the Lion Guard, trying to rescue a stubborn troop of baboons from a tree, that is breaking apart under their weight. Bunga manages to scare the baboons out of the tree, causing several of them, including the leader, to climb upon Fuli. When she

Fuli annoyed at the baboons

asks them to come down, the leader says that they will come down when the rain stops, to Fuli's great exasperation. Exhausted, the Lion Guard takes a breather after rescuing the baboons. Kion tells them that they've earned it, and leaves to seek advice from his grandfather. When he returns, he discovers that Lake Kaziwa is flooding. Fuli and the Guard flee the

Fuli and Bunga surrounded by water

rapidly spreading waters, and Bunga comes up with a plan to stop it. He wants to build a dam. The plan appears to have worked very well once it was executed, and other Pride Landers approve of it, though Kion isn't very certain. Rafiki mentions that honey badgers are the smartest animals in the Pride Lands. But before he can finish this statement, Bunga

"It's times like this we really need Bunga."

dashes away to tell his uncles.Without Bunga, the Lion Guard goes about the Pride Lands helping animals, that were affected by the flood. After nobody proves willing to go and check on the cobras, Fuli mentions that it was in a time like this that they needed Bunga. As a result, the Lion Guard goes to find Bunga and discovers a line of animals crowding around a tall tree. Timon and Pumbaa explain that Bunga is giving out advice, by singing Bunga the Wise. When the Lion Guard goes to talk to Bunga, they don't

The guard shocked

manage to speak much, because of Timon, who soon ushers them away. As the Lion Guard roams the Pride Lands, Fuli raises a concern about Bunga giving out advice. Just then, they discover an ostrich with her head buried in the earth. Kion, Beshte and Fuli pull her free, and the ostrich says that Bunga gave her the advice to do it. Fuli responds skeptically, and the ostrich says that Bunga is the smartest animal in the Pride Lands. Fuli smirks at Kion, who tells her to not say "it".

Just then, Ono spots some antelope about to eat pink flowers, that will make them get sick. The Lion Guard stops the antelope from eating them, and one antelope says indignantly that they were going to eat the flowers because Bunga told them to, and "he's the smartest animal there is". Fuli glares at Kion knowingly, to which he replies that he knows what she's thinking. When the Guard then hears a cry for help, Fuli rolls her eyes, exclaiming "Now what?". They rescue an oryx from the cliffside, where he was stuck. He tells the Lion Guard that Bunga told him the fastest way to get from one side of the gorge to the other was to jump. Kion finally allows Fuli to snap, saying that she told him Bunga shouldn't be giving advice. Just then, the Guard is alerted by a group of animals being led by Bunga, singing Make Way for Bunga the Wise. Kion finally tells Bunga that he should cease giving out advice. At this point, Bunga's dam breaks, sending the Pride Landers fleeing for shelter, as floodwaters sweep over the Pride Lands. Fuli rescues a hedgehog just before it is swallowed by the waves and joins the Guard in leading the herds of the animals to safety. When Ono accidentally leads them to a dead end, Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to stop the water. He ends up creating a peaceful waterfall, by which Fuli is seen relaxing with him at the end of the episode.

Can't Wait to be Queen

Meeting with the Queen

Meanwhile, the Lion Guard, without Ono has heard the news. Beshte and Bunga see it as a positive event, Fuli knew it would happen eventually and Kion is still a little annoyed, reminding his friends that the position is only temporary as long as his parents are away. They watch as Ono flies over to Pride Rock, and soon decide to investigate. Once they arrive, Ono is cleaning himself in preparation for Kiara's appearance, explaining that he has been asked to give her the Morning Report. Soon, Kiara and her friends, Tiifu and Zuri arrive, and Ono gives Kiara the morning report, while Fuli and the rest of the Lion Guard wait. After hearing that the eland herd will be migrating along with the river, Kiara becomes worried that the bees may sting the eland and send them into chaos. The Lion Guard is about to leave, when Kiara asks if the Lion Guard can divert the eland away from the bees nest. Kion agrees, although he is once again annoyed at being ordered around by his sister. Fuli, however, looks at it as a royal decree.

Covered in bee stings

The Lion Guard find the bees, and Ono confirms that the eland is on their way. Kion believes that the best solution is to move the bees. This plan backfires, and the bees chase after the Lion Guard. The Lion Guard then smash into the eland, creating more chaos. They return to Pride Rock covered in bee stings, and Kion insists that it wasn't a total disaster, though Kiara disbelieves him. Fuli and Beshte admit that whilst most eland were moved, some were hesitant to trust the Guard.

Ready to fight

Later, Kion calls on the Lion Guard, as his sister has gone to meet Janja in the Outlands, and he knows it's a trap. After Ono locates her, Kion rushes to her side to defend her. Fuli and the rest of the Guard follow, ready to fight. However, Janja sees the odds as even and runs back to the Pride Lands.

Eye of the Beholder

Fuli and the Lion Guard are seen in the middle of a wildebeest stampede, caused by Janja and his clan. A frustrated Fuli asks Kion how they're supposed to find the hyenas

"How are we supposed to chase off the hyenas? We can't even see them with all this dust."

with all of the dust kicked up by the stampede, to which Kion replies that this was probably a part of Janja's plan. Just then, Ono warns the two of them of an incoming wildebeest, and they move out of the way just in time. Eventually, the Guard is able to drive the hyenas away. But when Kion sends Ono to make sure they go back into the Outlands, Ono is struck in the eye with a rock, kicked up by the retreating hyenas. He falls to the ground, half blind. When he opens his good eye, he sees Kion and Fuli gazing worriedly down at him. Kion assures him that they'll take him to Rafiki. When the Guard goes to Rafiki, they find him in the Lair of the Lion Guard, painting on the wall. After he is alerted of Ono's situation, he is quick to help, applying

Fuli amazed at all the new paintings

an ointment to Ono's eye and patching it with vines and leaves. Ono asks how it looks, and Fuli is hesitant to speak, only saying "Well..." before trailing off. Distressed, Ono asks if it's "that bad?" and Fuli quickly protests. Beshte and Bunga agree, saying that it looks good on him. However, Bunga mistakenly says that it brings out Ono's "eyes". Fuli reprimands him by quietly saying his name in a scolding tone. Upon hearing that he needs to rest for three days, Ono tries to prove that he can still see, but ends up bumping into a wall. Fuli then notices all of the paintings upon that wall, including one of herself and the rest of Kion's Guard. Rafiki explains that all of the Lion Guards of the past are painted upon that wall and that on that day, he was adding their story to the wall. Kion asks Ono what he thinks of the paintings, and Bunga points out that Ono can't see. Angrily Ono flies away, determined to prove that he is still the keenest of sight, despite his injury. Fuli protests, but he pays her no mind,

Fuli worried about her friend

and the Guard runs after their friend. Ono tries to prove that he can still see, but a vulture named Mwoga crashes into him. The Guard moves out of the way as Ono falls to the ground. After making sure that Ono is all right, Fuli suggests that he shouldn't be flying around with only one eye. Fuli is next seen in the Lair of the Lion Guard, watching Kion pose for Rafiki's painting. She is amused by Bunga's suggestion that Kion tries to look more like a lion,

"Was that action enough for you Rafiki?"

asking how that could be done. Bunga tries to prove it, but ends up causing Kion to fall over. Fuli teasingly asks Rafiki, if that's enough action for him. Beshte then arrives with some news for the Guard. Fuli is annoyed when he fails to deliver the news right away, but when he finally does, the Guard finds out that the hyenas are preparing to attack the zebras. Fuli, Beshte, Bunga, and Kion quickly go to save the zebras. As the Lion Guard is heading towards the zebra herd, they pass through a ravine. However, boulders crash down on either side of them, trapping them. Fuli questions aloud what the odds of such an event are, to which Kion replies that it's likely Janja's

Fuli annoyed at Bunga

doing. Janja replies tauntingly from the top of the ravine, and the hyenas go to eat the zebras, knowing that the Guard won't be able to interfere. As the Guard is trying to decide how to escape the trap, Ono arrives, having not wanted to be left behind. He moves the herd of zebras so that Kion will be able to use his Roar to free the Guard, without harming the herd. Fuli becomes briefly annoyed at Bunga, who messes around while they wait. As soon as the herd is out of harm's way, Kion uses the Roar of the Elders, and the Guard chases the hyenas away. Fuli and the Lion Guard then return to the Lair of the Lion Guard, where Rafiki finally

The finish painting

is satisfied with his painting. Fuli and the Guard watch in awe as the painting rearranges itself to bring the members of the Guard closer together. Rafiki emphasises that all are friends in Kion's guard and this is what makes it stand apart from other previous Lion Guards.

The Kupatana Celebration

Fuli and the Lion Guard are seen relaxing in the Pride Lands, watching a choir of animals rehearse the song Our Kupatana Community

"It's the most peaceful day of the year

. The Lion Guard is looking forward to Kupatana, and Fuli mentions that the day of Kupatana is the most peaceful day of the year. However, she is soon proven wrong as the distressed cries of an animal sound from the distance, followed by the cackling of hyenas. Ono flies up and reports that a jackal pup is being chased by Janja's clan, and Simba encourages Kion to go save the pup. Kion leads the Guard into the Outlands, and just as Janja's clan corners the pup, Kion intervenes, pinning Janja to the ground. He orders Janja to leave the pup alone, and to the Guard's surprise, Janja is all too willing to allow it. Beshte suggests that perhaps Janja celebrates Kupatana too, and Fuli replies that she doubts it. Suddenly, the jackal

Fuli wonders why Janja's clan left

pup leaps into the air, enthusiastically thanking the Guard and introducing himself as Dogo, but Fuli is still concerned and confused over Janja's motivations for allowing them to let Dogo go. Dogo asks the Guard, if he can return to the Pride Lands with them, and Kion allows it.

Later, as the Lion Guard returns to the Pride Lands, Fuli questions Kion over bringing Dogo with them. She reminds him that it seemed as though Janja couldn't wait to be rid of him, and Ono agrees, but Kion decides that they should at least give Dogo a chance. Fuli then overhears Beshte and Bunga telling Dogo about Kupatana, and Fuli protests, saying that they can't invite an Outlander to Kupatana. Kion, however, is willing to allow it.

The Lion Guard takes Dogo to a hillside before splitting up to continue patrol. Fuli joins Kion and Ono, but as they are patrolling, they hear a Kion's name being shouted from the distance. Fuli recognizes the voices as Bunga's and Beshte's, and Kion asks Ono to see what the problem is. Ono tel

Seeing all the jackal pups

ls Kion that he should see it for himself, and Kion and Fuli follow Ono to the aardvarks' dens, where they discover a large number of jackal pups and an angry pair of aardvarks. A pair of adult jackals approach Kion, and one of the two introduces themselves as Reirei and Goigoi, the parents of Dogo. Reirei is reasoning with Kion, when they are interrupted by a cry for help. Ono spots Mbeya, the rhino stuck in the mud, and the Lion Guard quickly goes to save him. When they return, covered in mud, they discover a large group of angry Pride Landers, surrounding the jackals. Reirei insists that she doesn't know why everyone's upset, and Dogo adds that it was just a misunderstanding. Fuli furiously asks, if that's what theft

Fuli annoyed

and invasion are known as in the Outlands, and Reirei tells her that it actually is. Though Fuli is skeptical, Kion is willing to give the jackals another chance, even considering allowing them at Kupatana. The Lion Guard goes to clean themselves off before the celebration. At Kupatana, Fuli stands with the Guard, watching the choir of animals perform. However, the celebration is interrupted by the jackals, who attack the assembled Pride Landers, and Fuli declares that she "knew it". Kion goes and tells the Lion Guard that they need to round up the jackals,

"No where to run Goigoi"

and Ono takes wing to scout them out. He calls out to Fuli, telling her that he sees Goigoi behind the elephants. Fuli races to stop Goigoi, jumping in front of him and allowing the baboon he was pursuing to escape. Goigoi attempts to evade her, but Fuli triumphantly blocks him again, telling him that there's nowhere to run. Goigoi tries to get away but ends up hitting a tree. The jackals have eventually driven away, and Fuli and the rest of the Pride Landers are able to enjoy Kupatana in peace.

Fuli's New Family

Fuli's-New-Family (7).png
Fuli is shown dashing through a herd of buffaloes, attempting to move them into a different direction. When Bunga is bitten by a snake, while trying to help a member of the herd, Fuli shows great concern for him. She is furious when she discovers that honey badgers are immune to snakebites and that Bunga had been faking that he was fatally wounded, declaring that she should bite Bunga herself. Timon, on the other hand, is delighted that Bunga is fine, and invites the Guard to dinner at Hakuna Matata Falls.

Timon invites Fuli to dinner

Fuli denies, explaining that female cheetahs hunt alone, but Timon insists that she comes. Fuli reluctantly accompanies Bunga, Timon, and Pumbaa back to Hakuna Matata Falls. She is somewhat disgusted, when Timon offers her bugs to eat, and when Timon and Pumbaa end up touching her fur to feel how soft it is, she quickly leaves to go hunt alone.

Fuli is lifted out of the water by a hippo

During Fuli's hunt, she is stopped by Ono, who made her prey run away, who invites her to hunt with his flock. Fuli accepts but is disappointed to discover that the egrets are only eating bugs. She ends up messy and still hungry, and goes off to hunt on her own again. However, she is interrupted for a second time by Beshte, who suggests that she goes swimming with him and his pod at the Watering Hole. Fuli is reluctant to swim but eventually concedes, deciding to simply dip her paws in. But as she approaches the water, Beshte accidentally knocks her in. Another hippo lifts her out of the water on its head, and Fuli goes off on her own again, soaked and disgruntled.

Hunting alongside the princess

Her hunt is once again interrupted, this time by Kion, who invites her to hunt with the royal family. Fuli is enthusiastic about this idea, and thanks Kion happily. She is shown to have some doubts about hunting with Zuri and Tiifu, but Kion explains that they're like family. Fuli darts ahead, crouching beside Kiara, as the princess stalks a gazelle. But as Fuli pounces, Kiara simply snarls, and Nala calls out "And, stop!" Fuli hits the ground hard, and the gazelle flees. To Fuli's surprise, Nala merely compliments Kiara's skills. She reminds Nala that the gazelle got away, but Nala says that they were only practicing for Kiara's first hunt. Fuli is angry at Kion and that she wasn't really hunting, explaining that she wants to hunt on her own, and goes off again.

Singing My Own Way.

Finally alone, Fuli wonders out loud why the Guard won't let her hunt alone. She sings My Own Way, as she runs through the Pride Lands, but is then alerted to the sound of Bunga's voice echoing from the Outlands. Knowing that this can't be anything good, Fuli goes to help her friend. She finds him surrounded by hyenas, but before the hyenas can attack him, Fuli intervenes, grabbing Bunga's scruff and dragging him away.

Escaping the hyenas

Bunga is annoyed at her for interfering, to Fuli's irritation, but before they can exchange more than a few words, the ground beneath them breaks off, sending them floating down a river of lava. Fuli knocks a fiery rock off of Bunga's tail, but Bunga is horrified, realizing that he isn't immune to fire. Janja's clan prepares to eat the two of them, but Kion, Beshte, and Ono arrive to save them. Beshte knocks a tree down into the lava, and Fuli climbs onto it, with Bunga on her back. Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu follow her, but she jumps off of the log, leaving them trapped in the lava.

The Guard hugs Fuli

Back in the Pride Lands, Fuli thanks the Guard, then asks Bunga to get off of her, but he simply comments on how soft she is, and she stops short, sending him tumbling to the ground, to which Bunga remarks, "On the outside, at least". The Lion Guard decides to cool off at the Watering Hole, but Kion tells Fuli that it's okay, if she doesn't want to. She thanks him, but says that although she prefers to hunt alone, she enjoys hanging out with the Guard, admitting that they're like her family. Beshte is moved by Fuli's words, and Fuli allows Beshte, Bunga, and Ono to hug her, even inviting Kion to join in.

The Search for Utamu

Fuli and the Guard listen to Ono's report that the buffalo herd is safe. They soon discover, however, that the buffalo have moved on top of a geyser. The geyser erupts,

Fuli goes to help the herd

causing the herd to flee in all directions. Fuli rounds them up without assistance, impressing the other members of the Guard. Almost immediately after the buffalo have been herded to safety, however, they hear another cry for help. Fuli comments that it's going to be "one of those days", as Ono flies up to see what the problem is. He reports three galagos in trouble, and Fuli dashes off to rescue them. She catches the trio before they can hit the ground. When the Lion Guard arrives, Kion remarks that she left them in the dust, but Fuli simply explains that she knew she could handle the situation by herself, but that she could use help getting the galagos off of her back. As the Guard walks through the Pride Lands, Fuli comments that she can still feel the tiny hands of the galagos on her back, asking Bunga to confirm, if he got them all. Bunga assures her that he did, then gasps, as he spots Mapema Rock, seeing as the

Male Serval thanks Fuli for her help

water has reached the trees. He explains that this means, that it's the peak of the rainy season, and goes to find utamu grubs. In the middle of his explanation, the Lion Guard hears another cry for help. Ono reports a serval stuck on the edge of Big Ravine. Fuli dashes away and leaps across the ravine, landing below the serval. She reassures him the best that she can, but snaps at him for kicking her. He apologizes, and Fuli is able to get a secure grip on the slope. She pushes the serval to safety and climbs after him, exhausted. The Guard arrives, and Fuli asks what took them so long. They explain that they went around the long way, and Kion asks her, why she didn't wait for them. Fuli points out that she was given a place o

Kion and Fuli disagreeing

n the Lion Guard due to her speed, and dismisses Kion's protests about her getting worn out, telling him that cheetahs don't get worn out. Ono contradicts her, but quickly concedes, when she glares at him. Bunga decides to go find the utamu, and Fuli attempts to join him. Kion stops her, telling her to rest, and although she argues at first, she eventually listens to him. After the Guard leaves, however, Fuli begins to h

A tired out Fuli

unt. During her hunt, she is interrupted by a bird, who requests her help to stop a pair of oryxes, fighting near the birds' nests. Fuli races to the nesting grounds and drives the oryxes away then walks away and collapses, exhausted. Soon, Fuli is surrounded by Mzingo's Parliment. She threatens them and warns them away, but they advance on her and attack. The rest of the Lion Guard arrives in time to save her. They attack the vultures and drive them away. Kion asks Fuli if she's okay, and Fuli thanks them for saving her, and admits that she feels "lame" for needing it. Kion tells her that she shouldn't, and Fuli says that next time she'll wait for them, though she also suggests that th

Happy to be saved by her friends

ey move a little faster, so that she doesn't have to wait long. Noticing that Bunga looks distressed, Fuli asks him what's wrong. Bunga explains that he wasn't able to find any utamu, and Beshte says that he's sure that Timon and Pumbaa won't care, and Fuli suggests that they go to Hakuna Matata Falls to find out. She watches as Timon explains the real reason they celebrate the day utamu grubs can be found and reveals that he and Pumbaa were able to find the grubs themselves this year.

Follow That Hippo!

When a group of animals begins to panic, Fuli is shown, running up to them with the rest of the Guard. A baboon tells the Guard that the hyenas are in the grass. The Guard, led by Kion, approaches the tall grass that the baboon pointed to. Kambuni and Gumba step out of the grass afte

Kion and Fuli speak to younger pridelanders

r Kion orders them to, causing the Guard to gasp. Gumba informs the Guard, that they aren't really hyenas and Fuli remarks that they could see that. After Gumba clarifies that the attack game was Mtoto's idea, Fuli walks towards Mtoto and sits down behind Kion. Fuli and the rest of the Guard listen to the young animals' explanation about their game. Ono announces that he saw Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu sneaking into the Pride Lands, and Fuli adds that they are still there somewhere. Kion says that it is time for some training, and Fuli replies that it sounds good. The Lion Guard gathers to train, and Kion tells them that they need to be ready. Fuli

Fuli soaked by Mtoto

crouches and answers that she is always ready. They begin boulder jumping, and Fuli completes the task successfully. The next challenge is running through a stream, which disgusts Fuli. Rather than going through it, she jumps right over it. Kion states that she'll do anything to stay dry, and Fuli proudly tells him that he knows it. She watches Mtoto, walk across and cries out in surprise, when the young elephant drenches her with a spray of water from his trunk. She sits, shocked and dripping until Mtoto apologizes. She then dryly responds that it is just water. Kion suggests that they all try a stealth surround drill, and Fuli replies that it sounds good to her. She sits with the rest of the Guard as Kion leaves, then says that she'll approach him from one side, while Beshte and Bunga move towards him from another

Fuli tries to sneak up on Kion

side, before running after Kion. She is next seen stalking Kion in the tall grass. She lifts her head above it to look at him, then ducks out of sight as he turns towards her. As Kion is distracted by Bunga, she taps him on the shoulder with a forepaw. She greets him and asks him how it is going. She sits down as he tells her she is good and responds that she knows. She closes her eyes as Bunga tackles Kion, and walks towards the two as Bunga explains why he gave up sneaking up on Kion. When Kion declares that Beshte is the only one left, Fuli adds, "And Mtoto."

A flustered Beshte runs up to them, and Fuli asks him what is wrong. When Mtoto slips down a steep slope of rock, she watches with a worried expression, as he holds onto a branch by his trunk. Mtoto bounces off of Beshte, and Fuli runs to the side to avoid having him land on her.

"Did you really think you were faster then me?"

Later on, the Lion Guard is doing speed training. Fuli lets Bunga get a head start, then dashes ahead of him. She waits for him near Ono, licking her paw. She then asks Bunga, if he really thought he was faster than her. After Ono reports that he hasn't seen Beshte, the Lion Guard searches for him. Fuli notices Mtoto's friends, and she runs over to them, with the rest of the Guard. She listens to them, as they explain what happened to Beshte and Mtoto. The Lion Guard arrives, and Fuli shoves Cheezi and Chungu

"You know, they'd stand a better chance if they just got out of the river."

​​​​​​​ into a river. As the frightened hyenas swim away from the crocodiles, Fuli observes that they would stand a better chance, if they got out of the river. She laughs with the rest of the Guard as the hyenas are chased.

The Call of the Drongo

"Well, at least they didn't eat you."

After a group of frightened animals approaches the Guard, Fuli and Ono follow a hare to the place where she supposedly saw Goigoi. Unable to find Goigoi, Fuli tells the hare and Ono that she searched around every tree, but didn't see jackals anywhere. The hare sadly observes that her leafy greens must have been eaten by the jackals, and Fuli replies that at least the hare hasn't eaten herself.

