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My favorite is definitely bright pink flamingos!

Makini, The Wisdom of Kongwe

Flamingos are birds that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Pride Lands and Flamingo Beach.


In The Real World

Lesser flamingos have pink feathers and curved pink or purple bills. The tips of their beaks and their flight feathers are black. They have long legs and necks. A poor diet will make the bird loose its color, and thus the opportunity to breed.

In The Lion Guard

All flamingos shown in the Lion Guard universe so far have pink feathers and thin black eyebrows.


Flamingos get their coloring from their diet of crustaceans and plankton. Female flamingos usually lay one egg, which is white in color. When the egg hatches, the chick will lack the bright plumage and curved beak of the adults.


"Zuka Zama Zom Zom Zom!"

The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

A flock of flamingos are shown waiting in a pond during the song Zuka Zama. They sing as Bunga rises out of the water on a hippo's back.

Fuli startles the flamingos

Fuli's New Family

Fuli walks through a flock of flamingos during the song My Own Way. She then turns around and runs back through to flock, causing them to take off.

Follow That Hippo!

The flamingo flock

During the song Hero Inside, Beshte and Mtoto run through a flock of flamingos. Three fly away at once, and the other four follow shortly after.

The Imaginary Okapi

In the song "Life in the Pride Lands", a few flamingos take wing as Beshte and Ajabu approach. As the Lion Guard attempts to catch Makucha, they run through a flock of flamingos, which immediately fly upwards. The Guard ends up covered in flamingo feathers.

Never Roar Again

Some flamingos are present at The Flood Plains until Makuu's Float drives all the animals away.

The Trail to Udugu

The flamingo flock

When Simba, Nala, Kion and Kiara gaze out from the top of Pride Rock, some flamingoes are seen flying across the Pride Lands.

Ono's Idol

Some flamingos await Hadithi's presence. Later, a couple meet him at his Royal Mud Print Ceremony.

Beshte and the Hippo Lanes

When making the Hippo Lanes, some flamingos join in and sing along with him.

The Ukumbusho Tradition

When some of Ma Tembo's Herd are pursued by bees, they stampede through a flock of flamingos.

The Wisdom of Kongwe

Makini mentions flamingos when she is talking about her favorite animals.

Cave of Secrets

The Harmattan

Flamingos appear during the song The Tree of Life.

The Race to Tuliza

While heading towards the Tree of Life the group stops at Flamingo Beach to get some rest. However flamingos come in have a Flamingo Dance Party. This makes Kion mad until Fuli and Azaad brings him some Tuliza.

Notable Flamingos in The Lion Guard


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