Timon: The point is, Christmas is a wonderful day when we all get presents!

Pumbaa: It's more like a time to be with your friends and family. It's all about the spirit of giving!

Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas

Christmas is an event that now takes place in the Pride Lands during the Wet Season. It was introduced to the Pride Landers by Timon and Pumbaa, who heard it through a chain of other animals.


Similar to the real world tradition, celebrating Christmas involves decorating an acacia tree, known as a Christmas Tree, with various ornaments such as gourds and fruit. It is a time of giving and receiving gifts, as well as being together with friends and family.

A large star which shines both day and night signal the arrival of Christmas. It is said that if The Twelve Ways of Christmas is sung and performed with all the correct animals and items required, Dandy Claws will arrive, and deliver presents under the Christmas tree.


Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas

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Getting into the spirit

Rafiki teaches his young apprentice, Makini, all about Christmas and how it came to be, as part of her Royal Mjuzi training.

When the Lion Guard notice Bunga, Timon and Pumbaa decorating a large acacia tree, and inquire about their actions. When it is revealed that the rest of the Guard are unaware about Christmas, Timon and Pumbaa explain, with Timon asserting his belief that it's all about the presents, whilst Pumbaa believes it to be about being with friends and family. The duo and Bunga sing Christmas in the Pride Lands to further empathize their point.

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The Christmas Tree

At the end, Timon confesses that, although some say Dandy Claws will leave presents under the tree for some, it will never happen for them, since he only appears when certain criteria is met. Namely, a large performance being played under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. When they leave Pumbaa and the dejected meerkat, the Lion Guard notice Bunga's sorrow, and agree to help him get the performance done for his uncles, recruiting many animals for the show.

After a lot of rehearsing, the Guard and several other Pride Landers are able to pull it off. Although the real Dandy Claws does not appear, Pumbaa dresses up for him to please Timon, making him realise just how lucky he really is to be surrounded by such loving friends.


  • Before the episode was released, Ford Riley explained how Christmas came to be in the Pride Lands.[1]


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