Fuli hears something

When Kion asks Fuli and Ono, if they had seen Goigoi, Fuli responds that she had not. After it is confirmed that none of the animals actually saw Goigoi, Makuu, or Janja, Fuli tells the Guard that she hears something. She leads the way to a copse of trees, but halts and remarks that she can no longer hear Janja. A drongo, named Tamaa points the Guard in the direction that the hyenas supposedly went, and as the Guard leaves Fuli notes, that he is the first to actually see anything. However, Ono stops the Guard, including Fuli and turns around, claiming that he has figured it out. After exchanging a confused look with Kion, they all follow him back to Tamaa. Tamaa tells them that he can mimic voices, and Fuli demands that he admits to using this talent to scare animals. He confesses that he did pretend to be other animals, but asks what the harm is in that. Fuli angrily tells him, that he would scare other animals so they would run away. Tamaa claims that it was just a performance, and asks if that was wrong. Fuli retorts that it was. However, after Tamaa sings Bird of a Thousand Voices, Fuli looks impressed. Bunga requests an imitation, and Fuli orders him to focus.

"What's so funny, hyena?"

Ono sees Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu in pursuit of impalas, so the Guard leaves Tamaa in order to stop them. After Besht blocks the hyenas' path, Fuli aks Cheezi what is so funny. Later, after the hyenas have left the Pride Lands, Thurston runs up to the Guard and tells them to go to the Outlands. Fuli asks him where he got such a crazy idea, and he replies that Kion told him. Fuli asks him why he didn't go to the Outlands, and he admits that he did not know the way. Beshte wonders why Tamaa would lead the impalas into the Outlands, and Fuli remarks that it sounds more like Janja to do that. Kion says that perhaps it was Janja and Tamaa both. Fuli, surprised, asks him, if he really thinks Tamaa would help Janja.

"I don't growl like that"

The Guard runs into the Outlands and saves Tamaa and the impalas from Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu. Back in the Pride Lands, Fuli informs Tamaa that she doesn't really growl the way he did, when imitating her. He thanks her for the tip, and she watches as he flies away.

Paintings and Predictions

Fuli tries to save Bunga and the gazelle

The Lion Guard hears a distressed, young gazelle and comes to its aid. After Bunga pulls it free, however, he and the gazelle fall down a nearby slope that leads to a long drop. Fuli dives after them, but trips. Kion, however, successfully stops them from falling off the cliff. Ono begins to point out that it looks like it's about to rain, but the shower begins before he finishes speaking. Fuli sarcastically tells him that he made a good call. The Guard returns to the Lair, where Fuli declares that it feels good to be out of the rain and shakes her coat free of water. Beshte agrees, then dives into the Lair's water, soaking Fuli once more. Kion chuckles, but Fuli is not amused. Soon, Ono flies in and reports a zebra stampede. Fuli notes that it's one of those days, and the Guard heads out to calm down the zebras. As Fuli races alongside the herd, she receives instructions from Kion to turn them, as a rock is about to fall, where they are running. She does so successfully, then runs sideways in front of the herd, reassuring them and slowing

Fuli slows the zebras

them to a stop. Afterward, Thurston reports that the stampede was caused by a boom. Fuli asks him what he means, but when he is unable to do anything but repeat his previous statement, she turns to Ono, who explains that he probably means thunder. Thurston goes on to explain that the zebras did what they always did when they were frightened; panicked and ran. Fuli sarcastically tells him, that that's a good plan. Ono tells the zebras to follow him ,as he leads them home, and Thurston asks how they're supposed to, as they can't fly like Ono. Fuli turns to Kion disbelievingly, but Thurston figures it out and runs after his herd.

Kion and Fuli atop Pride Rock

Back at Pride Rock, Fuli asks Kion, if he thinks the zebras made it home safely. Beshte and Bunga soon approach and begin to explain that Rafiki's paintings tell the future, but Ono arrives bearing news. Fuli correctly assumes that it concerns the zebras again, and Ono explains that they're being chased by hyenas. When the Guard arrives on the scene, Kion tells Fuli, Bunga, and Beshte to take care of Cheezi and Chungu. As Cheezi and Chungu run, Chungu points out that zebras aren't very smart just before he crashes into Beshte. Fuli notes that the zebras aren't the only ones. She then witnesses Kion and Bunga fall onto Janja, and approaches them, pointing out that that's a new way to run off hyenas. Ono flies over and reports that three zebras are separate from the herd, located at Maji Baridi Falls, and Fuli guesses that they got there by panicking and running. Kion tells Ono to lead the way over there.

Fuli worried for Kion

Along the way, the Guard walks through a forest. Bunga notes that there are trees everywhere, and Fuli asks if he's only just noticing this now. After seeing Bunga jump on Ushari, she stops both him and Beshte, asking them what's going on, adding that they're acting even stranger than usual. They explain that Rafiki's paintings predict the future and that one of them showed Kion falling from a tree. Fuli says that it still sounds hard to believe, but when asked how she'd feel, if Kion got hurt, she decides to warn him, but they explain that he didn't believe them when they tried. Just then, the trio sees Kion about to climb a tree. Fuli assures them that she has this, and dashes over, tackling Kion as he climbs up the tree. Beshte and Bunga join her, breaking the tree, but before Kion can hear their explanation, Ono tells him that he knows a shortcut to the zebras, through a forest trees. Fuli, Beshte, and Bunga gasp, and Bunga declare that he knows a shorter shortcut, pushing Kion in a different direction. Fuli and Beshte are quick to agree.

Fuli tries to stop Kion

As they swim through a creek, Ono asks them what's going on. Fuli reminds him of the earlier zebra incident, and she, Bunga, and Beshte go on to tell him the whole story. Kion calls them over from a tree branch that he is standing on, telling them that they can cross the branch to reach the zebras. Fuli and the Guard race over to stop him, and end up launching themselves and Kion off of the branch. Beshte lands on Fuli and Kion asks what is going on with them. Fuli says that they were just trying to save him, and the others explain about Rafiki's paintings, but Kion once again does not believe them and tells them to focus on the zebras. Fuli asks Beshte to get off of her, and he apologizes, bumping into a boulder as he stands up. The boulder rolls towards the zebras, who panic and run into a fast-moving river leading to Maji Baridi Falls. Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to save them by standing on a branch under the waterfall and blasting the water back. After he does so, he slips off of the branch, causing Fuli to panic, but lands safely on a ledge right below. Fuli sighs in relief and glares at Bunga, when he declares that he wasn't worried.

Back at the Lair, Rafiki explains that his paintings show the past, not the future. Fuli laughs with the others as Bunga scrubs the floor clean of paint that he spilled.

The Mbali Fields Migration

Annoyed at the fighting

Fuli and the Lion Guard rush to halt a fight that Ono alerts them to, which has broken out between a herd of gazelles and a herd of zebras. Beshte recognizes both herds, with the leader of the gazelles being Swala and the leader of the zebras as Muhimu. Fuli slides down a slope with the rest of the Guard, as they attempt to stop the fight. Kion unleashes a roar, that grabs their attention. Both, he and Beshte, try to explain that the Pride Lands are for everyone, but Swala and Muhimu explain, that the reason they're fighting is that there is only one patch of grass left for them to share between their herds.

Fuli halts a zebra

After Kion has spoken with his father, he announces that he and the Guard will take both herds to Mbali Fields. After Ono scouts out a route, Fuli and the Guard begin their journey, as the Trail to Hope starts to play. Fuli is quick to wrangle a stray zebra back into the herd along the way and is as pleased as the rest of the Guard, when they notice Mbali Fields in the distance, across a canyon.

Fuli rushes to the front

However, Muhimu becomes impatient and dashes towards the new grazing grounds with her herd, causing Swala to competitively dash behind with her herd. Despite Fuli, rushing to the front of both herds, the stampede causes a rockslide, blocking their path. Ono finds a new route, although he is disappointed to reveal that it involves venturing through the Outlands.

Saving a gazelle

A storm erupts, and Fuli soon notices that the water is getting deeper. Suddenly, a huge gush of water comes flooding through. Kion realizes that it's a flash flood, and orders everyone to reach higher ground. During the flood, Fuli rushes to save a gazelle, pushing him up away from the water and onto a safe ledge, to which he expresses his thanks.

Uncertain Fuli

After the storm, Kion becomes depressed, as the animals express their grievances towards his leadership. Fuli is visibly upset as is the rest of the Guard, but understands that he needs some time alone. When he returns, Fuli cheers along with the herds, as Kion's confidence has been restored. They journey into the Outlands, where Muhimu enters labor shortly after. Fuli is positive that he'll need her help, but Kion firmly believes that it's for the best if she, Ono and Beshte move on. Reluctantly, Fuli succumbs to Kion's wish and leads the herds to the Mbali Fields, whilst he and Bunga stay behind.

Glad to be back together

Later, Kion and Bunga join Fuli, Ono, and Beshte at Mbali Fields, where both herds are safe and sound in their new grazing grounds. Ono confirms that the migration was a success, and Fuli agrees that everyone made it just fine. Fuli and the Guard then laugh, as Bunga and Hamu rush off to play, glad to see everyone safe and sound.

Bunga and the King

Kion and Fuli pull the antelope's horns

Fuli is first shown holding onto the horn of a sable antelope, trying to pull the animal out of the sticky mud. Thanks to Ono, Kion learns that Simba is stuck in a sinkhole. This prompts Fuli to tell Kion to go, and she assures him that they got the antelopes under control. She smiles as Beshte helps the remaining antelope, and calls "Lion Guard defend!" with Bunga and Beshte, as the former leads them all to Simba.

Fuli rescues Kiara

When the sinkhole begins to expand, leaving Kiara clawing at the edge to stop herself from falling, Fuli calls her catchphrase and rushes forward. She pulls the young lioness up onto her back and brings her to Nala. Kiara thanks her, and Fuli responds that she was happy to do it.

"Sure, when you're climbing trees!"

Bunga tries to climb the sinkhole wall, causing more rocks to fall. Fuli's calls Bunga's name, and her ears go down in shock and worry. She leans over the edge of the sinkhole, as Kiara asks what happened. Bunga explains that he is a good climber, and Fuli reminds him that he is good at climbing trees.

Fuli is uncertain

This gives Kion the idea of using a tree to help Simba and Bunga, so Fuli and the rest of the Guard help him push it into the sinkhole. Unfortunately, the plan fails, but Kion has the idea of going through Nandembo Caverns. Fuli tells him that the Nandembo Caverns are a twisty maze, easy to get lost in. Kion replies that he knows someone who does know tunnels, and sends Ono to get him. The rest of the Guard, without Bunga, goes to the Nandembo Caverns.

"A honey badger ontop of the king?"

The Guard gets Timon and Pumbaa to help, but they are less than helpful. An irritated Fuli asks Kion why he brought them, to which the cub replies that he thought Timon was good with tunnels. Fortunately, Bunga and Simba find them. Fuli, the Guard, Timon, and Pumbaa all run forward towards the two. When Bunga rides atop Simba's back, as the king leaps a chasm, Fuli is perplexed. She finishes Ono's sentence, asking if they really just saw a honey badger on top of the king.

"It's our problem-free philosophy!"

At the elephants' concert, Fuli sings Hakuna Matata with the royal family and the Guard.

The Imaginary Okapi

Kion pins Fuli

The episode begins with the Lion Guard playing hide-and-seek. Fuli rustles some grass behind Kion, and the lion turns and pounces, pinning her to the ground. He announces that it is now her turn to hide, and she accepts and asks that he moves his paw, which is pressing into her back. As they exit the tall grass and approach Bunga and Ono, Fuli inquires as to why they are playing hide-and-seek. Kion explains that it improves their tracking skills and Fuli admins that sounds better. She asks how long it took for Kion to find Bunga and Ono. They respond that it did not take long, and while looking around, Fuli asks about Beshte. Kion tells them that he had found Beshte and calls him out from his hiding place. He then instructs Fuli to close her eyes, and she accepts. She warns them, that she is the fastest find in the Pride Lands, and Bunga declares that he is the fastest hider, before jumping behind a rock. Fuli asks the others, if he knows that does not mean anything, and Ono replies that he probably does not.

Fuli growls into the log

Shortly after, Fuli is heard calling out that she is coming. She leaps over a log and peers into it before issuing a growl, startling Bunga. He asks why he is always found first, and she replies that it might have something to do with his odor. He describes it as unstable, and Fuli responds that is one way to look at it. Fuli then discovers a set of Kion's fresh tracks, which she follows. However, she soon finds tracks that do not belong to Kion, but to a leopard. She shouts that the game is over, so she can share her discovery with the others, and Kion and Ono emerge. Beshte, however, does not.

"That's what I thought, too."

She asks Kion what kind of tracks they are, and he claims that they are leopard tracks. Fuli agrees that she thought the same, and Ono takes off to look for the leopard, while the others sniff the tracks. Ono returns upon locating the leopard stalking gazelles, and the Lion Guard rushes off to stop him. They confront the leopard, who introduces himself as Makucha and declares that if they want to make him leave, they must catch him.

Chasing the leopard

Fuli replies, "No problem!" and runs after him. As they approach Big Ravine, Fuli calls that he has nowhere to run. However, Makucha surprises her by leaping over the ravine. Fuli trips and rolls over several times before halting right at the edge. Makucha laughs and leaves, leaving the Guard on the other side of Big Ravine. Bunga remarks that the leopard is a good jumper and a panting Fuli adds that he is fast, too. Kion tells the others that the herds are not aware that leopards are hunters, and Fuli adds that this means they will not be afraid.

Fuli is not amused by Bunga's joke

They realize that Beshte is missing, and Bunga and Ono leave to find him. They return with Beshte, while Fuli and Kion examine more leopard tracks. Upon hearing about the leopard, Beshte declares that it is terrible. Fuli replies that she thinks they can handle a single leopard, but Beshte insists that he told his friend Ajabu that the Pride Lands were safe. They begin to discuss whether or not Ajabu is imaginary, until Kion states that they do not have the time. Fuli agrees with him, reminding everyone of the leopard, and the Guard searches for Makucha. They discover more prints, Bunga makes a joke about being on the right "track" which Fuli does not get, responding that they are on the right track. She comments to Kion that it is hard to tell where Makucha went after entering the tall grass.

Fuli spits away feathers

The Guard follows Beshte after the hippo exclaims that he sees "him". They run through a flamboyance of flamingos and emerge, covered in pink and black feathers. Upon learning that Beshte thought he had seen Ajabu, not Makucha, Fuli grows irritated that they followed his imaginary friend. Beshte protests that he is not imaginary and leaves with hurt feelings, after Bunga makes a sharp comment. Fuli asks Kion if he believes Beshte and Kion explains in a way that sheds a logical light on Beshte's side. Fuli comes to agree that it does sound real, and the Guard approaches Beshte in order to apologize to him.

Fuli and Makucha

After making it up to Beshte, Fuli reminds them all of Makucha's presence. They later see Makucha stalking close to the zebra herd, and run towards him. As they do, Kion asks if anyone thinks it is weird that the leopard did not go after the zebras, and Fuli replies agreeing that now that he mentioned it, it does. Suddenly, Ajabu, the okapi runs by them, to their surprise. They pursue Makucha and move in front of Ajabu, with Fuli glaring at Makucha. Makucha tells them that he was merely saying hello to a friend, to which Fuli replies that he was not being friendly, while approaching. Outnumbered, the leopard surrenders and flees. Fuli shouts at him as he departs, telling him not to stop until he has exited the Pride Lands.

Surprised by Ajabu's hiding talent

Beshte introduces them to his friend Ajabu, and Fuli politely greets him. The Guard then goes to Pride Rock and tells Nala and Simba about Ajabu, so that they can give him their blessing. With this, Ajabu can stay in the Pride Lands. They then decide to play hide-and-seek, and Ajabu proves to be an excellent hider. Fuli and the others look around, but are unable to spot him.

Too Many Termites

Hearing about the hyenas

Fuli runs down a hill after Kion, eventually halting upon reaching the aardvarks' den. They report hyenas in their den and Fuli remarks that the Guard has chased the hyenas out of the Pride Lands every night that week. Kion tells her that he knows what will scare them away for good, and orders his team to follow him. Fuli obeys, and the Guard stops at the edge of a short cliff, beyond which the silhouettes of some animals can be seen. Kion moves ahead of Fuli and the rest of the Guard and roars, blasting the animals away.

Noticing the termites

Back at the Lair of the Lion Guard, Fuli disgustedly says Bunga's name, as he crunches termites. She snaps, "Please tell me you're done eating." He replies that he is not, and points out that there are termites everywhere. Noticing the insects crawling around her, Fuli rises to her paws, repulsed. When Bunga licks some termites off a branch, she exclaims, "Really?" Not long after, Ono flies in and declares that a tree with sleeping bats in it is falling down. Fuli asks the egret why he did not wake them, and he shudders and tells her that they are bats, showing his fear of them. The Guard then leaves their Lair with their usual cry of, "Til the Pride Lands end, Lion Guard defend!"

The bats fly over Fuli and the rest of the Guard

Shortly after the Guard crosses a tree bridge lying across a ravine, the log falls apart and crashes to the ground. Fuli is confused, commenting that it has held all of them before, even Beshte. She asks what happened, and Bunga suggests that it might have gotten old. The Guard reaches the bats, and Fuli ducks with the rest of them after Bunga wakes the bats, causing them to fly out above their heads. The tree then collapses, and Fuli shouts Bunga's name, concerned for her friend. However, he emerges unharmed, munching on all of the termites that were in the tree. Fuli tells Kion that she is not okay with all of the termites, and he agrees.


The Guard heads to Pride Rock to inform Simba of what is happening. He suggests that they ask aardwolves, and Fuli repeats the word in confusion. He explains that they love to eat termites, and she states her understanding that the aardwolves keep the termites under control, and Simba confirms this. Simba mentions that aardwolves like to stay in aardvark dens, causing Kion and Fuli to exchange glances. Fuli repeats this, and Kion asks what aardwolves look like. Simba explains that they look like hyenas, and Kion and Fuli exchange another look. Kion tells his dad that he thought the aardwolves were hyenas, and Fuli adds that they all did.

After finding the scent of the aardwolves, the Guard enters the Outlands and tracks them. Fuli comments that Kion's Roar knocked the aardwolves a long way into the Outlands, and Kion requests that she does not rub it in.

The aardwolves knock Fuli over

While sniffing the ground, Fuli catches a scent and asks if Kion smells it. He confirms that it is aardwolf scent, and they approach the place where Mjomba's pack is hiding. Fuli inquires what the plan is when the aardwolves are found, to a couple of suggestions. Bunga jumps into the hiding place of the aardwolf pack, and they flee. The Guard runs after them, calling out, "Aardwolves!" Kion remarks that they are fast, and Fuli, lightly asking if it is fast he wants, calls out her catchphrase and races forward, blocking the aardwolves' path. She tries to get them to listen, but they do not stop and end up unbalancing her. She lands on her paws, and Kion asks if she is okay. She responds that the aardwolves did not stop. Kion realizes that the aardwolves are afraid of them, and Fuli points out that he did not mean to roar at them and that it was an honest mistake.

They are able to find and approach Mjomba, the aardwolf and explain that they want the aardwolves back.

Waiting for Haya to leave

After he asks them whether it would have been easier not to just kick them out, Bunga mutters that he has a point. Fuli speaks his name sternly, and Bunga tells her that he is just saying. Kion informs Mjomba that they thought the aardwolves were hyenas, and after he asks if he looks like a hyena to them, Fuli remarks that the aardwolves do not get out much. After learning that the Pride Lands are filled with termites, Mjomba agrees to help and leads to Guard in the direction that his pack went. When they arrive, Mjomba walks towards the pack's new hiding spot, talking about an unlimited termite feast, and Bunga calls after him that some of the termites are his. Fuli responds, "Seriously?" and he replies that it is never too early to call dibs.

Fuli orders the aardwolves to follow her

After a rock is pushed over the entrance of the den, Ono looks through the rocks and sees Reirei and Goigoi. Beshte shoves away the boulder while charging, Fuli and the rest of the Guard right behind him. While Kion deals with Reirei, Fuli has the aardwolves follow her out of the den. The Guard defeats the jackals, Bunga shutting them inside their own den, and returns to the Pride Lands with the aardwolves. Back at the Lair, Bunga is upset about the loss of termites. Fuli tells him that they have a surprise to cheer him up, and Ono presents Bunga with a thank-you gift from the aardwolves: a bundle of termites. The Guard laughs, after Bunga announces that he feels better.

The Trouble With Galagos

Galagos muffling Fuli's hearing

At Hakuna Matata Falls, the Lion Guard are happily relaxing, whilst Bunga performs a few dives for them. After using the 'splash-less triple spin-a-rama' dive, even Fuli approves. Despite this, she passes on Bunga's offer to be taught the same move. Before Bunga can continue, a group of galagos cry for help and accidentally knock Bunga down. Bunga plummets into the water below, splashing an irritated Fuli, whose ears become covered by two galagos. She asks for them to stop screaming in her ears, whilst Bunga pulls himself to shore with a group of galagos stuck to his body. One of the galagos, Laini, explains how a leopard moved into her home. Unfortunately, Fuli cannot hear well with the galagos still tightly grasping her ears. She becomes riled at the galagos, and, after Bunga removes one, she kicks the others off herself. Bunga tells her that she didn't miss much and that the galagos wanted to stay with them.

Just then, a cry for help emerges nearby. Ono scans the area and reveals a giraffe is stuck in a tree, much to Fuli's disbelief. With Ono confirming that it has to be seen, Kion is about to order the Guard away, when Laini becomes slightly hysterical. Kion confirms that he will and that they just need to save the giraffe first, before leaving with the rest of the Guard in tow.

Galagos' return

They rush to the scene, where Shingo has his neck trapped in the tree. He explains that he was trying to get the last of the leaves from the acacia tree, but as he extends his tongue again to reach them, it too becomes trapped in the twigs. Fuli watches Bunga free Shingo and then hears the voices of the galagos approaching. When asked why they did not stay, Laini tells them how they heard a 'pfft' sound, followed by an awful smell. It is revealed to be Pumbaa, but the galagos would prefer to stay with the Lion Guard.

"Not with those claws!"

