Crowned Cranes are birds that appears in The Lion Guard. They live in the Pride Lands.


Crowned crane's wings are black, white, gold and dark brown, though its feathers on its wings and tail feathers.  Their long legs are grey, they are black and white though their head and their chins. and middle marks are red on top of its head. Their head has a yellow crown of feathers, their bills are short and grey, their eyes are light blue and their chins have red gular sacks.


In the Real World 

Crowned cranes lives in Eastern and Southern Africa,  they live in inhabitants wet and dry open habitat, grasslands wetlands and savannahs. Crowned cranes are omnivores, they eat plants, worms, insects, lizards and small mammals.  Female crowned cranes can lay two or three eggs. When chicks are hatched, they can grown for about three weeks. Crowned cranes are endangered. They can save crowned cranes, with only 500-300 left in the wild.


The Lion Guard

Crowned cranes appear in paintings in the Lair of the Lion Guard, Rafiki's Tree, and the Chamber of the Lion Guard.

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