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Follow That Hippo! is a Big Golden Book based on the episode of the same name.

Author's Description

The hyenas are in the Pride Lands, causing trouble! Boys and girls ages 2 to 5 will enjoy this full-color Big Golden Book, which retells an episode of Disney Junior's The Lion Guard. Based on Disney's The Lion King, this new animated series introduces Simba and Nala's son, Kion, as well as favorite characters from the classic Disney movie.[1]


The Pride Lands are calm and quiet, until some animals hear growling and rustling in some nearby grass. They quickly call the Lion Guard to the scene, claiming there to be hyenas in the Pride Lands. When Kion asks them where, a baboon points to the tall grass.

The Lion Guard spread out, and order the hyenas to come out. From out of the grass, an ostrich, baboon and elephant exit. They plead with the Guard not to hurt them, and explain that they were just playing, with Mtoto pretending to be Beshte and the other two hyenas.

While Ono informs the animals about the false alarm, Kion warns the youngsters that Janja was seen in the Pride Lands recently, so it's not a good time to play such a game. The animals agree not to pretend to be hyenas again. Mtoto then rushes up to Beshte, and tells him that he's his hero, and asks him a few questions. Beshte invites him to train with the Lion Guard for the day.

When they reach a good area, Kion instructs Ono to keep an eye out for hyenas while they train. Then, he leaps over a large boulder, races around some thorn bushes and leaps across a stream. Once Fuli and Bunga complete the course, Beshte and Mtoto try. Mtoto tries to leap over the boulder but instead lands on his face, and Beshte explains how he usually just walks around it. Mtoto goes on to pass through the thorn bushes, but injures himself and gets poked by every thorn.

Finally, Beshte and Mtoto bound across the stream, splashing water along the way. Mtoto starts to cough, and accidentally sprays a blast of water from his trunk, hitting Beshte. Beshte falls back, and Bunga leaps out of the way to avoid being squashed. But he bumps into Kion, who then bumps into Fuli and knocks her into the water. Mtoto apologises, and Kion suggests that maybe he's not ready to train with them just yet. Beshte offers to take him home.

As they're walking, Mtoto expresses his sorrow at not being able to keep up with everyone. Beshte tries to reassure him by reminding him that it was his first time, and compliments his water spraying attack. After telling him to use it on bad guys, Mtoto bids Beshte farewell and joins his friends.

Mtoto's group decide to play Lion Guard again, but this time they chase some hyraxes and pretend that they're the hyenas. But, unbeknownst to them, Janja, Cheezi and Chungu are lurking nearby. With their eyes set on the youngsters, they sneak up behind them and ask if they should chase the Little Lion Guard instead. Gumba and Kambuni run one way, and Mtoto runs another. Janja orders his two allies to chase after them.

Gumba and Kambuni track down Beshte, who rushes into the river and catches up with Mtoto. He tells Mtoto to get onto his back and he'll get him to safety, but the hyenas continue chasing them from the riverside.

But as they get away from the hyenas, they approach some crocodiles. Mtoto uses his water spray attack to slow them down and it works. After they get away from the crocodiles, they hear the rest of the Lion Guard chasing the hyenas into the river. With the hyenas in the river instead, the crocodiles decide to chase them instead.

Later that day, Kion surprises the youngsters by presenting them with their own Mark of the Guard by dipping his paw into mud and placing it on their shoulders to congratulate them on their adventure. Mtoto then turns to Beshte and proudly declares him to be his hero, and Beshte returns the compliment by stating that Mtoto is his.

Differences from the Episode

  • Kwato and Shauku are absent from this version of the story.
  • The training session is different compared to the one in the episode.
  • In the episode, Fuli is the one who gets hit by Mtoto's water spray. In this version, it's Beshte.
  • Mtoto’s design is completely different from his model in the episode and show, and he looks more like an Asiatic elephant than an African one.



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