Back at the galagos tree, the Lion Guard spot the sleeping leopard. The galagos are told to wait behind whilst they deal with the leopard. The Lion Guard approach the tree, and Kion orders the Guard to surround it for when the leopard wakes up. Once Ono startles the leopard, he drops down to the ground, growling intimidatingly at the Lion Guard. As the Guard approach, the leopard becomes jittery and wails loudly, pleading with the Guard not to hurt him. He explains that he thought they were baboons, since they were chasing him in his dream. Fuli is understanding of his situation, having had the same dream herself. The leopard then introduces himself as Badili, the big, friendly leopard. Fuli questions why he kicked the galagos out and Badili assures them that he never meant to kick out the galagos. When asked about his home, Badili informs them that it's in Mirihi Forest, where Ono recognizes is from the Back Lands. Badili tries to persuade them to let him stay, even by claiming that he's lots of fun and offers a game of tag, but Fuli refuses when he reveals his sharp claws to her. Eventually, the Guard manage to get Badili to leave, and they escort him home.

Ready for a fight

Along the way, Badili makes several excuses to delay the trip, though when confronted Badili assures them that there's nothing wrong. He slinks away, thanking them for accompanying him. As he leaves, the Lion Guard decide to follow him. They spy on him from a nearby bush, eager to see what the real problem is. They witness another leopard, named Mapigano leap down from Badili's tree and he immediately begins to taunt and intimidate Badili. Fuli questions why Badili won't stand up for himself at first and gets excited at the prospect of the leopard finally fighting back. She is left disappointed when he cowers, which causes the Lion Guard to step in. Fuli is eager to fight, but Mapigano chooses to run away, leaving Badili free to return home. He thanks the Guard for their help, and they leave.

Teaching Badili to be fast

The Guard are soon back on their morning patrol in Embamba Canyon, and Fuli is glad they don't have to deal with the galagos anymore. Unfortunately for her, the galagos soon return, exclaiming their fear over the leopard's return. They backtrack to the tree again, where Badili is snoozing peacefully. After waking him up, it is revealed that Mapigano returned and kicked him out. The Lion Guard decide that the best course of action is to train Badili themselves, and Fuli agrees to teach Badili how to be faster. Eventually, Badili takes them up on their offer. Whilst trying to find his roar, Badili races alongside Fuli. When she sprints away, Badili stops to play with a butterfly, much to Fuli's annoyance. Later, when he tries again, he is able to catch up to her much faster. After all his training is complete, he lets loose a large roar, impressing the Lion Guard.

Worried about Badili

On their way back to Mirihi Forest, the Guard go through what Badili will do should Mapigano try his bullying tactics on him again. Fuli asks Badili what he should say if Mapigano tells him to leave, and Badili replies with confidence, stating that he will not leave. As Badili approaches the slumbering Mapigano, the Guard hide in a nearby bush to watch the events unfold. Whilst Badili starts out fine, he soon cracks under the pressure. Fuli takes a faltering step forward to help him, but Kion calls her back, believing in Badili's abilities. Sure enough, Badili pulls through and forces Mapigano out. The Guard congratulate him and return home.

Laughing together

Back at Hakuna Matata Falls, Kion, Fuli, Beshte and On are relaxing much like they were earlier. Suddenly, Laini appears again, with mention that someone is in their tree again. The Guard return to their tree, only to find Bunga nestled with three galagos, snoring away. When Fuli questions what he's doing in their tree, Bunga exclaims that he just had to come back, because they were so cute and snuggly. He leaps down the tree and grabs Laini, giving her a hug. When the hug is too tight, Laini comments that maybe the leopard wasn't so bad after all, causing the rest of the Guard to laugh happily.

Janja's New Crew

Fuli does not approve

Fuli and the rest of the Lion Guard are patrolling the Pride Lands after a storm broke out the previous day, where Fuli is nettled by their muddy surroundings. They suddenly encounter Janja, who slides down a cliffside by mistake and winds up falling in front of them. After Cheezi, Chungu, Nne, and Tano slide down to join him, his plan is revealed, and Kion sends them away using his Roar. Fuli and the Guard then continue their patrol, but a landslide of mud blocks the path from Big Springs to Mekundu Cliffs. Fuli decides that if she has to get muddy, she might as well do it for a good cause and agrees to help Kion and Beshte remove the blockage, whilst Ono and Bunga ward the others away from the area.

"I'd believe it!"

Later, they are able to clear the debris and reopen the path. When Bunga returns, he is caked in mud. He asks if they would believe a zebra could cause it, to which Fuli replies that she can. Ono then calls for the Guard, having spotted two animals covered in mud sliding towards a cliff edge. Quickly, the Lion Guard run towards the scene and, after Beshte blocks the two figures from falling over the edge, Fuli assists Kion with taking the larger figure to safety.

Fuli has doubts

On dry land, the two figures reveal themselves to be Cheezi and Chungu. Fuli is hesitant to believe them, when they explain that they are no longer part of Janja's clan, but when they explain the reason why Fuli is a bit more believing of their predicament. The Guard think about allowing them to stay on the condition that they only scavenge animal remains and Fuli is sure that they're too stupid to be a problem. Reluctantly, Kion agrees and allows them to stay in the Pride Lands, whilst they continue their patrol.

Fuli can't believe it

Soon, Ono spots a stampeding herd of oryxes crossing Rocky Plains. The Lion Guard race towards them, missing some hyenas along the way. After calming them down, they question what happened. Kion believes it to be their fault, and Fuli considers his words to be incredulous. Kion further explains that they allowed Cheezi and Chungu to stay in the Pride Lands, though Fuli does not share his certainty.

Questioning the guests

They return to the slumbering hyenas and wake them, demanding to know if they were behind it. After a bit of interrogation, they realize that Janja is behind the scheme, and shortly after the Guard hear his voice. Fuli and the Guard dash off to find Janja down a cliff. They discover through him that his new crew, Nne and Tano, plan to eat the oryxes whilst they were distracted. Fuli is fairly impressed by the idea, and they set off to halt the hyenas.

Fuli rushes in

When they arrive, Nne is questioning the oryxes on whether they have ever seen a smart hyena before. Fuli cries out that they still haven't, and forcefully pushes Nne away whilst Kion deals with Tano. After a few words are exchanged, Fuli waits in front of the oryxes whilst Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to blast the hyenas back into the Outlands.

With the hyenas taken care of, they decide to make sure that Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu are safe. They turn out to be fine, and Fuli watches as they retreat back into the Outlands together.


"First baboons, now rain. Ugh. Could it get any better?"

The Lion Guard is patrolling the Pride Lands when Ono spots Mzingo and the vultures circling, which Fuli notes often is a sign of trouble. They rush off to check things out and end up driving the vultures away from a Baby Baboon. It begins to rain, and Fuli sarcastically complains about their misfortune. Floodwaters surge forward, sweeping Baby Baboon away, and Kion realizes that Fuli is the only one fast enough to save him. She agrees and dashes away, managing to scoop the baboon out of the water and lift him to safety for the second time. He wraps his paws around her neck, and she groans, suggesting that he goes home.

Fuli wants the baby baboon off of her

The rest of the Guard arrives, and Beshte finds the sight of Baby Baboon embracing Fuli to be cute. Bunga notes that it's too bad Fuli dislikes the animals, and Fuli protests, explaining that she likes baboons so long as they're nowhere near her. As the baboon relaxes, Fuli becomes worried, urgently asking if anyone would like to remove him. Kiara, trapped on an island due to the storm, calls over to them. She and Kion discuss the problem, and Fuli breaks in, asking what to do with the baboon. To Fuli's surprise, Kion decides that she is to return him to Nyani Grove. As the baboon nudges Fuli's face, she agrees to go, telling them that she'll be right back. She makes sure that Baby Baboon is ready before speeding away.

Big Baboon's troop throws baobabs at Fuli

As she runs, she scolds Baby Baboon for tugging on her ears and tail, but soon reaches the Grove. She alerts Big Baboon's Troop, however, Big Baboon reveals that Baby Baboon is not their infant. To Fuli's dismay, he informs her that Baby Baboon is from the top of Mapango Cliffs, and she realizes that the journey will take longer than anticipated. Before she leaves, she is asked to deliver a message to the cliff baboons, only to have baobabs flung at her. She angrily exclaims that baboons are always throwing fruit before leaving.

Fuli sings "Baboons!"

On the way to Mapango Cliffs, Baby Baboon is gibbering loudly atop Fuli. She asks him to make less noise, and soon nothing but silence can be heard. She realizes that it's too quiet and finds that Baby Baboon has vanished. She locates him after he throws some fruit at her. Exasperated, she sings "Baboons!", expressing her opinion on the animal's mischievous ways as she chases Baby Baboon around the Pride Lands, though she admits that he is "kinda cute."

"Well, you're looking pretty plump."

As they near the Cliffs, Fuli spots Mzingo and the vultures circling. She orders Baby Baboon to get down and be quiet, and creeps through the grass, only emerging once he is clinging to her belly, hidden from the birds. She exchanges a few words with the vultures, lying about Baby Baboon's whereabouts and eventually threatening Mzingo so that he leaves, as she is skeptical of his claim that they were trying to help Baby Baboon. Once they are gone, she steps out of the grass, complimenting Baby Baboon's silence.

"Mzingo! Tell your parliament to back off!"

Once they reach Mapango Cliffs, Baby Baboon departs immediately, to Fuli's indigence. She turns, believing her work to be done, only to see the vultures targeting Baby Baboon from the sky. She commands that they keep their claws off "her baboon," as she climbs up the cliffs. With the help of the troop's fruit-throwing skills, she catches up with the vultures and battles Mzingo, lashing out at him from a ledge until she slips. As she clings to the edge, Mzingo prepares to strike at her, but Baby Baboon stops him with a well-aimed fruit. The vulture flies back up, but Fuli is ready, and she pounces on him, pinning him to the ground and ordering him to tell his parliament to retreat. Mzingo complies, and the baboons descend from the cliffs, chanting Fuli's name. After Baby Baboon's Mother thanks her for saving her son, Baby Baboon cuddles with her, squeaking her catchphrase as she smiles.


Back with the Guard, Fuli apologizes for being late and reports that the baboon is safe, though the journey wasn't simple. She agrees with Bunga's belief that she's glad to be rid of the baboon, but casts a glance back towards Mapango Cliffs, softly saying "Baboons".

Beware the Zimwi

Listening to Beshte

Fuli is listening to a scary story told by Rafiki about a legendary creature called the Zimwi. Suddenly, the story is interrupted by some shaking bushes, though it is revealed to be Beshte, practicing his bellows for The Bellow Fellows. Fuli repeats the name questioningly, and he explains that if he is successful in an audition with them, he'll be allowed to bellow with them. The focus returns to Rafiki, who tells the remaining tale to them in song before ushering them away to bed. Fuli is slightly concerned over the possibility of the beast existing, but Kion assures her that it's nothing. When Mtoto, Young Hare, Porcupine Brothers, and a rhino show signs of fear, Kion suggests that they spend the night together. Beshte suggests the same thing to the Guard, and Fuli agrees.


They sleep near a waterfall in Hakuna Matata Falls, when they're awoken by the small animals again, who claims to have seen the Zimwi. Timon and Pumbaa overhear this and tell their own tale of how Timon knows the Zimwi. Although Fuli remains slightly fearful, Kion is positive that there is nothing to be afraid of, and the Lion Guard rush out to discover what the Zimwi really is.

Growing annoyed at Bunga

They continue through the night and encounter some genets along the way. When Beshte asks them why they're out at night, the Genet explains that they're on their way home. Bunga starts to tell her about the Zimwi but ignores Fuli's subtle warning. He frightens the genets away, and Kion admonishes him for it. They continue and locate Thurston, who is frightened over something. They discover that it is not the Zimwi he's scared of. He, like Kion, shares the belief that the Zimwi is not real. Soon, he remembers that he was running away from the genets, and bounds away again just thinking about them.


Soon, they approach a canyon. Before they enter, several eyes in a nearby bush peer towards the Lion Guard. The Guard become nervous, and Kion calls for them to move in. They surround the bushes and, just as they're about to attack, some gazelles leap out, frightened and pleading with the Guard not to hurt them. They assume that these are the creatures they've been looking for, and Beshte asks them what they're hiding from. They respond with 'the Zimwi', and although Fuli is still unsure what to believe, the gazelles direct their attention to a giant shadow in the canyons before leaping back into the bush. This time, even Kion loses his confidence as he watches the shadow escape into the canyon. Together, they cautiously walk into the ravine, which leads to a dead end.


As they get closer to the figure, the moon becomes enshrouded by clouds, and thunder booms in the distance. They see the tall figure in the darkness up close and cry out 'Zimwi' in fear. They retreat back to the gazelles but accidentally startle them with their own fear. Kion orders Beshte to make a path to a clearing, and Fuli redirects the gazelles out where they can wear themselves out. They are disappointed with themselves for running away from the Zimwi, but soon Fuli gathers enough confidence to rise above her fear. Together, the Lion Guard return to the Zimwi.

The "Zimwi"

They return to the Zimwi and make themselves known. The Zimwi makes soft noises, before rolling off a tall mound. Although startled by it, they rush over. They halt when the Zimwi asks them not to hurt them, and watch with slight fear as the Zimwi separates into two creatures. It is revealed that the Porcupine Brothers were huddled together, and that gave the illusion of a much more frightening creature. They were resting on top of a termite mound, which gave them their tall stature. Fuli is mildly amused at their mistake, though relieved that there is no real Zimwi.

Hearing Beshte's success

The next morning, Beshte prepares for his audition, and the rest of the Guard join him for support. The Bellow Fellows emerge from the water and take their place on some rocks nearby in Big Springs, and Fuli asks Beshte if these are the hippos that he needs to bellow for. He confirms it, though also adds that he's still scared. Kion reminds him that he stood up to the Zimwi, despite not knowing that it wasn't real, which gives Beshte the confidence boost he needed. They watch as Beshte begins, though Fuli isn't quite sure that he'll pass. Much to their relief, Beshte succeeds and the Guard are happy for their friend.

Lions of the Outlands

The race begins!

Fuli is first seen in the Lair, waiting for Ono to get ready after he challenged her to a race. Bunga enters and almost immediately becomes the referee. Fuli and Ono then begin their race and, although Ono believes he is catching up to her, she leaves him in a dust trail and speeds away to victory. Later on, after a few more races, Ono is too tired to race, and Beshte is not up for taking his place. Bunga looks to Rafiki, who questions who would race the fastest animal in the Pride Lands and Ono laughs nervously at his comment. When questioned over Kion, Bunga explains that he's going to the Outlands with Jasiri. Fuli questions him over this, and the honey badger tells her that there is a problem with some lions over there.

Hearing about the danger

Rafiki immediately becomes concerned and explains to them that a group of lions was banished from the Pride Lands before any of them were born. Fuli asks why Simba would banish other lions, and Rafiki explains that it's because their leader, Zira, had undying loyalty to Scar and that, since Scar had chosen her son to rule next, she attacked Simba, leaving him no other option. The Lion Guard realize the danger their leader is in and Fuli takes the lead, rushing out of the Lair.

In the Outlands they run into Jasiri, who tells them that Kion has joined Zira and her family. Fuli assures her that Kion would never be a part of her family, and Jasiri comments that she knew she should never have believed her, and follows them.

Pinning Vitani

When Fuli and the rest of the Guard find Kion, Fuli dashes and lunges at one of Zira's children, Vitani, and pins her down. She eventually allows her to get up when she, Jasiri and the Guard all approach Zira's family assertively. Although Kion is hesitant to use the Roar due to the lies he had been fed from Zira, Bunga clears his head and Kion regains the courage to use the Roar of the Elders against them, forcing them far away. When one of Zira's other children, Kovu, misses the blast, Fuli glares towards him angrily until he leaves.

Fuli then joins Jasiri's Clan at the watering hole, having got it back from the Outsiders. When Jasiri's sister Madoa admits that she is now glad that Jasiri has Kion for a friend, Jasiri tells the rest of the Guard that she's glad to have all of them as her friends. Fuli then confirms their friendship.

Never Roar Again

Blown back by the Roar

Fuli and her friends have finished chasing Janja out of the Pride Lands and resume their daily patrol. Soon, Ono alerts his friends to Janja's presence in the Pride Lands, and Kion irritably leads his friends to deal with them. They arrive just in time to see Kion's mother, Nala being ambushed by Janja's clan, and Fuli watches as Kion uses the Roar to protect his mother. After Kion has greeted Nala and questioned her, Full urgently directs Kion's attention to his Roar, as it was coming back towards the group. Quickly, the Lion Guard and Nala flee to escape the dangers of Kion's roar. Nala becomes trapped within a ravine, and Kion helps her to safety.

Cheering Ono up

Fuli is the first to approach them and listens as Nala confirms their safety and comforts Kion. Kion asks everyone if they're okay, and they all respond positively, including Ono from afar. The Guard and Nala glance over at Ono and discover that the force of Kion's Roar has made him lose his crest feathers. Fuli quickly decides against informing Ono of his predicament and gazes concernedly at her friend. Later, as Ono examines himself, Fuli gently confirms his statement and scolds Bunga when he attempts to comfort Ono. She joins in singing Stand Up, Stand Out in an attempt to make Ono feel better. Suddenly, Zazu flies in and tells the Guard that a crisis has arisen at the giraffes watering hole. Kion agrees to help the giraffes and leads his friends out of the Lair. Fuli gently questions on Ono's presence with them and Ono follows behind after being forcibly pushed out by Zazu. As Fuli remarks about Zazu's ability to be persuasive, a slightly amused Kion agrees.

Defending Ono

Once the Guard has reached the giraffes watering hole, Fuli fiercely defends Ono against Shingo and Twiga's teasing. She watches as Kion decides to ask Beshte to move one of the rocks which should, in turn, knock the rest down. The plan works, and the giraffes hurry across to get a drink.

Fuli is unamused

As Kion leads his team away, they encounter a trapped klipspringer that is in the middle of a flowing river. After Beshte politely declines to enter the water, and Fuli irritably refuses to get wet, Bunga again suggests using the Roar to stop it, but Kion quickly decides against it. He asks Beshte to knock down a withered tree and, once he has done so, Kion begins to walk across it to help the klipspringer. Kion's weight causes the branch to break, and he becomes trapped. His friends rush to help him and he urgently orders them to go back. They fail to hear his warning, and their combined weight causes the branch to collapse entirely. They swim to shore and Kion reveals that the klipspringer has escaped, but Fuli is still annoyed at becoming wet in the process. She and the Guard also discover that Ono has lost his tail feathers due to the bark flying from the rotten tree.

Halting the mongoose

After Makuu takes over The Flood Plains, a terrified Male Mongoose rushes past Fuli, causing her to stop him and gently ask if he's okay. He explains the situation and Fuli promises to deal with Makuu. She goes to the Lair to inform her friends and is momentarily distracted by Ono's headpiece before reporting on Makuu's actions. She tells Ono to fetch Kion and leads Beshte and Bunga to Makuu.

Tackling Makuu

Once they've reached The Flood Plains, Fuli irritably confronts Makuu on his actions, she and her friends react with shock to Makuu's taunts about Kion's cowardice. Fuli quickly regains her composure and tells Beshte and Bunga to deal with Makuu's crocodiles whilst she handles Makuu. She uses her agility to outspeed Makuu at several turns, even causing him to injure himself at one stage. When Makuu appears tired, she leaps onto his side and tells him that the Guard didn't need Kion's Roar and asks if he gives up, he denies this and flips her into that water. With Bunga's help, she manages to reach safety upon Beshte.

Watching the Roar

Soon, Kion and Nala arrive on the scene, and Fuli watches them from afar. After Kion has found a new way to use his Roar and defeated Makuu, Fuli emerges from the water and expresses shock and amazement at Kion's new ability. When Ono joins them, Fuli kindly remarks that he'd lost his headpiece and watches as the other egrets show Ono the trend he'd set off. She and her friends laugh as Ono acknowledges this.

The Lost Gorillas

Watching Bunga deal with Zazu

Fuli watches as Bunga carefully removes Zazu from a beehive, having flown directly into it. When Zazu flies down to them, Fuli asks why he was in a hurry. Zazu explains that he was looking for them and that the pangolins are spraying everywhere. Kion leads the Lion Guard away to see what the problem is. The Lion Guard arrive rush away and are amazed by what they see. Two gorillas are holding a pangolin each, having a staredown. The gorillas, named Majinuni and Hafifu, start squeezing the animals under their armpits, causing them to spray. Holding his nose, Bunga mistakes them for baboons, and although Fuli believes they act like them, both Ono and Beshte are certain that they're not. Kion approaches the animals and pins them to the ground, only letting them up when they agree not to mess with the pangolins.

Fuli shares her concerns

When they get up, the two gorillas seem happy when Fuli and the rest of the Guard approached, but Kion is more interested in knowing why they are there. They reply that they're looking for King 'Zimba'. When they realize that they're looking for Simba, the pair asks if they know him. Bunga explains how Kion is his son and the gorillas become excited, mentioning that they too are royalty. Fuli can't believe it, and drags Kion away, refusing to believe that anyone would leave an important message to the pair. Sure enough, as they look over, the brothers are messing around.

Still concerned

Hafifu then throws Ushari onto a baobab tree having mistaken him for a stick. Fuli watches blankly, and Kion scolds the gorilla for his actions, and Hafifu shrugs it off with a mere 'Kuishi Ni Kucheka'. Fuli asks what that is, and Hafifu tells her that it's their motto, which means 'to live is to laugh'. They start to sing and even to sing it in a different key to help the Guard understand, though Kion stops them and begins to guide them to his father. As he passes, Hafifu grabs Bunga, who lets loose some flatulence in the faces of Ono, Beshte, and Fuli, telling them that they're his kind of guys. Fuli sighs irritably, and they follow.

Back at Pride Rock, Fuli is unsurprised when the gorillas reveal that they have forgotten an important message regarding a peace treaty that their father, King Sokwe, told them to give to Simba. Simba asks the Lion Guard to guide them home to Theluji Mountains and obtain the message themselves.

"Thanks for the help."

The Lion Guard approach the mountain base. To make matters worse, the gorillas have no idea where to go. Ono manages to scout out a path through the trees which they follow, with Fuli thanking them sardonically. The gorillas are amazed at Fuli's politeness, having believed that they were completely unhelpful. Kion peers around and asks them if anything looks familiar, but Bunga assumes that he was asking everyone. When Fuli explains that he was probably talking to the gorillas, the princes become scared, assuming that their father is nearby. Eventually, they notice a chameleon and run off to play with it.

