Civets are mammals that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in Dragon Island and Forest.


In the Real World

Civets have tan coats with black spots and black stripes through to their tails. They have black legs and two black lines on their necks and markings on their white faces.


In the Real World

Civets, or civet cats, are closely related to weasels and mongooses. Civets can both actually live in the trees and the grounds and they are excellent swimmers. Civets are omnivores; they eat plants, animals, fruits, various vegetation, eggs insects, birds, reptiles and small mammals. Their main predators are animals such as lions, leopards, snakes and crocodiles. Civets produce loud growls and cough like sounds. It also raises their long black hair on the side of body to appear larger.


Dragon Island 

The Lion Guard meets an old civet who warns them about the Komodo dragons that live on the island they are walking to. The Guard meets the old civet again, who is happy that the story about dragons on the island is true.

Mama Binturong

Tompok the Civet is one of the many animals who are afraid of Mama Binturong, and he is forced by to talk about the Lion Guard who keeps on talking about Tuliza, the plant that Mama Binturong is very obsessed with. When the Lion Guard asks the civet about the whereabouts of Makini’s stolen staff, he tells them that a mouse deer who lives in the forest might know something about it.

Notable Civets in The Lion Guard

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