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Falcons are birds that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Desert.


The peregrine falcon is a raptor, or bird of prey.

Adults have blue-gray wings, dark brown backs, a buff colored underside with brown spots, and white faces with a black tear stripe on their cheeks. They have a hooked beaks and strong talons. Their name comes from the Latin word peregrinus, which means "to wander." Peregrines are the fastest animals on the planet – they are able to dive at 200 miles per hour. 


Peregrine falcons are among the most famous birds of prey in North America. They have a long association with humans and have been prized by falconers since ancient times. Peregrines can reach speeds of more than 320 kph when diving or 'stooping' at their prey. These swift birds are about the same size as a crow. Their long pointed wings allow them to maneuver quickly. Peregrines have slate gray upper-parts and white undersides with black bars across the chest, thighs, and undersides of the wings. Some have a distinctive blackish bar, called a malar stripe, that extends down each check from under the eye. Others have a complete cap. Young peregrines have dark brown upperparts. There are large color and size variations in peregrine falcons; up to 19 subspecies are recognized in the world, with three in North America. As more genetic studies are performed, however, some subspecies can be reconsidered. For example, a recent study on North American peregrine falcons has shown that the two subspecies present in the NWT, anatum, and tundrius, are actually genetically the same. Peregrine Falcons are the world's fastest animals. 


Journey to the Pride Lands

As Kion, the Lion Guard, Azaad, Janja and Jasiri return home to the Pride Lands for days and nights without rest, they come across three baby falcons sleeping on their nest upon a cliff. Kion uses his blowing to lift the nest so that he and his friends can walk by without waking the chicks up.

Notable Falcons in The Lion Guard

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