Trying to sniff the princes out

The princes become lost, and are able to hear the Guard, but not actually see them. With Ono unable to find them, Kion asks Fuli if she can sniff them out. Due to the unique flowers that are in bloom, she is unsuccessful as is Kion. They try to locate the gorillas, who turn their search into a game, but cannot locate them. They start a new game and impersonate forest hogs, and Ono manages to see trees that are shaking up ahead in a foggy area. Fuli and the Guard run on up. After entering the fog, they start to hear deeper snorts coming from behind them. It turns out that to be a real forest hog that rushes past them, having mistaken the gorillas for real hogs. Bunga jokes about them 'hogging' his territory, but his joke is shot down by Fuli as they chase after them.

When Fuli and the Guard reach Kion, he has successfully calmed the forest hog down, who scuttles away. The gorillas are safe, but finally confessed that they don't wish to return home and disappoint their father, having forgotten the message. After being assured that they'll be alright, they continue.

Fuli is overjoyed!

The Lion Guard follow the two brothers over a cliff and are inquisitive of the snow. The Guard has no knowledge of the substance, but start to explore it. Fuli asks what they do with whilst gently pawing at it, and Hafifu tells her to have fun with it, pushing a tree backwards and hurling an avalanche of snow onto them. The Lion Guard have a brief respite to enjoy their newfound fun, with Fuli leaping across and under the snow in joy.

Fuli orders Ono to go after Kion

Bunga starts to roll a snowball, and Fuli questions if it's meant to be thrown at her. He denies her words and explains that it's a souvenir gift for his uncle Timon. Nearby, Kion manages to slip backward, and Fuli becomes worried for her friend. Hafifu and Majinuni offer to save him, but Fuli orders Ono to catch up to Kion, just in case.

Wondering what punishment they'll receive

Later, with Kion saved, the Guard finally reach their destination, where King Sokwe is seemingly about to admonish his children for forgetting the important message, forgetting their way home and needing the Lion Guard's assistance. Fuli wonders what their punishment could be, but King Sokwe then grabs two piles of snow and dumps it on their heads whilst proclaiming Kuishi Ni Kucheka. King Sokwe informs them that Kion told him of how he was saved by them and that he is proud of them both, true gorilla princes. Kion then reminds him that they still need to get the message back his own father. King Sokwe then notices Bunga's souvenir, deeming it to be 'perfect'.

Laughing together

The Lion Guard return to Pride Rock, where the night is slowly starting to encroach upon the land. Kion finishes explaining their adventure, and Simba asks if they have the message. Eventually, Bunga leaps and throws the snowball on his head whilst exclaiming Kuishi ni Kucheka, seemingly angering the King. Simba starts to laugh and Simba shakes the snow off his head with the knowledge that King Sokwe agrees to the peace, and Fuli begins to laugh.

The Trail to Udugu

When Fuli hears from Kion that Simba will be leading the Lion Guard while he takes the trail to Udugu with his sister and his mother, she is unfazed by his news, claiming Simba is just like Kion, but bigger.

Fuli is chill

When he arrives, she bows politely and follows him out for Morning Patrol.

When the Guard reach a fork in the road, Simba starts to take the left path. When Ono tries to stop him he stutters with his wording, so Fuli explains how Kion usually takes the right path. Simba reminds them that Kion isn't there, and they reluctantly follow him on his chosen path.

Ready to follow Simba

They soon come across an impending mudslide near the ostriches' nest and notice that the eggs will slide off the cliffs if they are not saved. Simba explains that he will move the nearby log so that it will divert the mud away from the nest. Fuli asks what they should do, and Simba orders them to stick together and follow him. They are confused but go along with his words. Simba calls for them, telling them to jump from rock to rock. Beshte mentions that he usually goes right through the mud, but Fuli reminds him who is in charge before following the king.

Stuck in the mud

Unfortunately, the plan backfires and Beshte slips on a rock and slides down the cliff, crashing into the Fuli, Bunga, and Ono along the way. They come to a halt when they smash into the log, which causes the mud to pick up the eggs in its path. Fuli assures everyone that she can do it, but she falls under the strength of the mud. She is still able to save one egg whilst everyone else assists in saving the others. When Mbuni starts to thank Simba, she slinks off to the other Guard members. When Simba exclaims happily that their first mission was a success, Fuli merely shakes some of the mud from her fur.

Assuring Beshte it's not his fault

As the team moves on, Simba excitedly runs off ahead. During this time, the crew ponders why Simba never utilized their special abilities. When Beshte wonders if it's his fault for falling, Fuli firmly states that it isn't his fault that he can't leap like a lion. They decide to continue doing things Simba's way regardless. Just then, Ono arrives and it is revealed that the gazelles need their help. The Guard follow Simba to the scene. Once they get close enough, they see that Swala and her herd are trying to leap up some unstable rocks to reach the land above. Simba runs ahead, though the Guard hesitate at first, since rushing to them might startle them. When they get closer, Ono cries out for them to stop, since the gazelles have entered a panicked state and the rocks are starting to fall. Fuli orders Ono to warn Simba.

Saving Bunga

When she, Beshte and Bunga catch up, they find that Simba is fine, although his tail is stuck under a boulder. Soon, more danger is revealed - the gazelles are stampeding in the direction of the ostriches nest. Before they can act, more of the unstable rocks give way, and one falls towards Bunga, which Ono cries out about. Fuli swiftly pushes him out of harm's way, and Bunga thanks Fuli. Fuli tells him to thank Ono since he was the one who called out in time. Noticing their teamwork, Simba realizes that their team works differently, and asks what Kion would have them do if he were there. Fuli tells him that they would split up and that Ono and herself would go after the herd, and Beshte and Bunga would stay to free him. Simba then declares those to be his orders. Before that happens, Bunga tells him that there's one more thing Kion would do. Simba then speaks the beginning of their catchphrase: "Till the Pride Lands end", and Fuli and the Guard finish it with 'Lion Guard defend'!


Ono and Fuli dash off to the gazelles, and Ono reminds her to speak softly with the ostriches, whilst he speaks with the gazelles per her suggestion. Fuli dashes ahead and tries to calm the ostriches, but eventually loses her temper and shouts at them to be quiet, which works. Fuli heads back and is soon joined by Ono, who was also successful. He asks how she calmed the ostriches, and she replies with 'calm and soothing' with a hint of sarcasm. Fuli returns to Simba to find him safe and unharmed. With the danger over, Simba comments that Kion would be proud of them. He also adds that he, too, is proud of them, and Fuli smiles appreciatively.

Ono's Idol

Fuli notices a large flock of birds flying overhead, and decides to see where they're headed. Along with Bunga, Beshte and Kion, she

Walking through the clearing

sees the birds in a clearing, and wonders what they're doing there. Ono calls them over from the front of a clearing, claiming to have gotten them a seat up front. Fuli is curious to know what for, and the group approach them. Ono then reveals to them that Hadithi, the legendary eagle is finally returning to the Pride Lands, and educates them on his idol.

"Shh! Ono really likes this guy!"

When Hadithi arrives, Ono is mesmerized, but Bunga isn't quite so entranced. Fuli hushes the honey badger, reminding him how much Ono likes Hadithi. After Bunga flags down Hadithi, the eagle starts to talk with Ono, and eventually tells him just how many fans he has, while Fuli watches from nearby. After he lands, Simba and Nala appear to welcome and praise the eagle. They invite him back to Pride Rock for a Royal Mud Print Ceremony in his honor. Before the pair leave, Hadithi asks if they will be providing him with The Traditional Ceremonial Nest and, after a while, Ono convict the Lion Guard agree to help.

Fuli's uncertainty

When Hadithi reveals that the nest must be made from leaves obtained from the highest tree in the land, Fuli becomes disgruntled, offending Hadithi. When Kion eventually turns to the Guard to assure him that they can find the leaves, Fuli remains uncertain. After Hadithi has left, Fuli expresses her annoyance at being given such a task, when they really have more important things to do in her eyes, especially since they've never even heard of him. After finding a tall tree, Bunga bounds up and starts to explore his new sights. Fuli calls for him to grab the leaves and come down when Bunga reveals to them that there's another, a taller tree nearby. Fuli asks in disbelief if she really heard him say that, and a disgruntled Kion leads them away again.

An apathetic Fuli

At the ceremony, Fuli waits near the front, showing little interest in the event. When Hadithi arrives alone, Kion questions what happened to Ono, though Hadithi assures them that he'll be along shortly. Kion and Fuli exchange a concerned glance before the ceremony continues, cheering with the other animals. However, when Hadithi is about to press his talons in the mud, Hadithi shocks everyone by admitting that he's no hero, though he knows a bird who is. The Lion Guard follow Hadithi away.

Fuli 'greets' Cheezi and Chungu

After leading them to Ono, they see that his wing is trapped under a rock and the hyenas are approaching. Fuli acts quickly and wards Cheezi and Chungu away. Upon seeing her, they run, giving Fuli time to check on Ono. But the egret tells her to help the klipspringers that he had been trying to save instead, and Fuli rushes off. After Beshte pushes down a large boulder to create a path for them, Fuli leads them across. She then watches Ono and Hadithi confuse the hyenas, while the klipspringers join her in safety. Later on that night, Fuli then watches her friend Ono dip his talons in the mud. She cheers once Hadithi has finished praising the young egret.

Beshte and the Hippo Lanes

Wading through the plains

Having heard a voice call out for help, Fuli wades through the Flood Plains with Bunga and Kion, searching for the owner of the voice. When they finally reach the location, they discover that Beshte and his father, Basi, have already taken care of the situation. But when Basi tries to continue making the Hippo Lanes, they discover that he has been injured during the situation. He passes the task onto Beshte, who eventually agrees to do it after encouragement from Kion. Bunga tries to assist but fails, and Kion decides that it would be best to leave Beshte to do his job in case they slow him down. Fuli exclaims that she's never want to slow anyone down, and the trio leaves with Basi to find him somewhere to rest.

Speaking with Basi

They soon reach a large rock where Basi starts to relax. After thanking them, he is certain that staying off it will help to heal it quickly. Suddenly, Ono swoops down to alert them of a problem. He tries to tell them of the other rainstorm, but the Guard already know, with Fuli reminding him that it is the rainy season. Bur Ono continues to explain that the Sable Antelopes' grazing grounds were already flooded out in the rainstorm yesterday, leaving them nothing to eat. However, as Fuli predicts, they are too stubborn to leave and have taken to standing around in knee deep water, concerning everyone that they'll be completely underwater by the next storm. Basi suggests leading them there, assuring them that Beshte will be done with the Hippo Lanes by the time of their return.

Fuli points out how easy it would be for Beshte to push the rocks over

The Guard thank him for his suggestion and race off to the grounds. When they reach Bupu's Herd, Kion calls out to them, explaining that they need to reach higher ground. However, Bupu refuses to leave. When Fuli tells him to follow them, he still refuses, stating that they don't take orders from them. Kion understands that they are tired and hungry, but explains that, if they move, they'll have food and won't be standing around in the water. Upon hearing this, Boboka talks with Bupu, urging him to reconsider their offer in consideration of the youngsters. Reluctantly, he agrees, and the Guard escort them away across the side of a cliff. Shortly after, a rockslide occurs, breaking the path between the Guard and the herd. After examining the rocks, Fuli comments that it's a shame Beshte was absent since he could easily move the rocks. But after a suggestion by Bunga to use the Roar on the rocks, Kion gets an idea, and the Guard climb over the boulders to reach the herd again.

Fuli is losing her patience

The herd once again refuse to get up, so Kion uses his Roar of the Elders to blast away the blocks regardless. Proud of himself, Kion looks behind him and calls for them to follow again. But Ono calls them back since they do not move. Fuli rushes up to Bupu, who claims they have come so far already. She glances behind her, where they started from, exclaiming 'Seriously' out loud. This prompts them to move, begrudgingly. With the storm getting closer, Fuli hopes they can beat it. When they finally reach the Flood Plains, the Hippo Lanes appear to have been done, but Ono flies off to find Beshte regardless. Fuli waits behind as Bunga asks Boboka and her son to enter the new lanes. Shortly after they enter, Ono flies in to warn them that the new lanes aren't safe. Kion thinks fast, asking Fuli and Bunga to stay behind and make sure that no one else enters the lanes whilst he and Ono save the pair that has entered the unsafe Hippo Lanes.

Fuli's apology

Upon their leave, Bupu starts complaining again, about how they were ordered around. Fuli points out that they were all good reasons when suddenly the rainstorm breaks out. Eager to believe they'll be told to move out of the rain, Bupu informs them that they're not going anywhere. Fuli and Bunga are okay with this since it's exactly what they want them to do anyway. Later, Bupu starts to complain again. Fuli tells him that they'll tell them when to keep going, and asks him to stand and be quiet. Bupu reacts by sitting down. When Fuli orders him to stand up, Bupu isn't surprised that the Lion Guard is telling them what to do, causing the other sable antelopes to sit down with him. Despite Fuli's best efforts, she is unable to get him to stand, even when Ono returns with the youngster and when Beshte confirms that the new Hippo Lane is complete. Bunga then calls for them to 'follow that hippo', but Bupu remarks that it looks so wet. Fuli argues that they're already wet, and Bupu turns his head, telling her to continue yelling at them like they've done all day. Tired and wet, Fuli has a change of heart and apologizes for yelling. She goes on to say that it's been a long day for her as well as them, explaining how they can get something to eat on the other side. She returns to Bupu and asks them to go, adding 'please' at the end of her statement. To her surprise, Bupu responds by telling her that that was all they wanted to hear and that it never hurts to be polite.

Fuli admiring her friend's work

He then calls for his herd to follow, and together, they run through the new Hippo Lane. Kion then returns, and the youngster is reunited with her mother. When he asks, Fuli explains how Beshte successfully completed his task, and Kion comments with relief that something finally went right. Later, Fuli approaches Beshte and Basi who are watching the animals use the new Hippo Lane, proud of her friend's actions.

Ono the Tickbird

A baboon lands on Fuli

Fuli and the Lion Guard are following Ono through a ruined Nyani Grove. Ono exclaims that a rhino is headed for the baboons' tree, and Fuli races ahead to stop him after Kion claims that they need to get there before the rhino. But as she rushes ahead, a baboon lands on her face and pushes her down. She is confused by the encounter, but soon picks herself up and follows the Guard to the tree. There, they discover that the rhino has crashed into the tree, and the baboons are scarpering away.

The source of the problems

The Lion Guard approach the rhino, named Kifaru, who reacts irritably to Kion's order to stop shaking the tree. Beshte asks him what the problem is, and he softens at his presence, answering that he's stuck. He is reassured that the Lion Guard will get him out, to which he is grateful for. With Fuli part of the team pulling him away, they are able to get Kifaru loose. Once free, Kifaru thanks the Guard for their assistance, telling them that they had no idea how it felt to be stuck like that.

Fuli leaps aside

When asked why he's causing trouble, the rhino reveals that he was unaware that he was, despite the baboons' cries and the masses of logs on the floor. He starts to move forward but almost catches Bunga with his horn. He apologizes and turns to walk the other way, and Fuli swiftly leaps back to avoid being hit by his horn herself. He issues another apology before walking away, heading straight for a tree. When the Guard question his behavior, Ono notices that his tickbird is missing.

"What's in it for the tickbirds?"

Ono swoops down and inquires about his tickbird. With a hefty sigh, Kifaru mentions that Mwenzi has left him. Ono then realizes why he's been acting so strangely and proceeds to explain that rhinos have poor eyesight and that, for that reason, rhinos will often pair up with tickbirds, who will guide them and warn them of dangers they can't see. Fuli asks what's in it for the tickbirds, and she discovers that it is literally ticks and other insects that crawl on the rhino's back, much to her disgust. Kifaru then remembers the times he and Mwenzi shared.

Bunga's suggestion

The Guard realize that he didn't mean to cause all the trouble, and Kifaru apologizes again and explains how he was trying to get to Tamasha. Fuli asks Kifaru what Tamasha actually is, and he explains that Tamasha is an event that occurs during the wet season, and it is when the rhinos gather near Lake Matope to spar in the mud. As he is speaking, he walks away tearfully. Kion decides that they will find Mwenzi, although Fuli doubts that they can find him in time. Bunga suggests a temporary tickbird to take him there, and he volunteers himself. The Guard watch the pair leave.

Fuli sniffs out for Mwenzi

But Ono spots a problem almost immediately after the pair leave. He hastily flies towards Kifaru, who is heading for a cliff and orders him back. With even Fuli noticing how well Kifaru listened to Ono, the Lion Guard decide to appoint Ono the task of being Kifaru's tickbird, much to his dismay. Fuli and Kion then sniff the rhino to pick up Mwenzi's scent and, after acquiring it, they rush off to find the missing tickbird.

Fuli catches the scent

Kion and Fuli continue tracking the scent but to no avail. With Bunga's observation, the Guard conclude that they've been in circles. But Kion then finds Mwenzi's scent on a tree, and Fuli confirms that it's recent. Bunga leaps into the tree in the hopes of finding him but to no avail. But soon, they see a bird whizz past them, which matches Beshte's description of Mwenzi. But because he flies by so fast, no one can tell if it's actually him. A plan is created.

Fuli agrees that she would do the same as Mwenzi

With Mwenzi settling near a watering hole, Beshte pretends to be a rhino looking for a tickbird to clear his back. As expected, Mwenzi arrives, and Bunga captures him, prompting Mwenzi to ask what the Lion Guard want with him. The Guard then inform him about Kifaru's accidental damage, and that he needs to return to him. However, Mwenzi then tells them the reason he left was that Kifaru was blaming him for being late to the Tamasha, even when it was his fault and that he always blames him for being late. He asks Fuli what she would have done in the same situation, and she admits that she would have left... Until Kion prompts her to add that it doesn't mean that he should leave Kifaru. After a bit of encouragement and being told that Kifaru misses him, Mwenzi agrees to speak with him.

Listening to Mwenzi

But when Fuli and the Guard return to Kifaru, he is praising Ono, which upsets Mwenzi. Mwenzi then leaves, prompting Ono to chase after him, despite the Guard's concerns. The Lion Guard decide to cheer Kifaru up by guiding him to Tamasha. Although Kifaru starts walking the wrong way, the Guard is quick to correct his path.

Fuli cringes

The Lion Guard finally guide Kifaru to the Tamasha. But before he can join in, Ono swoops down and exclaims that Mwenzi is in trouble. When he mentions Makuu's name, Kifaru shows immediate concern and rushes off to save him. He crashes through several trees in his rush, but Ono confirms that he is at least going the right way. The Lion Guard decide that they need to go with him and hurry after the rhino.

Fuli in a spot of bother

The Lion Guard reach the watering hole just after Kifaru lodges his horn in a tree again. The Lion Guard start to attack the crocodiles, with Fuli taking on one crocodile by herself. She gets herself trapped between the jaws of the crocodile and a nearby tree, but, thanks to Mwenzi, Kifaru manages to break free and

knock the crocodile away. When the crocodiles leave, Fuli watches the friends happily reunite.

Glad to see them together

The Lion Guard decide to join Kifaru and Mwenzi at the Tamasha event. Fuli watches, expressing her relief that the two finally made it to the event. Beshte comments that it must be nice to have a friend with you all the time. Bunga then asks if Ono would like to be his tickbird, to which Ono declines, claiming that his tickbird days are over. The Guard then share a hearty laugh together.

Babysitter Bunga

Intimidating Goigoi

Fuli and Kion catch a strange scent in the air. Bunga assures them that it isn't him, and she announces that it's jackals. Once Ono locates Reirei's pack attacking a herd of zebras, the Guard dive into action, with Fuli successfully stopping Goigoi dead in his tracks. Upon seeing the cheetah before him, he makes a hasty retreat. Once the jackals have been dealt with, Fuli joins up with the rest of the Lion Guard to make sure they leave the Pride Lands. But even with their presence gone, Muhimu, the leader of the zebra herd, is to shaken up to let them leave. She eventually persuades Bunga to look after her son, leaving Fuli to question how she could possibly see Bunga as responsible.


Back in the lair, Ono voices his concern over Bunga's absence. Although Fuli tries to joke about his worries, Ono points out that they do rely on Bunga, especially since he's the best climber. With fears that they might not be able to rescue someone from a tree or other high place, Kion decides that they need to practice to be on the safe side. He locates a rock on a high ledge and asks who wishes to get it down. Fuli protests, since cheetahs don't climb. Kion asks her to give it a try and she does, almost reaching the top before tumbling back down. Ono jokes about why cheetahs don't climb, before trying himself by flying up there. He fails, so Beshte decides to try, but the hippo merely slides back down. Fuli and Kion dodge him as he rolls back, and the team is allowed a break.

Discovering Goigoi

Later that day, the Lion Guard are out checking the trees in case any animals need their help there. Fuli admits that she looks forward to Bunga's return, and Kion suggests checking up on them at the falls. But when they hear a jackal nearby, they have no choice but to turn around and investigate the source of the calls. They find Goigoi, upside down in a ditch having been chasing nothing. Although Fuli believes he would be stupid enough to do such a thing, she knows that he is up to something. They finally discover that his family is at the falls, and leave immediately.


There, they find out that the situation has been dealt with, though Fuli notices an increase in the number of children there, to which Bunga replies that word must have spread about how good he was at babysitting. After the jackals run home again, the parents arrive to pick up their children. After seeing that Bunga taught them self-defense whilst in his care, Muhimu declares him the best babysitter ever, much to Fuli's disbelief.

The Savannah Summit

A game of baobab ball

Fuli races towards Ono, who is carrying a baobab fruit in the air. She knocks it away, and Bunga, Kion, Beshte, and Mtoto race towards it. Bunga and Kion slide on a ledge which breaks, prompting Kion to warn his friends to be careful of the ledge. Ono examines it and declares it to be dry, prompting Fuli to remind him that the dry season is on its way. Their game continues with Mtoto racing away with the fruit wrapped up in his trunk until he hears a message from his mother. The Lion Guard become interested in hearing more things from Mtoto using his infrasound, and Mtoto hears a few animals on their way to Pride Rock. Kion explains to his friends that it must be due to his father's Savannah Summit. But Mtoto then hears a crocodile, and the Lion Guard dash away, certain that it's Makuu about to spoil the event.

Enjoying the trip

It turns out to be a false alarm since Simba invited him personally. The Lion Guard are invited to the event to help keep the peace between the animals. On their way to Mizimu Grove, even Fuli starts to get into the spirit of things. But once they arrive, Makuu has moved to the watering hole, and the Lion Guard race off to find him arguing with Bupu. Once the Guard has dealt with it, Mtoto is asked to keep his ears open for anything suspicious.

