"Oh they must be red pandas. I've never seen one before but they fit the description. But the red pandas are solitary animals. I wonder why there's a whole pack of them?"

Ono, Ghost of the Mountain

Domog’s Pack is a group of red pandas led by Domog.


Ghost of the Mountain

Domog's Pack is helping with Bunga as their Chosen One to get of rid of Ghost of the Mountain, Chuluun the snow leopard. At the end, Bunga defeats Chuluun and Domog and
Ghost-of-the-mountain (1251)

Saying goodbye to the Lion Guar

his pack thanks the Lion Guard, especially Bunga, before they continue their journey to the Tree of Life.




Main Article: Domog

Domog is the leader of the group. 



Main Article: Dughi

Dughi is a member of the group.



Main Article: Bogino

Bogino is a member of the group.

Chubby Red Panda


Main Artcle: Chubby Red Panda

Chubby Red Panda is a member of the group.

Male Red Panda

Unnamed Red Panda 2

Main Article: Male Red Panda

Male Red Panda is a member of the group.

Female Red Panda

Unnamed Red Panda 1

Main Article: Female Red Panda

Female Red Panda is a member of the group.

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