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Good leaders keep everyone happy, and in return, everyone loves them. Right?

–Dhahabu, The Golden Zebra

Dhahabu is an adult female golden zebra that resides in the Back Lands. She is the leader and also the Queen of her own herd .


She's really different and really pretty.

Beshte, The Golden Zebra

Dhahabu is a slenderly built peach-tan- and white-striped zebra. Her eyes are bright sky blue, with black eyebrows. She has a striped golden and white mane that curves to one side and rises above her face. The stripes on her legs are darker than the ones on her head and back. Her inner ears are pink, and her hooves are dark brown.


Dhahabu has been described as charismatic and wily. Although she may appear narcissistic at first glance, Dhahabu is a proud leader who hates letting her herd down and will do anything to make them happy, even going so far as to lie to them in order to conceal a truth that may cause them sadness. Dhahabu is also open to taking advice from others, especially if the advice will help her grow into a better leader. Unlike most zebras, she is not always fearful and will be brave in order to grow, help others and fix her problems.


The Golden Zebra

Meeting Dhahabu

Dhahabu is first mentioned by Simba when he realizes that her grazing grounds contained a large watering hole. He sends Kion, and the Lion Guard to ask Dhahabu to share with the Pride Landers, urging them to offer something from the Pride Landers in return.

After a run-in with Makucha, the Guard meets Raha and Starehe, who introduce them to Dhahabu. After Kion introduces himself, Dhahabu asks if the Guard was going to protect herself and her herd from lions. Kion introduces his friends, and Dhahabu interrupts again when she learns that they have come from the Pride Lands. She asks them to prance with her, and after a brief discussion, they follow her.

Dhahabu's hesitance

She brings them to Dhahabu Grove, describing it as the happiest place in the Back Lands. Impressed, Kion agrees with her, Dhahabu explains how a good leader keeps everyone happy in exchange for their love. Kion brings up his own father and how good of a leader he is too. He explains the situation, and although she is sympathetic, Dhahabu hesitates, but Raha and Starehe express excitement to meet the Pride Landers. Kion offers to give her something in return, and she asks for a Tamboa Plant. The Guard agrees, which shocks Dhahabu. She thanks them, wishes them luck and prances off.

Dhahabu cancels the deal

Later, as Dhahabu spends time with her herd, she becomes startled when the Guard delivers the Tamboa Plant. Kion asks if they can see the watering hole, and the zebra siblings happily volunteer. Dhahabu protests, and states that nobody could go near it and that the deal was off.

Suspicious, Kion asks Ono to check the watering hole, and Ono reveals that it is dried up. Dhahabu attempts to deny his discovery, but her herd walks off. Dhahabu explains her knowledge of the watering hole drying up and states her hesitation to inform her herd, not wanting to disappoint them.

The herd abandons Dhahabu

Kion tells her that a good leader was honest, even when delivering bad news, and offers to see what was blocking the water. Dhahabu agrees and promises to allow the Pride Landers to drink from the watering hole if they were successful.

When they reach the watering hole, Kion questions her, and she explains that there used to be a waterfall. Ono investigates and reveals that a rockslide had blocked the water. The Lion Guard start to move, despite Dhahabu's warning of the area being leopard territory. She decides to join them, to be a good leader. Although Kion is hesitant, he allows her to join them.

Dhaahbu's scared of Makucha's response

When they reach the rocks, Kion sends Beshte to smash the rocks apart. But Makucha appears, refusing to let them take the water. Even though Kion explains that they just want to break the rocks so that the zebras can have some too, he warns them that he doesn't share. Dhahabu approaches him, hoping that her reputation will help them in some way. Instead, Makucha leaps towards Dhahabu, only to be knocked away by Kion.

Dhahabu cheers Beshte on

Kion calls for Dhahabu to take cover, and for Beshte to break the rocks. Makucha then reveals that he brought his friends, and three more leopards appear. While Kion takes on Makucha, he overhears Dhahabu calling for Ono to watch out. He swiftly pushes Makucha away to save Ono, and the Guard overpowers the leopards. Defeated, Makucha's friends start to retreat, leaving the Lion Guard to believe that they have won.

Dhahabu takes charge

But Makucha reveals that he has cornered Dhahabu, ordering them to leave before she gets hurt. After the Guard subtly prompts her, Dhahabu realizes what she needed to do, and knocks Makucha away. Makucha lands against the rocks, which causes the water to reappear.

A little later, Kion leads some herds through the Back Lands, where they are introduced to Dhahabu. She approaches them and states that they have to do something before they can enter: "Frolic and romp". The animals happily agree and enter the water. Dhahabu invites the Lion Guard, and all but Fuli enter to join her.

The Queen's Visit

Prance with me

Dhahabu and her herd come into the Pride Lands, she gets excited when all the Pride Landers are there to see her. As she makes her way up to Pride Rock, she sings Prance With Me and meets Kion's parents. She goes to greet the Lion Guard and says that KiaraTiifu, and Zuri will escort her around the Pride Lands. While touring the Pride lands, a

Fuli saves Queen Dhahabu

fire happens, caused by dry lighting. Kion orders Fuli to get the girls to safety. However, the Queen is scared but Fuli pushes her and makes her get moving. After seeing Fuli's actions, she asks her to be her queen guard. She also asks Tiifu and Zuri to be her guards as well. Kion doesn't like the idea at first

Dhahabu's request

since Fuli is a member of the Lion Guard. However, he goes with it anyway since the Back Landers are sharing their water. The guard goes on patrol while Kiara goes to help set up for the celebration. While learning about baboons who are leaping over a disgruntled Fuli, Reirei's Pack

"Baboons are delightful."

 tries to attack Dhahabu, but with the help from the Lion Guard, Starehe, and Raha, the jackals run away. Dhahabu thinks Tiifu and Zuri were the ones who defeated Goigoi, so she decides to have Fuli, Tiifu, and Zuri be her permanent guards, much to their ire. Dhahabu's "guards" now escort her to the watering hole to refresh herself. When the jackals return along with two crocodiles from Kiburi's Float in an attempt to attack Dhahabu, but both strikes cause Starehe

Dhahabu's speech

and Raha to come and save her. She's impressed and has them be her new guards. At the celebration, she talks to the Pride Landers about sharing their watering hole forever.



  • Dhahabu's design may be based on a viral photograph depicting a rare white zebra with exaggerated golden fur. [1]
  • Dhahabu was the first new character to be revealed in Season 2 of The Lion Guard. Like Kuchimba, Kenge, Shujaa, and Hodari, she was first mentioned over a year before her debut.[2]
  • Dhahabu is modeled after the late Zoe the Golden Zebra who resided in Hawaii's Three Ring Ranch.
  • Her name means gold in Swahili.
  • Originally, Dhahabu was meant to return in Season 3, as her voice actress, Renée Elise Goldsberry, was slated to reprise her role for the final season.[3]


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