Ford Riley is the executive producer, developer, writer of The Lion Guard and the father of his daughter Fiona. He is also the voice of Big Baboon in Return of The Roar, Njano, Komodo Dragon, Pika and Sumu.[1]

Early Life

Riley studied theater and film in Tisch School of Arts, and eventually graduated there. He has two kids, one of whom inspired The Lion Guard by playing super hero games with his friends.


He has worked as an executive producer, writer, and lyricist on many Disney shows, including Special Agent Oso and Timon & Pumbaa.[2]


Season One

Season Two

Season Three


  • His favorite character in The Lion Guard of the Guard themselves is a tie between Kion and Bunga.
  • His favorite song in The Lion Guard is Zuka Zama.[3]
  • Ford Riley said that Season 3 is the final season of his show that captured the eyes of billions of viewers.
  • Ford Riley hopes for a Season 4.


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