Flamingo Girl 2

Flamingo Girl 1 has her sister. They are both happy to be acquainted with the Lion Guard

Friends, Allies & Acquaintances


The-Race-to-Tuliza (748)
Flamingo Girl 1 and her sister are good friends with Ono; they think he is cute.


Flamingo Girl 1 is on good terms with Kio
The-Race-to-Tuliza (1367)
n. Originally, he snapped at her for disturbing his relaxation, but he apologized and they became friends.

The Rest of the Lion Guard and Makini

Flamingo Girl 1 is on good terms with the Guard and Makini. Originally, she didn't listen tovthem despite their warnings about disturbing Kion. When Kion snapped at her, she began to realize the situation, but the lion made amends with her and he and the Guard, along with Makini, allowed her to party.
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