Ducks are birds that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Pride Lands.


In the Real World

The duck species featured in The Lion Guard is likely the African black duck. African black ducks have black feathers, white markings on their backs, and yellowish orange feet. Ducks have webbed feet and flat beaks.

In The Lion Guard

The ducks shown in The Lion Guard have grayish-blue feathers with white, cyan, cloudy blue, and darker blue feathers at the tips of their wings and tail.


Ducks belong to the genus Anas. They are omnivores that feed on small aquatic creatures and plant material.


The Kupatana Celebration

A pair of jackal pups lift a duck from her nest and steal her egg before dropping her back down.

The Search for Utamu

The-search-for-utamu (268)

Angry at the oryxes

A duck seeks the help of Fuli, explaining that oryxes are fighting near the ducks' nesting grounds. Fuli is willing to help on her own, and though the duck at first asks about the rest of the Lion Guard, she accepts Fuli explanation and leads her to the nesting grounds. The battling oryxes draw nearer to the ducks' nests, causing the ducks to take wing. Fuli quickly charges at the oryxes, ordering them away, and they flee. The ducks return to their nests, and one thanks Fuli for her help.

The Call of the Drongo

The-call-of-the-drongo-hd (142)

Tamaa quacks with the ducks

In the beginning of the episode, a flock of ducks is shown flying in a V-shaped formation. Later, during the song Bird of a Thousand Voices, Tamaa follows a mother duck and her ducklings and imitates them.

Ono's Idol

Several ducks appear at the presentation of the legendary eagle Hadithi.

Beshte and the Hippo Lanes

A duck pokes his head out of the water during "Makin' Hippo Lanes".

Fire from the Sky

Ducks help Hadithi fight  the vultures.

The Harmattan

Ducks appear during the song The Tree of Life.

Notable Ducks


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