And ruin the best Flamingo Dance Party of the whole feathered year?

–Flamingo Girl 1, The Race to Tuliza

Flamingo Girl #1 is an unnamed female flamingo, who is part of the migration of a group of flamingos at the Flamingo Beach, she is debuting in The Race to Tuliza.


Flamingo Girl 1 is a greater flamingo, her break is orange and black on the tip of her break. Her eyes are purple. Her whole body and long neck is pink. She has three feathers sticking up on her head. Her wings and tail feathers are black, and her legs are light-pink and her feet are gray.


Flamingo Girl 1 is curious, loud, excited, and kind every year at the migration at Flamingo Beach doing the Flamingo Dance Party. She gets along good with her sister, Flamingo girl 2.


The Race to Tuliza

The flamingos come to Flamingo Beach for migration. They have the best Flamingo dance party ever. Soon she disovery Kion and thinks that he's cute and soft. Kion starts to growl at them until his friends calm him down. After getting some Tuliza Kion apologizes to the flamingos.



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