Speaking with Vuruga Vuruga and Twiga

It doesn't take Mtoto long to track down the Lion Guard, having heard Vuruga Vuruga and Twiga speaking about Makuu. When they reach the pair, they become nervous, not wishing to speak of Makuu. As they leave, Fuli and the Guard speak of how strange it all seemed, with Kion certain that it's down to Makuu. When they hear Zazu cry for help, the Lion Guard swiftly head over, only to find another misunderstanding, this time between Mbeya and Big Baboon. Mtoto then calls them having heard more from Makuu, and the Lion Guard rush off back to Pride Rock. But it turns out that Makuu and Bupu were merely trying to work out a deal. Angry at their lack of trust, Makuu leaves, refusing to deal with them anymore. After Simba scolds his son, Fuli allows him to leave for a while.

Saving Makuu

A short while later, they locate Kion again, having heard more worrying news from Mtoto. But this time, Kion wishes to work everything out before leaping to a conclusion. He eventually realizes that Makuu was the target, not the enemy. Knowing that the plot takes place at sundown, the Lion Guard head off and find Makuu, who at first refuses to accept their offer of help. But when the crocodile falls into a concealed pit, Fuli and the Guard quickly work together to save him. After catching a strange scent, Fuli and the Guard discover rotting fruit at the bottom of the pit. Kion then devises a plan to find out who caused the trick in the first place.

Fuli's joke

At the summit, Kion announces that Makuu passed away in the pit, causing Vuruga Vuruga and Twiga to come clean. They worry at first that the summit is ruined when Makuu points out how poorly he has been treated, but the crocodile surprises them by claiming it to be worthy of a crocodile. Kion then joins his friends, just in time for Mtoto to hear his mother calling him. After he leaves, Bunga tells his friends that he's glad that he doesn't have Mtoto's ability. Fuli then comments that he would pretty silly with ears that big, causing the Guard to laugh.

The Traveling Baboon Show

Ma Tembo runs past the Lion Guard.

The Lion Guard is enjoying a quiet day on patrol when a sable antelope starts to gather animals before rushing off with them. Curious, they stop Ma Tembo who also follows them, but she does not tell them where she is heading, and just that she can't stop. Kion asks Ono to take a look and confirms that no one is chasing them, but there are more animals running in the same direction. The Lion Guard decide to see what they are running to.

They arrive at a sausage tree, where the animals have gathered underneath. After failing to find out any real information, a baboon leaps past onto Fuli's back, which angers her a little. He is joined by another baboon who performs a handstand on the first, and the pair soon starts to perform some acrobatics for the animals, enchanting all but Ono and Fuli.

Fuli does not approve.

Suddenly, a third baboon appears, introducing the latter two as Mwevi and Mwizi. He then introduces himself as Uroho and his group as The Traveling Baboon Show. The Guard is still a little confused, but watch as the group put on a performance. Fuli and Ono are left less than impressed by their feats, although the rest of the Guard enjoy the performance. At the end of the show, they decide to introduce themselves. But Uroho becomes a little nervous after learning that Kion is the son of the King, and informs them that they need to rest up for the next show. With a little bit of suspicion, the Guard decide that they should return to their patrol.

Examining the evidence

No sooner have they left, when they hear Ma Tembo calling for their help. When they reach her, she and several other animals are gathered near an empty patch of land. They learn that the tree had plenty of leaves and grass just that morning before the animals leave to let the Lion Guard work. They turn up with nothing other than suspecting that multiple animals could be behind the feat. Suddenly, a commotion catches their attention, but Ono reveals it to be another baboon show. After persuading Kion, the Guard decide to check it out, since many animals are present. Fuli begrudgingly follows and settles near the tree.

Kion and Fuli become suspicious

As the act comes to a close, Ono swoops down with news of who the thieves are. Before he can impart this information, he is grabbed by a baboon and thrown around. Ono finally manages to break free and tell his friends that the baboons are the thieves, much to Bunga's disbelief. Fuli questions him on who he would believe, his friend or some random baboons. In a bid to get to the bottom of the situation Kion asks Beshte to shake the tree and he does so, causing a large pile of food to fall to the ground. With their true intentions uncovered, the baboons start to run.

Chasing Mwizi

The Lion Guard chase them across the Pride Lands, with Fuli chasing Mwizi. She leaps towards him but fails to grab him as he leaps right over her. During their escape, the baboons startle a herd of sable antelopes, causing two of them to fall into a river. Once the antelopes have been saved, Ono explains how they ran into the Outlands and Kion announces that it's no longer their problem now that they have left the Pride Lands.

Disgruntled Fuli

Back in the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard discuss the baboons a little further. When Bunga forgets why they were angry with them in the first place, Fuli jogs his memory of how they treated them like fools. Soon, Ono spots the baboons being chased in the Outlands, though Kion is hesitant to let the Guard save them since it isn't their territory. But Ono points out that they wouldn't be in the Outlands in the first place if it wasn't for them, and they decide that it's their responsibility to save them. Fuli isn't happy, but they head on in.

Bunga helps out with Cheezi

Once Ono has located them, the Lion Guard approach the hyenas and soon end up attacking. Fuli enters a standoff with Cheezi, but Bunga knocks him away before she attacks. It doesn't take long for the Guard to win, and the hyenas retreat. Feeling bad over what they have done, Uroho asks if they can make it up to them, and Kion has an idea.

Back in the Pride Lands, Uroho hands out food to a queue of Pride Landers with the promise of a show as well. With even Fuli getting into the act and becoming part of the performance, it seems as though all is well. After Ono is grabbed to be part of the act, Fuli continues watching the show.

Ono and the Egg

Fuli scolds Mpishi

Fuli and the Guard notice a stampede of hyraxes while on patrol, caused by a harrier hawk circling above. The hawk, named Mpishi, grabs a hyrax but is thwarted by Ono. Once she has plummeted to the ground, she explains how she loves to try new foods, and Fuli agrees that it is nice. Noticing Kion's stern look, she proceeds to warn her that she still can't hunt there. After she is asked to return home, she does so. Once she leaves, Fuli and the Guard offer to take Ono back to his nest.

After they wish him farewell, the egret lets out a sharp cry, causing them to return. They discover an egg in Ono's nest, which Ono identifies as a hamerkop egg. The Guard task themselves with finding the mother while Ono waits behind and takes care of the egg. After Fuli and Kion obtain her scent, they race away.

Saving a hare

As a storm starts to brew, Fuli notices that the scent is becoming stronger. However, a mudslide starts near the aardvark dens. With a herd of red rock hares hiding away in the dens, the Lion Guard quickly round up all of the hares, only to notice one hare still left inside. Kion takes it upon himself to rescue her and is ultimately smothered by the thick mud. Fuli starts to worry after a few seconds of Kion being under but is overjoyed when the lion cub breaks through. The Lion Guard then return to their original task of tracking down the hamerkop mother.

Fuli assures Kulinda

With the storm cleared in their area, the Lion Guard is able to find the hamerkop nest, with Bunga offering to check it out first. Although at first, they are unable to find her, the mother, Kulinda, soon flutters down to the nest, which she has just finished making. She then begins to panic in case something has happened to her egg, but calms down when Fuli assures her that there is no problem at all. Offering to walk her back, they leave together.

The failed attempt

Soon, Kulinda and the Lion Guard have made their way over to Ono's nest. Kulinda is horrified to find that the egg has hatched, but the baby is missing. She starts crying out, and soon, her baby returns to her. They start dancing which enchants the Guard, until Ono arrives, calling out for 'his' baby. Fuli's shock soon turns to amusement over his comment. After a while, Ono informs the mother how the hatchling likes to chase insects, but during his talk, she wanders away from them. Ono notices her near the river edge, and Fuli quickly speeds away. She is unable to catch him in time, but Kion assures her that it's not her fault, and they start racing down the river. Before the hatchling falls off the waterfall, Mpishi returns and swipes her away. Angry at her return, Fuli and the Guard follow the birds from below.

Watching the family

Fuli becomes frustrated when they learn that Mwoga is assisting Mpishi, yet they are unable to help from below. After Bunga uses a tree to leap on the vulture's back, Mwoga falls to the ground, and Fuli joins the Guard in surrounding him before he can get back up.

Eventually, Ono and Kulinda manage to save the youngster and return to the ground, where Kulinda announces that she will name her daughter after Ono - Ona. Ono, Kulinda, and Ona then start to use a bonding dance, which Fuli finds to be adorable.

The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar


Fuli is with the Guard during their Morning Patrol, saving gazelles and antelopes from a rock slide, helping a group of hyraxes and taking them to a watering hole, and even seeing to it that Makuu's Float is guided to their new cave. She speeds past Ushari without knowing that she bum him but is alerted by Ono that Ma Tembo and the elephants are under attack and goes with the rest of the guard to find her. As soon as they arrive and see what the hyenas have caused, Fuli asks what the hyenas could possibly be thinking. Having another idea, Kion leads Bunga and Ono into chasing the hyenas out of the herd while Fuli rounds them up and Beshte sends them flying. With everyone agreeing, they move in on the plan. Kion angrily leaps in front of Janja and the hyenas stop in their tracks. After Fuli herds them together, Kion orders the hyenas to leave, and they do so.

The Guard arrive

After that, she sees that Ma Tembo and the herd are okay, and Ma Tembo thanks the Guard for the help. Fuli and friends still can't believe that Janja would try something like that, but Ma Tembo understands because during the dry season there's less food to go around, especially in the Outlands. After Ono is asked to keep an eye on the herd in case the hyenas return, Fuli asks Kion if they are heading back to the lair but Kion says he has to talk to someone first and Fuli, Beshte and Bunga head back to the lair.

A little later, Fuli is alerted by Ono that the hyenas are back this time they are after the baboons too and leads the rest of the Guard while Ono gets Kion. Once Kion meets up with the rest of the Guard, once there he instructs the Guard to lead the hyenas to a dead end. During the rescue Fuli zooms right under Cheezi, grabbing Gumba and giving him a quick ride until the young baboon leaps off her face with her uttering 'Baboons' in annoyance. Fuli and the others lead the

"I hear ya!"

groups to a dead end as part of the plan. Kion then uses the Roar to blast them away. Unable to help Ma Tembo with her personal task, Fuli and the Lion Guard return to the Lair.

Makini tells Fuli how proud she is of her

At Pride Rock, Fuli is seen with the rest of the Guard in the lair as Rafiki introduces Makini. Although Fuli is at first unsure of the hyperactive mandrill, Fuli is told by Makini that she is the fastest and the first female to ever join the Lion Guard and that she really is proud of her, causing Fuli to soften. When demonstrating her ability to make paintings move, Makini asks about hearing the bad lions of the past. Rafiki explains how the Good Lions of the Past are seen in the sky, their voices are in the wind and Kion makes them appear every time he roars. As for the Bad Lions of the Past, Rafiki explains that they are summoned through fire when the Bakora Staff is thrown into the source of the fire can be used to talk to evil lions as well including Scar to which Fuli and the others find it shocking and scary.

Fuli assures Makini

As the Guard rest later on in the Lair, the Guard is alerted by Makini that Janja and the hyenas took Kiara, and Kion leads the Guard away. They found out by Ono that the hyenas are taking Kiara to the Outlands and the cub figures out that Janja wants something from him or his dad. She assures her leader that they will rescue Kiara, to which Kion thanks her. They decide that Kion will lead the hyenas away, allowing the rest of the Guard to save his sister while they hyenas are distracted.

Fuli attacks the hyenas

After discovering Kiara trapped with the hyenas, they are disappointed when only Janja leaves to speak with Kion. The Guard improvise, and Fuli tackles the hyenas while the rest of the Guard chip in with the fight in their own way. They rescue Kiara and start to leave the Outlands but as they do the volcano erupts. They find a bridge that leads out and tells Beshte to go first. After he does, the bridge collapses. Seeing the predicament, Fuli tells Bunga to hop on and she jumps over the lava flow, and they all make it back to the Pride Lands. She hears Kion tell the Guard what happened, and how he used the Roar in anger, and they all notice the volcano is still erupting but Fuli comforts him saying that they all made it out okay, even Kiara. Kion takes pleasure in that everyone is okay and also that nothing bad happened. However, they're unaware of the evil that was unleashed as they all walk back to the Pride Lands.

Fuli and the guard meet up with Ma Tembo again who is still searching for water and once she finds the water source, the Guard helps with the digging and spring water comes out. Fuli watches with joy as the Pride Landers drink.

Let Sleeping Crocs Lie

Fuli warns Kiburi to back off

While trying to stop a herd of Sable Antelopes, Ono guides them into a dead-end canyon and Fuli herds them in, unaware that the canyon is also where Makuu's Float is resting. The stampede causes the cave to tremble and wakes up the entire float. Although angry, Makuu is willing to listen. One member, Kiburi, is not so willing, and Fuli warns him to take it easy. In an effort to stop the rising tension, Kion suggests speaking with his father. Makuu follows the Guard to Pride Rock, but not before ordering his float to stay put.

Fuli tries to calm Ono

When speaking with the King, Ono starts to worry that they're talking about him, since he was the reason for their rude awakening in the first place. Fuli assures him that they're not and that they're more concerned on where they're going to stay for the dry season. Kion suggests that Ono checks for water to help out and he does as instructed, but reports back that the crocodiles have moved into various watering holes across the Pride Lands. Makuu assures Simba that they are defying a direct order, and Simba sends the Lion Guard to deal with them while he and Makuu finish their negotiations.

A "gentle" reminder

After stopping the crocodiles, they are led to their new watering hole. Kiburi is still angry since the only available watering hole is too small for all of them. When Kion states that his dad believes there to be enough for them to last the dry season, Kiburi gets riled up again, and Fuli reminds him that Kion’s dad is his King. Kiburi then challenges Makuu to a Mashindano for leadership, unhappy with the results.

Tackling a croc

When the Mashindano begins, Kiburi fights against Makuu while Fuli watches eagerly. Ono, disliking the violence, flies up only to see the three crocodiles leaving the fight. He reports back to Kion, and the Lion Guard leave silently, with Fuli realizing that they're using the Mashindano as a distraction. The egret notices that they're about to ambush Simba from behind and relays the information to the rest of the Guard. Before the crocodiles can attack, the Lion Guard subdue them. Hearing the commotion behind him, Simba wanders over and soon realizes what they were up to. When they return to the fight, they hear Kiburi tap out and claim that his crocs have taken down Simba. After Makuu banishes him from the float as per the rules of the fight, Simba banishes him and his followers from the Pride Lands completely.

Back with Makuu's float, Ono is still feeling guilty, and the egret approaches Makuu and issues a formal apology for waking them in the first place. To his surprise, Makuu forgives him. When Simba asks if this is the new crocodile way, Makuu tells them that maybe it is, while Fuli watches him return to his new watering hole.

Swept Away

Fuli is not impressed

Thurston's herd is stuck in the mud, and the Lion Guard soon arrive to help them. Thurston explains how there used to be a river there which confused him, but Fuli points out that it's due to the Dry Season. Kion decides that all they need is a dark cloud and, upon locating one, he uses the Roar of the Elders to make it rain, much to Fuli's astonishment. The rain loosens the mud, and Thurston is able to get loose, while Fuli wishes Kion could Roar to stop the water. But it fails to cease raining, and the other zebras struggle to get loose. Kion orders Beshte to block the impending water while he and the rest of the Guard free the other zebras.

Fuli tries to track Beshte

After seeing to it that the zebras are unharmed, they notice that Beshte is missing. Fuli questions how they could lose a whole hippo, but they conclude that the hippo must have been swept away by the water. The Guard realize that Beshte must have been swept into the Outlands. A little later, Ono reports back to Kion, stating that he was unable to locate Beshte. Kion realizes that Beshte will be the only hippo in the Outlands, and asks Ono to check for hippo footprints. Ono does so, and Fuli then suggests tracking him by scent. After moving Bunga behind them, Kion and Fuli start to track Beshte. When Bunga starts calling out Beshte's name, Fuli sarcastically comments that it's 'much less annoying'.

Fuli tries to pick up the scent

When they move into the Outlands, Fuli becomes frustrated having almost believed to have had his scent. But with the water washing it away, neither cub is able to locate him. Suddenly, Ono returns having found his footprints and directs the Lion Guard to a cave. Knowing that Beshte would have gone in there for shelter, the Guard enter. They find Beshte trapped at the end, with the hyenas attacking from an opening to Rocky Plateau. The Guard swiftly leave and follow Ono. Kion is worried that they can't follow him up, but Fuli is confident that she can get pretty close to flying, and races up, followed by Kion and Bunga.

Fuli balances the rock

As soon as they reach the top, Kion immediately notices a large rock about to topple over. He calls Fuli to stop it while he corners the hyenas and she does so, holding the rock stable while calling for Beshte to get out of there just in case. Kion uses his Roar to get rid of the hyenas, and all looks well. But when Bunga leans on the rock that Fuli is holding and it topples over, everyone worries for the safety of Beshte. But Beshte arrives, much to their relief.

Back in the Pride Lands, Kion apologizes to Beshte for causing the problem in the first place. Beshte is understanding, despite getting sunburned in the process. When Beshte notices a mud pool, he quickly leaps into it and covers his friends in mud, much to Fuli's annoyance.

Rafiki's New Neighbors

Putting an end to the fire

With a fire starting to rage in the Savannah, Fuli rapidly digs to help create a trench. When the Guard has created a large enough trench, the fire finally settles at the edge of it. But the Guard notice that some zebras are still stampeding, and rush off to settle them. Once they have calmed them down, they discover that dry lightning was the cause of the fire. As Ono leads them home, they notice Rafiki on a tree nearby and learn that a group of three noisy animals has moved in next to him. The Guard decide to see what they can do.

Fuli sees his problem

When they arrive, they see Makini, Chama, and Mzaha cheering Furaha as he beats his bug eating record. When Bunga leaves to join them, Kion notices the problem, as Fuli refers to the trio as 'three Bungas'. When Bunga joins, she ups the number to four. When they approach the group, they hear from Chama that they were kicked out of their herds. The Guard offered to take them home and Rafiki insists, telling them that it's their part in the Circle of Life, which prompts them to return. After Ono lands, the Guard are given an animal to return home, with Fuli leading Mzaha away.

Fuli asks Bupu to take Mzaha back

Fuli takes Mzaha home and speaks with Bupu, who is adamant that he doesn't want him back, and that they sent him away for a good reason. While Fuli agrees that he's a little different, she also mentions that he should be with his family. When Bupu still refuses, she adds 'please' to her words, and Bupu finally gives in. He calls to Mzaha that he's back with the herd, and the youngster reacts with joy. Fuli thanks Bupu, before quickly rushing away.

The Guard regroup having returned the animals, but Ono soon notices more dry lightning in the distance. Ono suggests they check the watering holes first since it isn't safe to be near water during a storm. The Lion Guard race away.

Fuli warns the animals of the storm

In an enclosed watering hole, Zito and two hippos enjoy a drink of water when Fuli warns them away due to the storm. The rest of the Guard soon arrive to lead them to safety after explaining how dry lightning works. But before they can leave, a lightning strike sets fire to the surrounding plains and no way out. When they notice that Rafiki's Tree is on fire, the group work even harder to get out. With Kion's command, Beshte pushes a rock over which sets a path out. With everyone out, Kion uses his Roar to douse the fire, before the Lion Guard rush to help their other friends.

Skidding to throw dirt on the fire

They find Rafiki and Makini safe and discover Chama, Mzaha and Furaha working to stop the fire. Fuli later calls them, "the three Bungas" as they behaved foolishly, crazy, stupidly like Bunga. They quickly assist them in their efforts, with Fuli skidding to throw dirt on the flames. After the fire has been put out, Rafiki thanks both the Lion Guard and the trio of friends, and offers his three saviors the opportunity to live next to his tree if they can be a bit quieter. They politely decline, having found a place for their family to live near Big Springs. Instead, they are invited to Makini's Painting Ceremony.

At the ceremony, Fuli watches Makini paint a picture of the Royal Family, where everyone is amazed by her skills.

Rescue in the Outlands

Happy to get soaked

Fuli and the Lion Guard guide a buffalo herd into the water after the herd is pestered by Tsetse Flies. Fuli admits that she's never been happy to get soaked until now, but they are soon called away, where the flies are now with Mbeya instead. After helping him to get up the right way, they guide him to a watering hole, with the flies still following. Along the way, Thurston and his herd stop them and the flies vanish, and Ono remembers that the flies do not like zebra stripes. The group all return to the watering hole, where Thurston shows off how he earned his stripes.

The pesky flies

As they are listening, Madoa arrives, informing the Guard that Jasiri, Tunu, and Wema have been trapped by Janja's clan. Fuli and the Guard follow Madoa but are beleaguered again by the flies. When Thurston catches up to them, Kion has an idea, and, much to Fuli's dismay, asks if he could help them to get there. He agrees, and the group travel to the Outlands.

"Can we lose the zebra?"

When they arrive, the flies leave, preferring the Pride Lands over the barren Outlands. After speaking with the zebra, Fuli is glad to say goodbye to Thurston. After Madoa tells them where to find the vent she leaves and the Guard charge ahead, but stop when Thurston returns and asks them again which way is home. They direct him home once more and continue, unaware that Thurston has gotten turned around and is following them into danger.

Defeating the enemy

When they arrive, they see Janja's clan peering into the vent. They engage in combat, with Fuli speeding around a hyena and making quick work of him. She then moves to see the danger Jasiri and the cubs are in. Bunga suggests using the Roar, but Fuli reminds him that it will also blow Jasiri and the cubs away. Kion gets an idea, and Beshte takes control while the Guard defend him. Fuli tackles Janja back and, by the time he regains his footing, Jasiri and the cubs return, willing to fight alongside the Guard. Outnumbered and defeated, Janja leaves, warning Jasiri that it isn't over.

Hearing Jasiri's concerns

Jasiri thanks the Lion Guard, but also voices her concerns over Janja. She is certain that it was more than just a turf battle. Kion believes it to be the fault of the Dry Season since it causes animals to do crazy things. Thurston rejoins the group, claiming that the hyenas are nice, before panicking over Jasiri and the cubs being in the "Pride Lands". Although Fuli tells her not to ask, Jasiri decides to take the cubs home and says farewell. As they leave, the cubs also express their thanks. The Lion Guard make their own way home, with Fuli redirecting Thurston the right way.

