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Figure & Accessory Set are a set of The Lion Guard figures created by Just Play.

Each figure is articulated, and all characters come with his or her own battle action accessory, which is tailored to the character.

There are currently 5 in the set - Kion, Bunga, Beshte, Fuli and Ono (who was released at a later date).


This assortment of figure and accessory features action and reaction play for hours of Lion Guard fun. Recreate your favorite scene or create your own Pride Lands adventures. Each item works alone or you can combine characters and accessories for even more fun!

Set List

Image Character Description
Kion's Toppling Rock Wall Be the fiercest in all of the Pride Lands with Kion and his toppling wall! Includes 1 articulated Kion figure and a break away wall. Press the rock button to make the wall topple over, then put it back together again for repeated toppling fun.
Bunga's Coconut Blaster Have a blast with Bunga’s Coconut Blaster! Includes 1 articulated Bunga figure and a coconut blasting tree. Press down on the tree branch to launch the coconut. Watch Bunga’s Coconut go!
Beshte Boulder Catapult Show the Pride Lands who’s the strongest with Beshte’s Boulder Catapult! Includes 1 articulated Beshte figure and a Boulder Catapult. Place the Boulder in the leaf catapult. Pull back and watch the boulder go flying for loads of fun!
Fuli's Canopy Chase How fast is Fuli? Watch her speed away in her Canopy Chaser. Includes 1 articulated Fuli figure and a canopy chaser. Place Fuli on her racer, lock into the canopy launcher, press the tree button. Watch Fuli go!
Ono's Look Out Launcher Load net into launcher base. Press Ono on tree to launch net.
Kion's Rock and Roar Be the fiercest in all of the Pride Lands with the Kion with Pride Rock figure and accessory set! Place the poseable Kion figure on Pride Rock and unleash The Roar!


  • Ono was the only member of the Lion Guard absent from the first print of this set.
  • Kion's rock and roar set was only produced as a prototype. As the scrapped merchandise site states this Figure & Accessory Set got canceled from production. Only Kion's toppling wall was released.
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