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As he leaps across a stream during training, both Kion's and Fuli's Mark of the Guard are facing the wrong direction.
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Shortly after, Kion tells the Guard that they will be doing a stealth surround drill, Fuli's spots are overlapping each other on her foreleg and shoulder, and her Mark of the Guard is replaced by a circular ring marking on her other shoulder.
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For a duration of the surround drill, a spot overlaps her underbelly.
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During Hero Inside, one of the flamingos is missing their head.
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When Fuli looks towards Bunga after Kion calls for Ono to check on Beshte, Bunga's eyebrows are briefly colored blue.
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When Kwato kicks Chungu, Chungu's tail becomes detached.
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As the Guard notices the hyenas being pursued by crocodiles, Bunga's Mark of the Guard is missing.
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