Praising Thurston

Back in the real Pride Lands, Kion and the Guard thank Thurston for his help, and Fuli praises him for completing the mission without panicking and running. But Thurston takes their words the wrong way and believes that they are inviting him to be a member of the Lion Guard. Before they can correct him, he announces his new status to his herd. They decide not to correct him since they won't be hanging around with them. But the flies return, prompting all but Bunga to ask the zebras if they can hang out.

The Ukumbusho Tradition

Arriving for rehearsals

In Mizimu Grove, Ma Tembo is ordering her herd around in preparation for the upcoming Ukumbusho celebration. As they prepare, the Lion Guard enter the grove, followed shortly by Makini. While Makini prepares the paint for the event, Ma Tembo speaks with the Lion Guard, asking if they are ready. While Kion is enthusiastic, Fuli and the rest of the Lion Guard lack his spark, though agree nonetheless. After Ma Tembo directs them to a place where they can rehearse their lines, they begin.

Fuli rushes her lines

After Kion starts by impersonating Askari, he prompts Fuli to continue. But with Fuli unable to get the feel for the character and speaking too quickly, Ma Tembo starts to intervene. Timon and Pumbaa arrive to help, though Ma Tembo suddenly remembers that previous Lion Guards have always been lions. Although the Guard can't do anything about this, Makini offers to paint them to look like lions, and soon does so.

Fuli the Lion

Makini gets to work and is soon finished with the job. The Lion Guard have mixed feelings towards their new appearance, but as Timon and Pumbaa reveal Fuli as the 'pièce de résistance', she, in particular, believes her appearance to be 'ridiculous'. After pushing Timon away after he tries to snuggle her soft fur, Kion assures his team that they all look terrific. Makini, noticing the sun, quickly leaves to paint the rest of the elephants.

Fuli & the Branch of Peace

The Lion Guard then resume practicing a scene involving the Branch of Peace, with Fuli needing to speak a line with it held in her mouth. But Timon becomes frustrated as it prevents them from clearly speaking. Pumbaa suggests declining the branch during the show, but Kion disagrees since it is vital to the show. A bit later, Simba arrives, and everyone is quickly ushered to take their places.

Fuli sings with the Guard

With several elephants and Simba's Pride all waiting anxiously around Mizimu Grove, the event begins, with the Guard singing "May There Be Peace", and telling the tale of Askari, the first Lion Guard leader, and how he brought peace between the elephants and lions, agreeing to protect each other and everyone who obeys the Circle of Life. The event runs smoothly, until a swarm of bees suddenly arrive, chasing the elephants away.

Wondering what to do

With the elephants rampaging, the Lion Guard take action and follow them. Unable to calm them, they question another group of elephants who have stopped stampeding along the way. Fuli is quick to notice that the elephants that aren't being harassed by the bees are those that were not in the show, and Kion exclaims that they need to wash the paint off the elephants since the bees are after the pollen from it.

Fuli the monster!

Unsure of how they will find enough water in the Dry Season, they proceed until they discover Vuruga Vuruga's Herd ahead of the elephants. Fuli races ahead and tries to warn them, but Vuruga Vuruga does not recognize her in her costume. When the buffaloes refuse to move, Fuli pretends to be an unknown creature, feigning an attack on the herd. Scared, they run away, leaving Fuli feeling a little bit better about her costume.

A little miffed

She returns to the Guard, and they notice Mtoto spraying dirt onto the bees. Kion suggests getting Fuli to direct Mtoto's spurts onto his paint and she does so. As the paint is removed, the bees disperse. Mtoto thanks Beshte for saving him but Fuli was chagrin mostly, and Ono quickly locates the elephants heading towards Sehemu Pass. Since the elephants will get stuck there, the Guard follow Ono's shortcut to beat the herd to the pass.

The show continues

Fuli watches as Mtoto sprays Ma Tembo when she gets stuck, and the bees disappear. The same spraying technique is used on Johari and Zito before Mtoto notices his mother is missing. The Lion Guard quickly locate her near Mapango Cliffs, and Bunga saves her while Fuli and the others watch from below.

They return to Mizimu Grove, where Kion suggests that the show is continued but without the paint. After Simba suggests seeing it as a new tradition, Ma Tembo agrees, and the show resumes.

The Bite of Kenge

Fuli removes the melon from Bunga

The Lion Guard notice Janja's clan stealing some Tikiti Melons intended for the elephants during the dry season. Fuli races ahead, taking a melon back from Cheezi and luring Chungu into Beshte's body. After saving them, they agree to keep an eye on them for a while. While doing so, Bunga begins to play with the melons, throwing one over Fuli's head. She intervenes and manages to calm him down.

"My leg!"

Suddenly, Ono notices a scuffle by the watering hole, and the Lion Guard take off. When they arrive, a monitor lizard, named Kenge, is causing havoc. He willingly engages in combat, striking Fuli first. Although she misses his first attack, she is caught by his second as he bites her leg. Soon, Fuli collapses, unable to feel her leg. After Bunga frightens Kenge away, Ono explains how her leg has been paralyzed from the poison but assures her that it will wear off. When she asks when, he admits that he doesn't know. Ono then flies away to get help from Rafiki.

Still the fastest

While they wait, Bunga taunts Fuli, asking who is the fastest. Fuli declares that it's still her, whilst catching him in her mouth as he runs past. When Ono returns, it turns out that Rafiki is away, so Makini arrives to help. Before she can get started, Ono notices that Kenge and the hyenas are working together. Fuli is infuriated, but they have no choice but to send Ono and Bunga to stop them while Makini gathers ponya flowers to heal their legs faster.

The healing procedure

She does so by creating a flower crown for the wounded members of the Guard, sprinkling them in front and causing Fuli to sneeze. Fuli asks if they're supposed to wear, smell or eat the flowers, and Makini suggests doing all to be sure. But when Ono and Bunga return, they discover that Ono's wing was bitten, and they ask Makini to go with Bunga to save the melons.

Once their legs have healed, the other Guard members meet up with them at Embamba Canyon. Kion uses his Roar of the Elders to send Kenge and the hyenas flying back home. Fuli then admits that Makini was the one who healed them, and she and the Guard start rolling the melons back home.

Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas

Fuli's wreath

Beshte arrives just in time to save Timon from falling to the ground from the top of a decorated acacia tree, arriving at the same time as Fuli, Kion and Ono. They wonder what Timon, Pumbaa and Bunga doing, and Bunga explains that it's Christmas. He and his uncles start to explain a bit more about the tradition, including how a mysterious character known as Dandy Claws is also said to appear and give presents to others. They sing about Christmas in the Pride Lands, but after the song, Fuli asks if Dandy Claws really does give gifts every year and Timon admits that Dandy Claws will never come since he requires a special song to be sung at the bottom of the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. With Bunga and Pumbaa unable to cheer Timon up, the Lion Guard decide to continue their patrol.

Words too fast even for Fuli

As they patrol, Beshte notices that Bunga is upset, and Bunga tells them how he wishes he could make Dandy Claws appear to make Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas truly special. Kion suggests that maybe they can, and reminding his friends that the Lion Guard can make the impossible possible, persuades them to agree. After asking Bunga for the list, he becomes excited and runs through it so quickly that even Fuli asks him to slow down. After listing everything to the Guard, Kion is certain they can do it if they split up.

The Traveling Baboon show help out

Fuli tries to gather berries, but with no luck. She hears a call from the tree above her, and Uroho makes his presence known, also revealing Mwizi and Mwevi. Fuli is quick to remember the Traveling Baboon Show, and the trio starts to help gather berries for her. Fuli expresses her gratitude and, when Uroho asks what they're for, she explains that it's a performance for a friend. Remembering that the show requires baboons, she asks if they'd be interested, and Uroho asks to hear more.

Hearing Bunga's please

Later, with everyone gathered, Fuli watches as Bunga tries to teach the animals the song. But after sunrise, the animals still haven't mastered the song according to Bunga, and they start to leave. With even Kion pleading, Bunga finally tells everyone that he just wants to make his uncles happy as his way of saying "thank you" for all the things they have done for him. Simba calls for everyone to return, and the animals continue.

"Panic and ruuuun!"

A little later, Fuli waits for Bunga to get Timon and Pumbaa. When he does so, she sings "The Twelve Ways of Christmas" with the rest of the Guard. After the performance, Timon and Pumbaa break down in tears of joy, thanking everyone for their efforts. Although Bunga is upset that Dandy Claws never arrived, Fuli and the Guard become excited when they see a character dressed up with a white fluffy beard. However, it turns out to be Pumbaa, just acting for Timon. Timon is touched and expresses his gratitude to be surrounded by such loving friends and family. Impressed by how well the day turned out, the Guard all agree that they should celebrate Christmas every year, and wish everyone a "Merry Christmas".

The Morning Report

Fuli voices her concern

After getting his horns trapped in a tree, Bupu listens to the Lion Guard's suggestions on how to get himself free, with Fuli's concerns being more about him getting back to leading his herd. Kion suggests breaking the branch off, and Bupu reluctantly agrees. But as they try to remove the branch, Nyuni appears, having nested at the end. Kion asks if he would be willing to leave, but Nyuni refuses. The commotion draws the attention of Zazu, who announces that he'll be putting the situation into his Morning Report.

Young Fuli speeds around

Eventually, the branch is broken off, leaving Nyuni's nest on the tree branch, allowing him to view more of the Pride Lands along the way. After Bupu leads his herd away, Zazu departs. After leaving, Fuli comments on how Zazu enjoys getting into the business of others, and Kion tells her that it's job, asking if she remembers the time he told her to slow down as a cub when he and Bunga were with the crocodiles. She doesn't, and they start to reminisce, remembering the time when Fuli sped past Kion, Bunga and Zazu, prompting Zazu to demand that she slow down. When she doesn't, Zazu chases after her, leaving Kion and Bunga to meet up with Pua's float. Back in the present, Fuli hears about how Zazu jumped into Makuu's mouth to save Kion, but remains unimpressed, stating that he had to due to his ties with royalty.

Zazu's feathers are found

Later at Pride Rock, the Lion Guard learn from Simba that Zazu missed the Morning Report. Due to such uncharacteristic behavior, the Lion Guard leave to locate Bupu and Nyuni, who have not seen him since. Not wasting any more time, Kion orders Ono to scout the skies, and for Fuli to track his scent. Bunga also chimes in, by calling for him loudly. Ono locates some feathers and guides the rest of the Guard over. Fuli confirms that they belong to Zazu, and they find more a little further ahead. Although When Kion discovers hyena tracks leading to the Outlands, they immediately take action and head off to rescue him.

Fuli can only watch Zazu roll down the edge

They overhear Zazu in the Outlands crying out in apparent pain and locate him just in the nick of time. With Fuli taking on both Nne and Tano at the same time, Zazu tries to warn her of a ledge that the hyenas are backing her into. But Fuli is too focused on the hyenas, so Zazu takes action by rolling his rib cage prison into the hyenas. Fuli is grateful but unable to save him when the two hyenas accidentally knock him down a slop into the lava. Noticing this, Kion promptly uses the Roar of the Elders, directing it into the lava and creating a small opening for Zazu to land in. When the hornbill arrives back on dry land, the hyenas retreat, and the Lion Guard take Zazu back to Pride Rock.

Fuli expresses her gratitude to Zazu

Back at Pride Rock, Zazu is about to impart the Morning Report to Simba and the Lion Guard, even though night has descended. Zazu is disappointed at his tardiness but is assured that he's not at fault. Fuli even extends her thanks to Zazu for saving her and states that she owes him one, but the hornbill returns the gratitude. After a bit of reminiscing about the day he saved Kion from the crocs, he begins with the Morning Report.

The Golden Zebra

Simba's order

When a drought hits the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard try to settle Twiga's Herd and Vuruga Vuruga's Herd, with the two animal groups showing concern at the dwindling watering hole. They turn to Simba for advice, who tells them of a watering hole in the Back Lands belonging to Dhahabu. He asks them to approach her and ask if they can borrow their watering hole, and to offer them something in return if the need arises. The Lion Guard proceed into the Back Lands, where they are greeted by Makucha. After attacking Ono, Beshte tackles him, and Kion informs the leopard that they just want to pass. But Makucha still refuses and engages in combat. He is effortlessly defeated by Kion and the Guard and finally allows them to pass, warning them not to come back.

Fuli has her reservations over the new zebras

As they continue, they notice a shaking bush, which they believe to be Makucha again. But to their relief, it is a pair of zebra siblings. Fuli assures them that there's no need to "panic and run", but the pair instead replies that they prefer to "frolic and romp", before doing so around the Lion Guard. When Kion eventually gets through to them, they lead them to the "Fabulous Dhahabu". After Kion eventually introduces himself and the Lion Guard, she asks them to prance with her. Fuli questions if they really have time for it, but they decide to continue in order to befriend Dhahabu first.

Explaining the situation

She presents to them Dhahabu Grove, describing it as the happiest place in the Back Lands. After a brief talk about leadership, Kion asks the all-important question, explaining about the drought in the Pride Lands. Dhahabu is hesitant, but the two zebra siblings are excited at the prospect of meeting the Pride Landers and two beg her to allow them access. Since she is still hesitant, Kion offers to do something in return. After a quick think, Dhahabu requests a Tamboa Plant, their favorite food. They accept, shocking Dhahabu before she trots away. Kion turns to Ono for more information, who is skeptical that they'll even find one in time.

Fuli saves Bunga

Fuli becomes tired after walking for hours, just before Ono locates a Tamboa plant far away. The Lion Guard continue nonetheless, across a narrow path on a mountain. Bunga starts to walk backward to show a nervous Beshte how safe it is, but he nearly topples over, requiring Fuli to save him. They continue to an opening surrounded by thorns. Beshte has the idea to charge through them to create an opening, allowing the Guard a safe passage. At the end of the path, they discover the plant, which is a lot larger than they expected. Failing to pull it out, the Guard resort to digging it out, with Beshte being the only one strong enough to carry it.

Fuli questions Dhahabu's actions

They deliver the plant to Dhahabu, who is shocked that they actually found one, causing a little bit of skepticism from Fuli for her reaction. Kion asks if they can see the watering hole, and the zebra siblings happily volunteer. But Dhahabu refuses to let them do so, and suddenly states that the deal is off. When the pair argues with her, she also denies them access, as well as the rest of her herd. Sensing something is amiss, Kion sends Ono to check on the watering hole, and the egret reveals that it's empty. With her herd feeling betrayed, they abandon Dhahabu.

Racing to the watering hole

She reveals to the Guard that she noticed the missing water a few days ago, but had no idea where the water had vanished to. She didn't wish to tell her herd as it would make them unhappy, and she chose to wait, hoping that it would fill itself back up. After Kion assures her that a good leader should always tell the truth, he offers her their help in finding out the problem, asking again if their success will allow the watering hole to be shared. Dhahabu is overjoyed and happy to share if they can help.

A fearless Fuli

When they reach the watering hole, they come to the conclusion that the waterfall has been blocked by a rock slide. The Lion Guard start to move, showing no concern over Dhahabu's warning of the area being leopard territory. She insists that she joins them, to be a good leader. When they find the rocks, Kion sends Beshte to smash the rocks apart. But Makucha appears, refusing to let them take his water. Even though Kion explains that they just want to break the rocks so that the zebras can have some too, he warns them that he doesn't share. Dhahabu approaches him but is saved by Kion. Makucha announces that he brought friends this time, and a battle ensues.

An enemy approaches

Bunga leaps onto a leopard confronting Fuli but is thrown up against a tree. When Fuli lures the leopard gets close enough, Bunga leaps down from above on top of him, causing the leopard to retreat. When Makucha's friends leave, Makucha himself reveals that he has cornered Dhahabu, ordering them to leave before she gets hurt. With his back turned to her, Fuli, Kion, Beshte, and Ono throw subtle hints to Dhahabu about how a good leader takes care of a problem. Dhahabu realizes what they mean and defeats Makucha, slamming him into the rocks and breaking them. With the water flowing as normal, Dhahabu tells the Lion Guard that the Pride Landers are welcome to her watering hole.

"Frolic and romp, frolic and romp..."

A little later, the Lion Guard lead some herds through the Back Lands, where they are introduced to Dhahabu. She approaches them and states that they have to do something before they can enter - "Frolic and romp". The animals happily agree and enter the water. Dhahabu invites the Lion Guard, and Bunga performs a dive bomb, soaking Fuli by mistake. Bunga tells her to lighten up, and Fuli does so by following the other zebras, monotonously chanting "frolic and romp" around the watering hole.

The Little Guy

Fuli breaks up the fight

When noticing crocodiles sparring in the distance, Kion sends out his Lion Guard to stop them, believing the fighting to be without reason. Fuli breaks up a fight between two crocs, before a gecko named Hodari halts their actions, explaining how the crocodiles are merely training to improve their techniques. Ono dejectedly confesses that he forgot, and the Guard apologize to Makuu. Just then, Ono notices a herd of buffalo stampeding towards them. Although everyone gets away from the herd, their stampeding causes a rockslide. Kion orders Fuli and Ono to calm down the buffalo, while he, Beshte and Bunga assist Makuu's float. They do so, and, when the crocodiles continuing sparring, the Lion Guard return to their patrol, leaving Beshte behind to speak with Hodari.

Saving Laini

A little later, they discover Laini and two other galagos stuck in a tree. Beshte lifts the tree up, while Bunga reaches in and grabs two of the galagos from an opening in the trunk. He grabs a bug next, so Fuli reaches in to save Laini. Having done their duty, the Lion Guard continue their patrol, with Bunga warning the galagos to watch out for falling trees.

Warning Kiburi away

Soon, Ono witnesses Kiburi's float in the distance. The Lion Guard promptly approach him, asking why he has returned. Kiburi states that he's just visiting, introducing them to their newest member, Hodari. He tries to use this to his advantage since he is friends with both his float and the Lion Guard, but Kion still orders them to leave. Kiburi succumbs to his order and leads his float away. Bunga, Kion, Fuli, and Ono follow them to make certain they leave.

Learning that Kiburi has returned

Concerned about Kiburi's float, Kion leads the Lion Guard to Makuu's float to warn them of Kiburi's recent return. Having done so, they depart. Beshte voices his concerns over Hodari's friendship with Kiburi, so Kion sends Ono to scout the area for the little gecko. Instead of finding Hodari, Ono discovers Kiburi's float fighting against Makuu's float. Although Kion knows that Makuu never wants assistance, he decides that on this occasion, he really needs it.

Fuli leaps on a crocodile

They approach the battle scene and start defending Makuu's float from their attackers, with Fuli leaping on a crocodile to stop him for a while. Between Fuli and the rest of the Lion Guard, Kiburi's float is defeated. With all of them in front, Kion proceeds to use the Roar of the Elders to send them home.

With Makuu impressed by Hodari's bravery, Fuli watches as Hodari finally achieves his dream and is an accepted as part of Makuu's float.

Divide and Conquer

Janja's Clan are in the Pride Lands, chasing Twiga and Juhudi with the Lion Guard hot on their trail. Ono suddenly spots Reirei's pack pursuing some pangolins at Chakula Plains, and the Guard is forced to split up, with Fuli, Bunga and Ono taking on Reirei's pack.

Fuli tries to leap on a jackal

When Fuli and Ono arrive, the jackals start to run in different directions, making it difficult for Fuli to select a target. With the pangolins rolled up, they start throwing them at Fuli, causing her to scold them for doing such a thing. When they land, they unroll, and the jackals turn their attention back to the pangolins. When they reach them, the pangolins ward them away with their flatulence, causing even Fuli to leap back in disgust. The jackals retreat just Bunga finally catches up. Before he can rest, Fuli and Ono follow Reirei's pack to make certain they leave.

Fuli's confusion

The Lion Guard regroup and watch as the jackals flee into the Outlands. Kion is especially concerned at the events, admitting that they are weaker when split up. When he learns that the jackals surrendered as quickly as the hyenas, his concern grows larger, especially when Ono witnesses the hyenas meeting up with the jackals in the Outlands. Bunga does not share Kion's concern and comments that they need to be in two places at once. His words give Kion an idea and confuse Fuli.

Meeting up with Tamaa

They locate Tamaa, who is giving a show to the Pride Landers. He fears that they may believe he has returned to his old ways and assures them that isn't the case and is relieved when he discovers that they're not checking up on him. They ask for his help and he accepts, following them across the savannah to learn more about the plan. When he hears that he will be impersonating the Lion Guard while they deal with another problem he is somewhat concerned, but Fuli tells him not to worry since neither hyenas nor jackals are very smart.

The jackals return

Soon, Ono discovers the jackals chasing some gazelles. Not wishing to take any chances, Kion orders Ono to keep an eye out for the absent hyenas, while the rest of the Guard and Tamaa take on the jackals. Shortly after Ono leaves, he locates the hyenas stalking Rafiki. He reports back to the Guard, and Kion calls for Tamaa to distract the jackals until they get back.

Tackling Nne

The Lion Guard locate the hyenas, who have already been taken out once by Rafiki. They engage in combat while the mandrill rests, with Fuli battling Nne. When the Guard think they have won, Reirei's pack arrive, having realized the trick. The hyenas and jackals regroup as do the Lion Guard, Rafiki, and Tamaa before entering another battle. Fuli defeats Reirei and is about to strike her daughter until both hyenas and jackals retreat.

The concerned Lion Guard

Rafiki thanks the Lion Guard for helping him embrace his inner warrior, and Fuli responds back that it's no problem. She turns to Kion, who is staring at the ground with concern. Once he is joined by Rafiki, the rest of the Guard join him, only to notice an ominous burn mark on the ground. Fuli is just as concerned as her friends when Rafiki leaves to investigate the paintings of the past, certain that the mark is a sign of evil.

The Scorpion's Sting

In the Lair of the Lion Guard, Fuli listens to the story of how Simba defeated Scar. When Bunga tries to shift the credit to his uncles, Fuli agrees with Makini that it was Simba who saved the Pride Lands. Although Bunga disagrees with everyone, they all agree that the Pride Lands would be a terrible place if Scar still ran it.

Fuli at the celebration

That same day, Fuli watches the Kumbuka celebration, listening to Rafiki perform "Good King Simba". When the song finishes, Simba collapses, and they soon discover that he has been stung by a scorpion. Fuli and the Guard chase after the scorpion, who escapes via a tunnel leading into the Outlands.

