Welcome to Dhahabu Grove. The happiest place in the Back Lands.

Dhahabu, The Golden Zebra

Dhahabu Grove is a location in the Back Lands. It is located near Dhahabu's Watering Hole.


Dhahabu Grove is an area of the Black Lands, dotted with many acacia trees and plenty of grass for zebras to eat.


The Golden Zebra

The-golden-zebra (221)

The grove

When a water shortage strikes the Pride Lands, Simba sends the Lion Guard to ask Dhahabu to share her watering hole. The Lion Guard venture to there, where they are introduced to the Fabulous Dhahabu. Excited to meet Pride Landers, she leads them to Dhahabu Grove. After a little conversation on leaders, Kion asks her the all important question. She is hesitant at first, but when Kion offers to do something for her in return, she asks him to find a Tamboa Plant for her herd. To her surprise, he accepts.

The-golden-zebra (390)

The herd leave Dhahabu

Later, Dhahabu teaches her herd some moves with their hooves, when she bumps into the Lion Guard who have returned with the plant. Suddenly, she calls the deal off, and even denies her own herd access to the watering hole. Suspicious, Kion orders Ono to check the surrounding area, where he discovers that the watering hole has dried up. Upset at their leader for lying to them, Dhahabu's herd abandon Dhahabu. She reveals to Kion that she was aware that it dried up, but was hoping that it would refill itself soon. Kion offers to help, and Dhahabu announces that she will gladly share with the Pride Landers if successful. After a fight with Makucha's Leap, they are able to restore water to the watering hole, and the Pride Landers are granted access as promised.



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