Calf in Danger is a comic based on The Lion Guard featured in issue 2 of The Lion Guard Magazine. There are two possible solutions, though both lead to the same outcome.


A panicked gazelle approaches the Lion Guard, pleading for their help in finding her lost calf. The Lion Guard agree to help, with Beshte asking her which way the calf may have gone. The mother mentions the Outlands, and the Guard speed away.

Soon, Ono suggests that they split up. Kion agrees and takes Beshte and Ono along with him, whilst Fuli and Bunga check another route.

Fuli & Bunga's route

During their search for the missing calf, Fuli and Bunga wind up in a wasteland. Fuli is keen to find the calf, but is spooked when she hears an eerie animal cry. Bunga reveals that it was him, using an old hollow log that had been blown off during a storm to amplify his voice. Fuli is angered that he took the time to play, but soon her attention focuses to Mzingo and some of his friends nearby.

Their eyes lock on to the calf in the center, and they quickly devise a plan. Fuli and Bunga find another hollow log just like the one Bunga used to scare Fuli, and use it again. This frightens Mzingo and the other vultures, and they fly away, leaving the calf safely behind.

Kion, Beshte & Ono's route

The trio walk through a jungly area filled with fruit trees. Beshte accidentally pushes back a branch which, when released, sends a fruit flying towards Kion. Beshte and Ono warn Kion of the impending fruit, and he is able to dodge it. Ono pecks at the fruit, revealing the lucky break Kion had, since it had not ripened and thus was very firm.

They then see Reirei, Goigoi and a few other adult jackals chasing the missing calf. Reirei and Goigoi notice the Guard and warn them away, having found him first. Kion then gets the idea to use the fruit in the same way as Beshte had accidentally used them, and the trio send the fruit flying towards the jackals. It succeeds in frightening them away, and the calf is saved.


Having reunited, the Lion Guard return the baby to their mother, who is grateful to the Guard for bringing him home safely. The calf admits that he was worried at first, but not after the Lion Guard arrived. With the pair reunited, Bunga comments that they had best leave soon, before the mother offers them a job as a babysitter, causing them to laugh together.

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