They return to Pride Rock, where a weakened Simba mumbles. When Rafiki remembers the cure, Volcanic Ash, Fuli and the rest of the Lion Guard agree to go with Kion to the Outlands Volcano to retrieve it. After Bunga breaks a gourd, Rafiki decides to send Makini along with them, who will take care of the gourd instead. With the cure needing to be back before sundown, the Lion Guard race away to the Outlands.


When they reach the Outlands, Kiburi's float challenges them to a fight. With time fleeting, Kion sends Beshte to move them aside. When they carry on, they discover Reirei's pack waiting. Bunga is up next, who uses his odor to stop the jackals from fighting. As they pass, Fuli comments that she's glad that Bunga is on their side. Finally, Janja's clan stand in their way, and they engage in a short battle, where Fuli deceives Chungu into crashing his face into a wall.

Scar refuses to let the team leave

When they finally enter the Outlands Volcano, Ono guides them to the volcanic ash, and Makini swiftly pours a handful into her gourd, sealing it shut and re-attaching it to her staff. Just as they are about to leave, Scar rises from the lava. Kion recognizes his evil great-uncle, but refuses to engage with him, reminding his friends that they need to get back to his father. Scar reveals that he was behind the attack, leading Fuli to work out that the other attacks were planned as well. Scar commends them for their cleverness. The Lion Guard start to leave regardless, but the fallen King calls for his army. Suddenly, Ushari, Shupavu and her group of skinks, and Kiburi's float emerge. The Guard change their direction, but Janja's clan block their other pathway. When the final path is blocked by Reirei's pack, the Lion Guard realize they are surrounded. As Kenge joins the skinks and cobra, Makini and the Lion Guard start to back away to a ledge hanging over the lava. Thinking quickly, Kion orders Ono to find a way out, but the egret is knocked down by Mzingo and his parliament, where Makini comments to Fuli on how Scar has a lot of friends, despite being evil.

Fuli starts to worry

Trapped, Kion resorts to the final option. Scar warns him that using the Roar will cause the volcano to erupt, but Kion responds by telling Scar that he doesn't know as much about the Roar as he does, before using it in a similar manner to how he saved his mother from Makuu's float. He continues to use the Roar on Reirei's pack, and finally, Janja's clan, just before they all leave the volcano. But as they leave, Makini falls behind, and the vultures start to attack her, aiming for the gourd. Fuli joins Bunga and Ono in fending off the vultures until Kion arrives at Roar them back into the volcano, before the Guard and Makini run home.

The race back home

As the Lion Guard race across the savannah back in the Pride Lands, they start to worry about making it back in time. With Fuli being the only one fast enough to reach Pride Rock before sundown, Bunga offers to carry the gourd on her back. The offer is accepted, and Fuli speeds away. The two reach Pride Rock just in time. When Fuli trips slightly, Bunga is propelled forward, though Rafiki is able to catch the gourd before it breaks. When Kion and the rest of the Guard arrive back, they are relieved to find out that Simba will be just fine. Rafiki ushers them out, and Fuli makes her way to the edge of Pride Rock. When joined by Kion, the cub announces that they will defeat Scar.

The Wisdom of Kongwe

Makini bores Fuli

Having received advice from Mufasa to locate a wise animal in the Pride Lands, Simba and Kion task Makini with locating a Pride Lander named Kongwe. Beshte mentions knowing Kongwe and, when Makini asks if he knows where she lives, he replies with Urembo River, a half-day walk from their current location. When Simba shows concern, Fuli steps forward to offer her assistance, confident that she can get there faster. It is accepted, and Rafiki announces that she will escort Makini. The trainee becomes excited and starts talking, causing Fuli to go on ahead without her at first.

Meeting Kongwe

While Makini speaks about her favorite animals, the two soon notice that they have reached Urembo Rivers, but neither of them knows what she looks like, nor what kind of animal Kongwe is. While Fuli laments about not being able to find her faster, she stands on the tortoise by mistake. Kongwe offers her some sage words, leading Makini to realize that this must be Kongwe. She goes on to say that the King wishes to speak with her and they begin to depart, though Kongwe offers advice which goes against Fuli's fast lifestyle. Although Makini is amazed by her wiseness, Fuli is positive that the trip will be a long one.

"The Faster I Go!"

Fuli is confident that if they keep up a good pace that they'll arrive back at Pride Rock before sundown. But when she turns around, Kongwe and Makini have vanished. She finds them back a bit, where Kongwe has stopped Makini to observe another flower. Fuli reminds her that they also need to see the King, but Kongwe keeps returning to the subject of observation, leading Fuli to explain how she sees things when she's going faster. After her explanation, Kongwe thanks her for sharing it, then recoils into her shell to ponder Fuli's words.

The pondering Kongwe

With Kongwe still in her shell refusing to move, Fuli decides to move the tortoise herself, turning to Makini for assistance. The two ultimately join forces to move her over a small ledge, causing her to be flipped upside down. When she lands, Kongwe finally comes out of her shell, asking if they have ever looked at the clouds before. Fuli wonders how they'll flip her back over, but Kongwe does so herself. With no other way of getting her back up, they traverse through the canyon.

Fuli saves Makini

They continue along the path until they come across a tree half rooted into the side of the canyon. Kongwe stops to marvel at it, and Makini places a hand on the tree, which causes it to collapse. Fuli swiftly rushes in to save Makini, and the apprentice suggests that maybe fast really is better, but Kongwe isn't so sure. Although safe, she is on the other side of the tree. She also goes on to say that, she had not stopped them, they may all have been crushed. With no other way for her to get over the tree, Fuli and Makini resort to using a path through the Back Lands instead.

Fuli warns Makucha away

With Makini and Kongwe speaking among themselves, Makucha makes his presence known. Fuli steps between the leopard and her two associates, warning him away and, although Makucha succumbs to her wishes, he warns her that she's in his territory. Makini marvels at Fuli's actions, but Kongwe appears disinterested. The group continues moving.

With no sign of Makucha, Fuli continues forward. Makucha leaps out at Makini and Kongwe and, once again, Fuli stands between him and the other two animals. This time, Fuli chases Makucha away, until he climbs up a tree. Fuli sinks her claws into the tree, but is unable to follow the leopard, or remove her claws. With Fuli trapped, Makucha approaches Kongwe, who hides in her shell. Makini appears behind her, using her broken staff as a nunchaku. This fails to have an impact on Makucha, who bats her away. The distraction works, and Fuli tackles Makucha again.

Fuli vs. Makucha

The leopard begins zig-zagging around, a technique which Fuli is unable to compete with. After chasing him off again, Kongwe tells Fuli that, in order to defeat the leopard, you must observe the leopard. Fuli angrily exclaims that she has observed him, and Makini suggests using shwari to help. With both Kongwe and Makini's advice, Fuli realizes that Makucha always zigzags and that there's no reason for her to mimic his actions.

Fuli wins against Makucha

Fuli approaches a resting Makucha and challenges him to another round. This time, she runs on a straight path, whilst Makucha zigzags as predicted. She pins him down and orders him to leave. Defeated, Makucha finally leaves. When Fuli admits to Kongwe that she just had to observe, Kongwe is amazed that a cheetah listened to a tortoise, adding that now she has truly seen everything.

That evening, they converge paths with the rest of the Lion Guard. When Kion speaks with Fuli, he is surprised to hear her mention the clouds, instead of replying to his question.

Fuli explains

They return to Pride Rock, where Kongwe confesses that not even she is sure how to defeat Scar. She claims that "it is the patient animal that eats the ripe fruit", which confuses all but Fuli, explains that they will find the solution eventually and that they just need to look. Kongwe assures everyone that she has seen many things, and that good will always triumph over evil, in time.

The Kilio Valley Fire

Trying to extinguish the blaze

The Lion Guard deal with a fire tearing through Kilio Valley, with Zito and Zigo assisting Fuli and Bunga with the fire breaks. When the Army of Scar appears suddenly, Fuli assists by first knocking Cheezi away, before tackling several other members of the army. But with the fire still blazing, they have no choice but to retreat with Ma Tembo's herd, with Fuli tasked with keeping the elephants safe during the evacuation.

The Lion Guard try to find Ma Tembo a new home, starting with Ndefu Grove. Although Laini is initially welcoming, the elephants cause too many tremors as they walk around, and the Guard take the herd to Twiga instead. However, Twiga has fears that there won't be enough food for both elephants and giraffes, and they are forced to ask Bupu for help. After he accepts them into his grazing grounds, it becomes clear that the solution is a very ephemeral one.

Saving the galagos

After Ono confirms to his teammates that Scar's army has settled into Kilio Valley, it's not long before he witnesses Bupu casting the elephants out. Kion leaves for a while but is soon led back to the Guard when a fire breaks out at Ndefu Grove. When they arrive, Laini pleased with the Guard to save her galagos. Fuli, Kion and Bunga locate the galagos in a tree and catch them when they jump. When Kion passes Beshte, the hippo warns him that he and Ono can't put the fire out fast enough. Kion races away to get help, while Bunga and Fuli reunite the galagos with Laini.

The initial relief

Fuli and the rest of the Guard continue trying to put out the fire when Kion arrives back with Ma Tembo's herd. The elephants assist the Guard using their trunks, and successfully put out the fire, saving most of Ndefu Grove. Laini thanks everyone for their help, and invites the elephants to stay at the grove. They accept, though Fuli's joy soon turns to concern when she watches Kion join Ma Tembo in gazing out at the defeated valley that once was her home.

Undercover Kinyonga

Ono's report

The Lion Guard watch over the Outlands, waiting for Ono to return. When he finally comes into view, he is being pursued by Mzingo and Mwoga. Luckily, a failed attacked results in Ono's safe escape. He returns to the Pride Lands and reports that he saw the hyenas on their way to Scar and that the jackals and crocodiles are still in Kilio Valley. Before they can wonder what Scar is up to, they hear Thurston yelling "panic and run", and his whole herd starts to run.

Fuli finds the culprit

The Lion Guard swiftly leap into action and calm the herd down, questioning his behavior. Thurston reveals that a nearby rock was the problem. Although the Guard can't see anything, Thurston and his herd are firm that the rock was talking to them. When Twiga approaches them with a similar problem involving a talking tree, the Lion Guard investigate Twiga's tree. When Ono lands on a nearby trunk, he is startled when something runs over his foot. At first, Fuli comments that she can't see anything when a chameleon accidentally reveals herself to them. She disappears and runs away, but Fuli is able to track her by scent. When she locates her, the chameleon brushes Fuli's nose with some grass to take away her scent. They track her down, and Ono explains that she is, in fact, a chameleon, who introduces herself as Kinyonga.

Kinyonga's explanation

She explains that she ran because they chased her, and how she was trying to be friendly but forgot about her camouflage. When Bunga is confused by that word, Kinyonga explains how her special ability works, impressing Fuli. Bunga tries to joke, leaving Fuli unimpressed. After Kinyonga is asked to be careful when camouflaged to avoid scaring animals, the Lion Guard leave.

They start to consider options on how to infiltrate Scar's domain when Kinyonga overhears their dilemma and offers to help. She persuades the Guard to let her enter and get information, assuring them that she is more than capable of the task. She departs, with strict instructions to return to the Pride Lands by sunset. When she does not return by sunset, the Guard start to worry. Kion asks Ono to take a look, which is when he notices Shupavu and her skinks chasing Kinyonga. They quickly come up with a plan to avoid being seen.


In the Outlands, Shupavu and her skinks chase Kinyonga to a dead end. She tries to blend in, but she is too scared, and her colors run wild. Suddenly, Shupavu hears a voice, and the Lion Guard reveal themselves, having used camouflage themselves to blend in with their surroundings, with Fuli pretending to be a clump of mud. Not wishing to fight, the skinks retreat. Kinyonga is impressed, but quickly explains Scar's plan to the Guard, and how he has ordered Janja's clan to fill up the top of Hakuna Matata Falls with rocks to cause a water shortage. With no time to lose, the Lion Guard return to the Pride Lands.

Fuli growls

That night, Janja, Cheezi, Chungu, Nne, and Tano arrive at the top of Hakuna Matata Falls, where they begin. After Beshte reveals himself, Fuli soon follows, growling at them fiercely and chasing away Nne and Tano completely. The other hyenas start to run, when Cheezi questions where they came from, Kinyonga appears to tell them that they learned it from her. Startled by the chameleon, the trio runs into the water, to Kinyonga's concern. Kion orders them to leave and they do as instructed, but before the Lion Guard are able to thank her, Kinyonga vanishes.

Kinyonga is relieved

The next morning, Ono reports that he was unable to find Kinyonga. Noticing Thurston's herd speaking to the rock from yesterday, the Guard approach it, and discover Kinyonga there, pretending to be the rock and speaking with Thurston. When asked why she left, she explains that she broke her promise not to scare anyone, having sent Janja's clan into the river by mistake. Bunga assures her that, when it comes to Janja and his hyenas, it doesn't matter, relieving her. She promises again not to scare anyone, but when Thurston notices her, he and his herd panic and run. Kion tells her that it's not her fault, and the Guard leave to sort out the herd.

Cave of Secrets

In The Lion Guard's Liar, the guard is looking at all of the past Lion Guard paintings. They're trying to find a way to defeat Scar when Makini comes in and says that there are many paintings in the lair that they have not yet found.

"So much for Widsom On The Walls"

Kion soon notices one suspicious painting that is cut off by a large boulder. Beshte pushes the bolder out of the way revealing another passageway and the rest of the paintings, including one with the Mark of Evil. Makini brings the painting to life and explains how it seems to suggest that Askari's Lion Guard once fought a great evil, and how the secret to defeating that evil lies in a chamber deep within the lair. The Guard decides to go down leaving Makini behind to look at more "new" paintings. The gang slides down and Ono points out some sharp rocks. Beshte slows down so he can let everyone land on him. When they arrive at the bottom, Fuli discovers another painting.

The Next Painting

Knowing that they are on the right path, the Guard continue forward, until they come to a crossroad. Bunga assures them that he has experience with caves and leads them down a route, only to wind up at a dead end. Ono soon leads them out of the maze and Kion finds out that these are all tests. Test to find out if they're worthy enough to defeat the great evil. Makini soon joins them and gang continues on their adventure. They soon can't find a way across even when Makini brings the painting to life. Bunga decides to jump and he lands on an invisible bridge. Makini decides to paint an invisible bridge but Fuli questions on how she can do that.

Questioning Makini

In the next area, Makini notices another painting which suggests that they're close to the final chamber. However, a large boulder blocks their path. Beshte considers moving it but realizes that he's already had his test, prompting Bunga to reach the conclusion that maybe it's just a rock. After he knocks on the boulder, it comes loose, and everyone starts to run. Kion asks Ono to check for an escape route, but the passage is too narrow. Fuli then has an idea. She stops and leaps onto the top of the boulder, reaching her claws in and running across it in order to slow it down.

Fuli's Test

When this fails, she switches around and starts to speed up the boulder, pushing it along the walls in order for it to go around everyone. Everyone commends Fuli for her quick thinking, and they continue on their journey. Bunga starts to wonder when Kion is gonna have his test and Bunga walks into a rock leaving everyone trapped in the dark. Kion uses an echo for them to follow his voice and they make it out of that area. The group finally locate the exit and are in awe at the final chamber, which is decorated with small pillars containing more paintings. They are soon called over by Makini, who locates the story of what happened all those years ago. Evil lions have taken over the Pirdelands and almost destroying it. A group of good lions come in and made a force to defeat the evil lions. Makini soon leads everyone into a room.

Fuli discovers the secert

The room has a pool in it and another cave painting Bunga leaps into the water. Kion notices that the secret to defeating great evil is them. Makini brings the painting to life to confirm Kion's theory, showing how Askari's original Lion Guard was formed to stop the evil lions. Makini apologizes, with her belief that she could have noticed the signs earlier and thus saved the Guard the hassle of going through the tests in the first place. But Kion states how much they needed to go through them so that they knew they were ready.

The Zebra Mastermind

The Lion Guard is chasing their third dust devil which is heading to Ukuni Woods. Beshte remembers that a group of hyraxes live there and there were two little hyraxes fighting over a granadilla. When the dust devil comes towards them they start to fall luckily Bunga and Beshte were able to catch them. When the guard returns the hyraxes to their tree Thruston calls them over. Thurston tells them to go after the dust devil and

Fuli doesn't wanna talk to the zebra.

clean the mess up. The guard takes his advice and leaves Thurston starts to brag about how he's the real reason the Lion Guard is so successful. Elsewhere in the Pridelands, the guard finds a Pangolin trapped under a tree. Fuli picks the branch up and the guard goes to find the other pangolins. After finding the other pangolins Cheezi and Chungu come by and give them flowers, They try to put their flowers under the guard's noises so the

Trying to make Fuli sneeze.

y can sneeze. Beshte decides to push Cheezi and Chungu back to the Outlands. The guard soon finds Mbuni's flock have been covered by dirt. As soon as the guard gets their heads from out of the ground Goigoi comes by. Goigoi presents to have stripes so that way the guard doesn't see him. However, Beshte pushes him back to the Outlands too. Later Tamka and Nudli come by the guard and starts rubbing their tummies. They try to make the guard sleepy but Kion has enough and roars at them.

Battle against Chungu

Kion questions why there were so many crazy attacks and that Scar must be behind all of this. The guard heads to the Outlands and Ono sees Thurston surrounded by half of Scar's army. The Lion Guard decides to save him and they take Thurston back home.

The Hyena Resistance

The Lion Guard have a battle with Janja's clan and Kiburi's float. Fuli takes on Kiburi alone. While Bunga tells the guard that he's learning some of Rafiki's moves

"Easy, Bunga. It's just Jasiri."

Jasiri comes in and surprises Kion. Kion tells her that Scar is back and Jasiri wants to help them. She and her clan set up a Hyena Resistance in the Outlands. When Scar has plans to destroy different parts of the Pride Lands Jasiri's clan comes to stop them. However, he soon finds out that Janja didn't kill Jasiri or the two cubs. He orders his army to attack her clan and they get them surrounded. The Lion Guard comes to the rescue and

"Surprised to see us, Reirei?"

Kion uses the roar to blow the army away. Jasiri says that they'll hide from Scar and the guard heads back to the Pride Lands.

The Underground Adventure

Tiifu and Zuri are calling the Lion Guard from inside of Pride Rock. They start complaining about their fur and how it's so dry in the Pridelands. Ono explains how it's still the Dry Season. Nala and Kiara come in and say that the Lion Guard is for "emergencies only." Beshte suggests that the girls try the hot mud pots at

"Better you than me"

the edge of the Pridelands. Kion, Bunga and Kiara go with them while the rest of the guard is on patrol. After a long day for Kion and Bunga the guard is happy to see that they're okay. Kion explains how they went into Muhangus' burrow to escape. Bunga explains how they had an adventure with an aardvark, a zebra and a golden mole. Tiifu sees Thurston getting lost in the dark again and goes to help him.

Beshte and the Beast

The giraffes are drinking at the Watering Hole when Thurston's herd comes by. Thurston says that his turn needs a drink Bunga says that they need to wait. A gorilla comes

Meeting Shujaa

into the Pride lands which makes the zebras and giraffs run away. Kion orders Beshte and Ono to go after the herds while he, Bunga and Fuli handle the gorilla. Bunga announces that they're the Lion Guard and starts attacking him but Kion relizes that the gorilla seems friendly. Shujaa introduces himself to them and says that he was sent by King Sokwe to help them in their battle against the Outlanders. Fuli wonders what Shujaa does and he explians with Shujaa Ponda. Bunga gets excited to see someone stronger then Beshte and introduces him to Shujaa. Beshte shows Shujaa his strength throws a large rock over. Ono notices that the hyenas, jackles and crocs are in the Pridelands near Big Springs attacking Basi's pod. The Guard

"Think he needs our help?"

runs and Kion says that he has a plan but Shujaa springs into action before hearing the plan. He throws a large rock which knocks down Reirei and Goigoi. Shujaa soon throws a rock towards the hyenas and crocodiles which causes Scar's army to run away. The Lion Guard is impressed at what Shujaa just did but notices that they have some cleaning up to do. They finish their clean up but Muhangus still has a rock blocking the enterance to his den. Shujaa picks up the rock and throws and it lands on top of a termite mound. Bunga starts to eat when Ono warns them that Scar's army is back in the Pride lands. Kion suggets cutting them off by moving through Nyani Grove. Shujaa offers to help and begins breaking the trees down, causing the baboons to run near the buffaloes and causes them to run as well. Kion orders Fuli and Beshte to clam them down and has Ono move the Satble Antelope. Kion uses the roar to blast the Outlanders away. Beshte and Fuli return saying that the herds are calm and Kion notices the Nyani Grove is a mess. Beshte suggest

Worried about her friend Beshte

that he can teach Shujaa how to control his strength. Later the Outlanders are back at Big Springs and this time their's a fire. Ono goes get Beshte for help and a tree starts to fall Behste runs towards it and gets hurt. Bunga tries to move him Kion orders Ono to get Shujaa for help. Shujaa comes and moves Beshte out of the way he then scares off the Outlanders. He puts out the fire and the guard thanks him for his help. He returns home to King Sokwe to tell him that he can think. They say goodbye and Shujaa says that he will be back if they need his help.

Pride Landers Unite!

Bupu's herd is stampeding because they thought they saw a jackal. Boboka runs into Laini's tree and the galagos start runing too. Kion asks Bunga to grab the galagos and

Fuli asks Bupu to help fight

put them away from the herd. Kion also tells Fuli to turn them and slow them down. When the herd is calm Kion tells them not to run and call for them instead. Seeing this gives Kion an idea to unite the Pride Landers. The guard gathers Ma Tembo's herd, Bupu's herd, Laini's group, and Mbeya's

Fuli worried about the groups

crash. The groups of animals don't get off to a great start, so Bunga waits by a tree, while the animals are instructed to race over to him. Unfortunately, only the galagos complete the task, while the larger animals collapse onto each other. Seeing the animals not get along Kion asks Makuu to teach them how to fight. Bunga, Fuli and Kion train some members of Bupu's herd to work on their kick and Bunga gets kicked in the face. When things don't work out with Makuu he and his float leave. Ono spots the Army Of Scar attacking Makuu's Watering Hole Kion isn't sure that the team is ready.

Happy to fight

Ma Tembo, Mbyea, Laini and Bupu say that they are and they go to fight. After a tired of battle Kion uses the Roar Of The Elders and blasts the Outlanders away. Makuu thanks the Pride Landers for their help and says that he will do the same for them in the future if they need.

