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Zebras? That must be Dhahabu's herd. I didn't realize there was such a big watering hole on her land. That's our answer.

Simba, The Golden Zebra

Dhahabu's Herd is a group of zebras led by Dhahabu that resides in the Back Lands.


The Golden Zebra

The introduction

When a drought hits the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard seek out Dhahabu, in order to ask if they can share her watering hole. After venturing into the Back Lands and being introduced to Dhahabu by her herd, they are taken to Dhahabu Grove where they negotiate with an excited Dhahabu. With a little bit of pleading from members Raha and Starahe, The Lion Guard is tasked with finding a rare Tamboa Plant for the herd in order for access to the watering hole, which they accept, much to Dhahabu's surprise.

The herd leave Dhahabu

After getting the plant, they discover that the watering hole is empty, something which only Dhahabu herself knew of. Disappointed, her herd abandons her for lying to them, prompting Dhahabu to take up the Lion Guard's offer to help restore the water.

After they do so together, her herd return to the watering hole, where they welcome the Pride Landers to their source of water.

The Queen's Visit

The herd in the Pride Lands

The zebras come into the Pride Lands and they sing Prance With Me. Dhahabu goes on top of Pride Rock where she meets King Simba along with the rest of Kion's family. Dhahabu goes on a tour with the Lion Guard, KiaraTiifu, and Zuri. She tells her herd to go frolic and romp aroun

Dhahabu tells her herd to have fun in the Pride Lands

d the Pride Lands. After seeing Fuli helping Dhahabu get over a fire she sees that she needs a royal guard. She asks Fuli, Tifu, and Zuri to be her guards. Starehe and Raha get upset that they've been alone without Dhahabu for this long. Ono goes to find her and sees that there being attacked by jackals. The zebras spring into action but Dhahabu doesn't see them. Ki

Dhahabu's new guards

on suggests that they be her new guards. The jackals come back again this time with two crocodiles. Starehe and Raha come to save Dhahabu and she lets them be her new guards. That night at the celebration Dhahabu wishes that they would share her watering hole forever and become friends.

Named Members


Thequeensvisit (128).png
Main article: Dhahabu

Dhahabu is the leader of the herd. 


The-golden-zebra (136).png
Main article: Starehe

Starehe (left zebra) is a member of Dhahabu's Herd. She is a hyperactive, happy-go-lucky zebra who is always excited to meet new animals. She is the sister to Raha.


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Main article: Raha

Raha is a member of Dhahabu's Herd. He is an energetic, carefree soul who enjoys meeting new faces. He is the brother to Starehe.

Unnamed Members

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