We should get back on the path to the Tree of Life. Leave these flamingos in peace.

–Kion, The Race to Tuliza

The Flamingo Girls' Flamboyance is a group of flamingos. They appear in the episode The Race to Tuliza.


The Race to Tuliza

A huge group of flamingos appear to party at Flamingo Beach while on migration. During their time, they cause Kion mild irritation which, due to the lack of tuliza on hand, sets
The-Race-to-Tuliza (789)

"Flamingo dance party!"

off his anger. Once Fuli and Azaad safely deliver him some tuliza, he calms down, and the Guard leave them to their party.


Flamingo Girl 1

Flamingo Girl 1 Appearances

Main article: Flamingo Girl 1

Flamingo Girl 1 is a member of the flamboyance.

Flamingo Girl 2

Flamingo Girl 2 Appearances

Main article: Flamingo Girl 2

Flamingo Girl 2 is a member of the flamboyance.

Unnamed Members

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