Well.. It looks like a long time ago the lions of the Pride Lands found a way to defeat a great evil, and this chamber holds the secret.

Makini, Cave of Secrets

The Chamber of the Lion Guard is a chamber hidden deep within the Lair of the Lion Guard.


The bulk of the chamber is a large cave, with stalactites and an otherworldly cyan glow emitting from several rocks. Several pillars, each depicting various stories in the forms of paintings are in the center and surrounding the cave. In the corner is another chamber, hidden by foliage to protect the secrets within.

In this smaller room, the blue glow is more powerful. All that can be found in there is a single crystalline pool of water and a single painting.


Prior to The Lion Guard

When a group of evil lions attacked the Pride Lands, Askari and his Lion Guard set up the chamber, which contained a force capable of defeating great evil. Using this force, they were able to defeat the evil lions, and restore peace to the Pride Lands.

Cave of Secrets

Cave-of-secrets (515)

Arrival at the Chamber

Kion and the Guard travel deep in the lair to discover the secret to defeating great evil, which is held in the Chamber underneath.

After passing a series of tests, the Lion Guard and Makini finally located the chamber where they stare in awe. They are soon called over by Makini, who locates the story of what happened all those years ago.

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The beginning of the tale

According to the paintings, many years ago, a group of evil lions tried to take over the Pride Lands. In doing so, they nearly destroyed it. Thus, the good lions of the Pride Lands created an unstoppable force to defeat the evil lions, but only the worthiest in the Pride Lands would be able to find and use the force. When Kion questions where the force is, Makini directs him to another room nearby. Kion and Makini lead everyone into the area.

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The mysterious pool

In the area is a pool of water and another cave painting. Looking to discover the source, Bunga leaps into the water but is unable to find any secrets in it. But Kion realizes what the force really is after seeing his reflection - it's them. Makini brings the painting to life to confirm Kion's theory, showing how Askari's original Lion Guard was formed to stop the evil lions.
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The secret

Makini apologizes, with her belief that she could have noticed the signs earlier and thus saved the Guard the hassle of going through the tests in the first place. But Kion states how much they needed to go through them so that they knew they were ready. Filled with new invigoration, the Lion Guard peer up at the Mark of the Guard painting on the wall and cry out their catchphrase, ready to take on Scar.


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