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My dad says we should only take what the pride needs to keep the Circle of Life in balance. If we took down gazelles just to learn how to do it, pretty soon there wouldn't be any left. Then we'd be as bad as the hyenas.

Kiara on the Circle of Life

The Circle of Life is an ideology that is held by the all creatures of the Pride Lands, some in the Outlands, many in the Back Lands and all at the Tree of Life.

It states that everything exists in a delicate balance. All organisms (including plants and animals) are a part of it, and must respect it in order to maintain nature's balance and thus keep the current evolutionary era as long as possible.


The Circle of Life concept is explored in the 1994 movie The Lion King and is strongly emphasized throughout this television series. One goal of the Lion Guard is to protect the Circle of Life, and ensure that all animals live in harmony, not taking more than is necessary for their survival. Thus greed, gluttony, poaching, and thievery are looked down upon. The Circle of Life also requires larger predators to stay in their own territories, preventing conflict and disorder.

Animals who do not respect or ignore the Circle of Life are usually considered rogue and condemned to exile from the Pridelands, normally by the Lion King. Those who reenter will be driven out again by the Lion Guard. When an animal has passed away, it is said that they have completed their journey in (or through) the Circle of Life.


Return of the Roar

Simba orders his son Kion to lead a group of animals to defend the Pride Lands and the circle of life.

Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots

When Kion sees a Chameleon eating a fly he tells his friend Jasiri that's an example of the circle of life. Jasiri says that most hyneas respect it. During the song Sisi ni sawa Jasiri claims that the circle of life will guide everyone. 

The Rise of Makuu

Basi explains when entions that when there are too many fish in the lake, the crocodiles come along and eat the fish. When Pua then arrives at Big Springs to ask Basi for fish. Makuu gets mad that they have to leave. Later when all of the animals go home Kion is glad to have the circle of life in balance.

Bunga the Wise

When Kion asks Mufasa if he could use the Roar to make the rainstorms go away. Mufasa explains that the rain storms are part of the Circle of Life and that the grass needs the water.

The Kupatana Celebration

At the end of the celebration Kion apologizes to his father, but it turns out that Simba is very understanding of the mistake, especially since he did it in the spirit of Kupatana. Kion says that it's the circle of life.

The Call of the Drongo

When Tamaa the drongo uses different voices to steal other animal's food. Kion explains that it's disprupting the cirlce of life.

Janja's New Crew

When Janja replaces Cheezi and Chungu with two new hyenas the guard lets them stay in the Pridelands. The hyenas are eating up all of the left overs and Ono explains that they're helping the circle of life.

Lions of the Outlands

When Zira asks Kion to choose between lions or hyenas, Kion explains that he's on the side of the Circle of Life, and the animals who respect it.

Beshte and the Hippo Lanes

Basi and  Beshte make Hippo Lanes, as a way to safely cross the Flood Plains, and keep to the Circle of Life.

The Savannah Summit

King Simba is with a group of leaders and they all talk about the dry season.

Ono and the Egg

When the guard sees a harrier hawk trying to eat a hyrax Kion explains that she needs to go home and eat in her own territory. 

The Rise of Scar

Ma Tembo is now in charge of finding a water source, which she has been having trouble with. Kion and the guard wishes that they can help her but it's not their job.

Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas

After learning on how Timon and Pumbaa brought Christmas into the Pride LandsMakini thinks that celebrates the gift of the Circle Of Life.

The Morning Report

Zazu's job is to see what's going on all over the Pride Lands and talk to the king about problems. 

Beshte and the Beast

Thurston's herd goes to the Watering Hole, to get a drink. Bunga explains that it's the giraffes turn to drink. Ono says that taking turns drinking the water is part of the Circle Of Life. Thurston goes to wait and starts to complain about how the giraffes always take too long to drink because of their necks. 

The Queen's Visit

Queen Dhahabu says that the Circle of Life should be fun. Later Kiara tells her by allowing the Pride Landers share her Watering Hole she is helping the Circle of Life. 

Long Live the Queen

Janna completes her journey through the Circle of Life.

Return to the Pride Lands

Kovu tells the Lion Guard and Outlanders that Zira has completed her journey through the Circle of Life.