The Queen's Visit

Queen Dhahabu and herd comes to the Pride Lands. While Dhahabu and her herd make their way up to Pride Rock they sing "Prance With Me." Bunga talks about how amazing her dance moves are and asks Kion if she remembers him. Dhahabu comes down with Kiara, Tiifu, and Zuri. The guard goes on the tour with the girls.

Fuli saves Dhahahbu

Soon a fire caused by Dry Lighting hits the ground. Kion orders the guard and Kiara to take it out and orders Fuli to help Dhahabu. After seeing Fuli in action Dhahabu asks for her, Tiifu and Zuri to be her royal guards. Kion doesn't like the idea at first because she's a member of the Lion Guard. However he goes with it anyways since they're sharing the Watering Hole. While Dhahabu learns about baboons who are leaping over a disgruntled

Fuli protects Queen Dhahabu

Fuli. Reirei's pack tries to attack the girls and the guard comes to the rescue with Starehe and Raha's help. Dhahabu doesn't see them fight and claims that her new guards must be permant. The girls don't agree and Kion says he'll come with a plan to get them out of this. Reirei'

"I'm happy right where I am."

s pack comes back and are joined by a couple of crocodiles. Starehe and Raha scare them away and Dhahabu claims that they will be her new guards, much to Fuli's happiness. That night at the celebration Queen Dhahabu says that she will let the Pride Landers share her Watering Hole forever.

The Fall of Mizimu Grove

The Lion Guard comes to Big Springs after hearing Basi. They soon notice Timon and

Congratulating Makini

Pumbaa who are chasing down a bug. Makini arrives to show off a plant root. Kion decides to put on a show that repersents Makini's tree for everyone in the Pride Landers to see. They track down Timon and Pumbaa and asks them to sing at the celebration. They sing a song until the Army of Scar comes and interupts the celebration. The Pride Landers fight the

Staring at Scar

Outlanders until Scar reveals himself in front of everyone. Scar claims that he will take over the Pride Lands and disappears. The herds start to panic and run Kion orders the Lion Guard to stop them. Fuli goes after the sable antelopes and galagos who are heading towards Poromoko Crevasse. The herd knocks Fuli off the cliff; however, she's okay. The herds aren't happy and are thinking about leaving the Pride Lands.

Fuli sings Timon and Pumbaa's song

The next morning everyone meets at Pride Rock and Kion has an an annoucment. Makini's Mpando Mpya has survived the battle. Everyone has agreed to stay in the Pride Lands and the baobab tree is planted.

Fire from the Sky

The Lion Guard start seeing fire drop from the sky near Twiga's herd. Bunga, Beshte and Ono take out the fire while Kion and Fuli save the giraffes. Ono explains that he can't fly

Noticing more fire

as high as a vulture but Beshte gets someone to help. The guard finds his friend Anga who is a eagle. After an awkward conversation, they notice more of the fire falling from the sky at Embamba Canyon. The guard stops the fire while Ono and Anga try to see what's going on. Anga spots Mzingo's Parliament dropping the fire. Ono suggests getting Hadithi for help and other birds of the Pride Lands. Once they find Hadithi he makes a speech about

Surrounded by birds

being heros. Ono soon sees more fire fall and birds head off to Maumivu Thorn Patch. The guard takes care of the fire on the ground. Soon Hadithi gets trapped in a thorn bush he soon convices O

Taking out the fire

no to take over. Ono, Anga and the rest of the birds get the vultures to one spot and Kion uses his roar at them. Hadithi frees himself and the guard will be ready when the vultures come back.

Battle for the Pride Lands

Kion speaks with the Lion Guard knowing that as long as their around the Pride Lands won't end. Soon Anga comes saying that the Outlanders are attacking the guard goes to fight. Years later after defeating Scar's army several times Kion and the guard have grown up. Kion uses his roar when Simba and Rafiki come up. Rafiki says that the roar is getting stronger as Kion gets older. Simba says that it's time to defeat Scar once and

"On the last night'

for all. They come up with a plan and gather the Pride Landers. Kion and the guard start singing that tonight is their final night before defeating Scar. Later Janja's clan goes to the Liar of the Lion Guard so they can trap the guard. However, Beshte finds a way out of the liar after it being set on fire. The guard goes into his pool and swims out.

"Thanks Beshte"

Soon Scar comes on top of Pride Rock and says that Kion is gone. But he and the guard shows up and Scar says that there's no way to defeat him. He soon banishes but the herds start to worry. Janja soon comes and says that he knows a way to defeat Scar. He says that Kion should use his roar on him. The set up the plan and gets some rest. The next morning Kion and the Guard lead the herds into the Outlands. They fight against Reirei's pack, Kiburis' float, and Mzingo's vultures. Kion and the guard go inside the volcano. They soon reach up to Scar where he asks Ushari to charge at Kion. He gives

"We believe in you!"

Kion a scar of his own. Kion soon says that he'll never be like his great evil uncle. But Scar says that they're the same and there's no other choice. Kion thinks of another choice and forgives Scar for what he's done. He then blows on Scar to make it rain on him. Scar soon melts and is defeated. Ushari being mad charges at Kion but Bunga tackles him. Ono grabs Bunga out of the fire. Kion knows that they have won. Kion and the Lion Guard come outside and the Pride Landers cheer. The Outlanders are still upset but Janja says that Jasiri should be in charge. The Outlanders don't like but they don't care. They soon notice that Ono can't see. They get Ono to Rafiki. Rafiki says

Saying goodbye to Kion's parents

that there's nothing he can do about Ono's eye. However, for Kion's scar, he says to go to the Tree of Life. Ono might get healed too. Anga soon becomes the new Keenest of sight while Ono becomes the smartest. Now with six members on the guard, they leave the Pride Lands. Nala and Simba wish them good luck and is hoping to come back before Kiara's first hunt. The Guard leaves with Pride Landers wishing them goodbye. Kion talks to Thurston who says that the zebras will protect the Pride Lands while they're gone.

The Harmattan

Kion asks Anga how much farther it is to get to the next waterfall. She says that it's not far and she sees the next moja kwa moja stone. Makini says that they're on the right path to the Tree of Life. Ono remembers Rafiki's map and says that the Back

Fuli speaks to Kion about trusting Makucha

Lands Waterfall is the first landmark after Pride Rock. Kion tells Anga to lead the way. When they make it to the stone Ono says they need to find an iroko tree. While on their way to the tree, Makucha's leap comes by to attack the guard. Makini drags Ono to a top of a tree so he will be safe. During the fight, a dust storm comes and the guard starts to blow away. They soon find shelter but Makucha's Leap follows them. Makucha says for them to leave but there's nowhere else to go. Kion says that they need to get along and stay in the spot. Makucha sa

Fuli fights Fahari

ys that he wants them and he'll show them the way out, Fuli asks to Kion alone saying that she doesn't trust him. But Kion wants to get to the Tree of Life as fast as possible. The Guard leaves with Makucha's leap and Makucha overhear Makini talking about the Tree of Life. Kion thinks that Makucha left but he didn't. He kidnaps Makini and Kion tries to save her. Bunga falls and hangs onto a tree but is saved by Anga. After Makucha lost the guard continues on their journey. The guard makes it to the iroko tree and Kion thanks Ono for getting them out of the harmattan.

The Accidental Avalanche

The Lion Guard climbs up a snowy mountain Makini doesn't remember climbing up the mountain the last time she went to the Tree of Life. Ono says that the map s

An annoyed Fuli

ays they need to go around the mountain but going over it will be quicker. Kion soon slides down the mountain making the rest of the Guard slide down too. Ono almost falls but is saved by Anga. Beshte stops them before they slide off a cliff. Kion says to try it again but Fuli says they should go around the mountain. Kion says they're going the way he wants to go since he's the leader. Kion then suggests creating a short-cut through the mountain. Makini spots some Youki's troop and says they could help us. However, it turns out that they're scared of large birds. Anga tries to talk to them but they just panic. Kion then uses the Roar of the Elders. to blast a hole through the mountain. The Roar makes an avalanche

A shocked Fuli

happen and the guard saves Yuki's troop. The monkeys start to get scared of Anga again but Kion says she's a nice bird. After seeing their home destroyed Kion suggests finding them a new home. They find a hot spot which is surrounded by a bunch of trees. These snow monkeys are scared of the trees because they can be homes to large birds. Soon a group of flying squirrels comes by. The Guard tries to protect the snow

Fuli will always be on Kion's side

monkeys from the squirrels. After talking to the squirrels, the Guard sees the monkeys have run away. Turns out they're hiding in snow and Bunga is with them. Anga pulls all of them out and Kion finds them a better home. The Lion Guard hangs out with the snow monkeys in their new home. The snow monkeys start to like Anga. Kion thanks Fuli for her help even though he doesn't make the right discussion he knows that she's on his side.

Ghost of the Mountain

The Lion Guard is having fun in the snow. They soon see a bunch of bamboo trees. Kion asks Makini and Ono what they think and if they should find another way around. Ono says the next moja kwa moja stone is thought the trees. Beshte suggests going through the trees. Anga finds some tuliza on a ledge. Bunga tries to climb up and get it but he falls down the cliff. Soon he meets a group of Red Pandas and claims Bunga as their "Chosen one." They say that Bunga is chosen to fight the ghost of the mountain.

Fuli wants the red pandas to keep Bunga

After Kion introduces himself and says that Bunga is part of the Lion Guard. They soon meet the red panda's leader Domog. He teaches them the legend ghost of the mountain. The guard soon talks in private with Bunga and Beshte thinks they should help the red pandas. Fuli doesn't believe in ghosts but they all agree to help. After they spot it the guard decides to look for footprints and track it by scent. Anga spots the tracks and Kion says

Fuli and Kion sniff out for the ghost

to stay close. They soon find the ghost who happens to be a snow leopard named Chuluun who happens to be attacking the red pandas. Bunga asks if Chuluun cares about the Circle of Life. She said she makes her own rules. Bunga attacks her but she vanishes and Anga spots her attacking the red pandas. Bunga saves the red pandas by using his stink. Domog's pack cheers and says that the legend of the chosen one is over. Makini finds the next moja kwa moja stone. The Guard leaves the red pandas and continues on their journey.

Marsh of Mystery

The Lion Guard walks through a marsh and Fuli questions why they need to walk through it. Kion says they'll be on the other side soon. Anga says she can see the next

Fuli mad about walking in mud

moja kwa moja stone beyond the edge of the marsh. Bunga says that this place isn't bad and the snails are great. Fuli says it's nice for Bunga since he's not in the mud. However Bunga jumps into the mud and gets Fuli covered in it. They soon hear a bunch of screaming animals and Ono isn't sure what it is. Makini gets scared and hops on top of Beshte. is. Turns out it's a bunch of mongooses who are trying to attack the Lion Guard.

"I got this one thanks"

The mongooses are throwing mud at the lion guard. Once the mongooses leave, Kion asks Ono why they were mad. They notice that Makini and Ono are missing. Fuli tries to sniff them out. Bunga has a bet with Anga and says he'll spot Makini and Ono before she does. The mongooses come back but Kion says they don't have time for games. Fuli says she's having trouble sniffing them out with Bunga's yelling. Anga finds their tracks but Bunga says it first. They follow their tracks and notice that they're not here. Kion says that Makini and Ono are close. The mongooses start yelling again but Kion ask

Fuli takes the lead

s why they start attacking them. They explain that the guard has been eating their snails. Makini and Ono soon come up and they knock over a log. The mongooses find the snails and start eating them. That night Anga spots the next moja kwa moja stone and Bunga spots the blue light. Anga grabs him before he gets lost. Bunga spots more snails and asks Anga to let him go. Anga doesn't agree and flies off.

Dragon Island

Kion says that Anga spotted the next moja kwa moja stone. They soon hear a strange sound which happens to be water. Anga shows them an ocean. Kion asks if the next stone is in the ocean but Anga says it's on top of the hill. Bunga umps in but notices there's no water. He soon gets washed away by a lot of water but is saved by a dolphin.

Beshte carries Fuli to shore

The dolphin's name is Lumba-Lumba and she says she's never met a Beshte before. She says that the ocean is her home. The guard goes to get some more tuliza. Soon a civet comes and tells them about the Komodo dragons. Soon Ora spots them and says he likes to play with his food. Makini drops the tuliza and the guard spreads out. Ora soon brings his friends to share the meal. Kion soon uses the Roat of the Elders on the dragons. The guard notices that Kion blew everything away even the water. The water soon comes

fighting the dragon

back and the guard starts to run. Anga saves Makini but the rest of the guard get washed away. Kion notices that the roar made an island that they're stuck on. They soon hear Lumba-Lumba who isn't in the water. Beshte and Bunga suggests making a hole of dirt around her. The water comes back but it doesn't reach her. Kion's scar soon starts to bug him and Fuli says that Makini will be back soon. The water soon tries to reach Lumba-Lumba and one big wave comes. The wave brings back Ora who tries to eat the dolphin. Bunga says that this is a job for a Honey Badger but Ora's friends come back. Bunga says it's a job for three honey badger. The rest of the Guard fight the dragons and Anga and Ono throw seaweed on them. Bunga soon uses his stink on Ora and Ono drops the seaweed on him. Makini gives Kion some tuliza. He soon gets Lumba-Lumba back into the ocean. The Guard even escapes the dragons. Finally, the Guard continues their journey to the Tree of Life.

Journey of Memories

Makini spots the next moja kwa moja stone. Bunga says it's a painting of a river, but he doesn't see one. Kion asks Ono where the next landmark is. He says he sees a pool of water with rocks all around it. Makini remembers the river, because she was here with

Fuli gets wet by Makini and Bunga

her parents Fikiri and Kitendo. Fuli is happy to cross the river without having to touch the water. Beshte asks Makini if she was here with Rafiki. She says her mom and dad were taking her to the Tree of Life to meet Rafiki. She says that her mother says to test the water before diving in." Bunga says where's the fun in that and Makini says he sounds like her dad. Makini soon remembers a waterfall which is the opposite direction from the pool. Kion says a little detour wouldn't hurt. Turns out the water has all dried up. Makini spots a painting that looks like a moja kwa moja stone, but it isn't. Makini soon remembers a rock whe

"It doesn't look like anything at all"

re you can put your hand through. The rock is covered up with dirt. Bunga soon kicks the rock and hurts his foot. Makini soon remembers a mountain that looks like a monkey's face. However, the guard doesn't see anything and move on. Ono spots the next moja kwa moja stone. Ono soon remembers Rafiki's map and says there's a field with small white flowers. Kion tells Makini no more detours and they need to keep moving. Anga says there are no white flowers but there's a desert. The guard walks across the desert when Beshte starts to get burned. Anga flys over him to cool him off. A wind storm soon comes and the guard takes cover. Makini hops down Beshte and makes a loud thump noise. Kion's scar starts bugging him and asks Makini if she brought them to the

Fuli covers herself

desert to have fun. Fuli suggests giving him some tuliza. They soon see a little jerboa who tells them to stop stomping while he's sleeping. Kion gets mad at him and he runs away. He suggests following their footsteps and go back to the next moja kwa moja stone. However another big wind storm comes. Kion sees that there footprints have disappeared. Kion asks Fuli if she can track them by scent but she says that she can't tell. Kion eats some tuliza, but spits it out again because it's covered in sand. They decide to make shelter and wait for the night. The guard comes up to Makini and says that she's trying her best. The jerboa comes back Kion says sorry for scaring him. He says his name is Tupp and sees that they took his advice. Tupp soon shows them the flowers and says the water is in the plant. They all drink the water and Makini cleans the tuliza. They soon see stars in the sky that looks like flowers. Anga says the next moja kwa moja stone is on top of a cliff. Kion thanks Tupp for his help and the guard goes on their journey.​​​​​​

The Race to Tuliza

On the outskirts of the desert, the Lion Guard are shown struggling against the sun. Pained by his scar and blinded by the intense heat, Kion soon falls down a little hill. As Makini ushes over to help him, Kion coldly brushes her off, claiming to be fine as Fuli starts to wonder if Kion needs some tuliza. Noticing the Guard staring at him, Kion once again lashes in ange

Fuli asks Anga if she found the Tuliza

r. Her fears confirmed, Fuli asks Makini for the Tuliza, who realizes that her stash has run out. Realizing this, Anga flies ahead to scout as Fuli hopes that Kion doesn't decide to use the Roar of the Elders before getting tuliza. Ono notes the journey through the desert has been hard on everyone, while Beshte's glad that nobody has gotten thirsty. Hearing this, Bunga begins acting overdramatically, collapsing as he compares the thirst to having a desert in his mouth. Running ahead, Bunga shows his tongue to a disgusted Fuli, claiming it's dry as a sand dune. He then runs ahead to show Kion, who suddenly snaps at Bunga in his anger, scaring him. Fuli then runs up to Kion and calms him down, saying that Bunga was just fooling around. Kion apologizes to Bunga, who forgives him, admitting he is good at being annoying.

After the close call, Fuli looks to the skies, hoping that Anga finds some tuliza soon. Above the skies, Anga spots some tuliza and reports her findings back to the Guard, noting that the tuliza is very far away, far beyond a sea up ahead. Realizing that the sea has water, Bunga rushes ahead, coming across a small beach as the rest of the Guard catches up with him. Bunga jumps into the waters despite Ono's objections, only to find out too late that the water is salty, much to Bunga's disgust. Unable to drink the water, Kion suggests moving on to the tuliza, though Anga doubts he could make the trip.

Bunga laments that the the "Bunga Sea" turned out to be salty, explaining to Ono that he named the sea after being the first one in it. At that point, Makini recalls Rafiki

Anga tells Fuli where the Tuliza is

teaching her that salty water has very relaxing qualities, telling Kion to soak in the water. Ono agrees with Makini, believing it should soothe Kion's scar. Willing to give it a try, Kion enters the sea as the Guard watches in anticipation. Soon enough, Kion starts feeling better and relaxes, much to everyone's relief. As Kion wades deeper into the sea, Bunga begins praising the "Great Bunga Sea" as Fuli notices the sudden name change. At that moment, Kion beings floating in the water, with Ono explaining how easy it is to float in salty water. Seeing Kion enjoy himself, the rest of the Guard but Fuli and Anga jump in as well. Bunga asks Fuli to join them, though she refuses, claiming that someone has to get the tuliza for Kion. As Anga prepares to leave, however, Fuli stops her, needing Anga to keep a lookout for danger while she goes to fetch the tuliza herself. While Bunga laughs off the idea of danger at the Great Bunga Sea. Fuli then turns to Anga, asking her how to find the tuliza, who says it's below a tree on top of the mesa just beyond the rock formations. As a result of lacking Anga's strong

Fuli meets Azaad

eyesight, Fuli is unable to find the tree before Anga tells her its the only tree around. Fuli then runs ahead to explore the canyons. However, she ends up getting lost, running into a series of dead-ends before suddenly hearing a strange voice. Fuli meets a male cheetah named Azaad, who tells Fuli she is invading his territory. Fuli brushes off Azaad, only wanting to get tuliza for her friend, though Azaad claims that, being cheetahs, they don't have friends. Fuli then begs Azaad for help in finding the tuliza. Noting she has the "flame of a cheetah" in her heart, Azaad agrees to help Fuli if she beats him in a race, prompting her to accept the challenge. Meanwhile, at the top of the mesa, Fuli and Azaad prepare for their race, the winner

Before the first race

being the first to reach a rock up ahead.

Soon after starting the race, Fuli overtakes Azaad and passes him. Before reaching the rock, however, the trail suddenly falls, dropping Fuli and allowing Azaad to win the race. Angered, Fuli accuses Azaad of knowing about the ditch drop​​​​​, who doesn't deny the accusation, pointing out they are on his territory. As Azaad begins to leave, Fuli stops him, challenging him to a rematch which he accepts. Back at the beach, the Lion Guard continues to protect Kion from the flamingos, with the two flamingo girls at one point mimicking Anga after mistaking her cawing for a cool dance, frustrating her.

At the top the mesa, Fuli impatiently stops Azaad's gloating speech, now in a hurry to get the Tuliza. Soon after, the two started racing again, Fuli seems to win. Unwilling to lose in

Fuli saves Azaad

his own territory, Azaad tries to take a shortcut by jumping across the canyons, barely reaching the edge. Seeing this, Fuli returns and pulls Azaad back up. Surprised, Azaad asks Fuli why she came back for him, pointing out that she could have won the race, leading Fuli to answer that friends always help friends. Delighted to have Fuli as a friend, Azaad calls her a remarkable cheetah, agreeing to help her find the tuliza for Kion. Kion threatens the birds to leave before he sends them flying, though they don't take him seriously. The Guard manages to reach Kion before he loses his cool, telling him the Tuliza is coming. Anga spots Fuli and Azaad nearby, telling the others that Fuli's

Fuli walks in the water

brought a friend, much to Bunga's amusement. Arriving at the beach, Fuli briefly hesitates near the sea, though she swallows her hatred of water at Anga's urging, with a surprised Azaad following shortly. Both cheetahs then reach Makini, who quickly grabs the Tuliza and gives it to Kion, instantly calming him down. Fuli begins asking about the pink birds as Bunga asks about Azaad, who calls himself a friend of Fuli's. Kion apologizes to the flamingos for scaring them, while Makini notes that they have enough Tuliza to last them for days. Kion then de

Fuli and Azaad say goodbnye

cides to head on the road to the Tree of Life to leave the flamingos in peace. As the Guard leaves, Fuli and Azaad bid each other farewell, with Azaad glad to be Fuli's friend and voicing the hope that they may meet again. Fuli replies that she would like that very much. The two then have a small race before parting ways, with Azaad heading back to his territory while Fuli, after having dreamily looked after Azaad racing away, returns to the Lion Guard.

Mama Binturong

Beshte makes a new friend Tenuk, he introduces Beshte and Bunga to his other friends. Beshte says that everyone is very friendly here. Tenuk says they're welcome to stay as

Fuli tells Tenuk that they're just passing through

long as they want. Anga says they're just passing through. Tenuk says if there's anything they need to let him know. Makini says they need some more tuliza. Tenuk starts to panics, runs away and says to leave him alone. Tenuk's friends questions the Lion Guard on why they scared him. Beshte said they didn't mean to scare him. Makini says all they asked for was tuliza. The two animals panic and run away. Bunga says that everyone's running away whenever Makini says "tuliza." Beshte says that it's not Makini they're scared of. Fuli thinks that they might be scared of tuliza. A porcupine named Smun is there spying on the