Sorry, but these are my grubs. You'll need to find your own.

–Female Mouse, The Call of the Drongo

Female Mouse is a mouse who lives in the Pride Lands. She appears in The Call of the Drongo.


The Female Mouse is a pudgy, light golden mouse with dark-brown markings covering her head. This color is also present on her forelegs and back in the form of stripes and quill-like tufts of fur. She has three fingers and four toes colored in a slightly lighter brown. This same brown is also the color of her thin, scaly tail which has a tuft of her golden fur sticking out where it joins her body. Around her eyes is a pale beige, which is also seen slightly on her back and on her muzzle, as well as her underbelly (though with a slightly darker teint). Her ears are large and a little bit darker than the rest of her body, with pink inner ears. Her eyes are blue, and she has a red nose. Her buck teeth are white. She has three whiskers on each of her cheeks and three on each of her ears.


She is rather laid back, allowing Tamaa to speak with her whilst she listens without interrupting, but also firm, not bending to the will of others. She is unwilling to share her insects after having gone through the effort to find them herself.


The Call of the Drongo

The-call-of-the-drongo-hd (244)

Tamaa asks for a snack

The Female Mouse is first seen chomping down on some grubs. Tamaa notices her, and flies down joyfully having seen her food. He tries to start a conversation with her, and although she responds with briefness, he continues to make a joke in the hopes that she will hand over some grubs. She ignores his not quite subtle hints, and eventually he asks her directly if she would consider sharing some. She refuses, and tells him to get his own.



Tamaa wonders out loud if she would say that to Janja and shortly after mimics his voice. By the time Janja himself arrives, he can see that Tamaa's plan has worked, and the Female Mouse runs away in fear of the hyena, never knowing that it was just Tamaa himself imitating her foe.


  • Female Mouse voice actor also voices Genet.</li>
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