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It never hurts to be polite.

–Bupu, Beshte and the Hippo Lanes

Bupu is an adult male sable antelope that resides in the Pride Lands. He is the leader of his own herd.


Bupu is a large male sable antelope with very dark-brown fur. He has a brown-white underbelly, muzzle and marking just above his eyes and a black mane. He has dark-blue eyes and a black nose. His inner ears are grey and light brown, with a black tip at the top. He has two long off-white horns. His tail has a black tuft at the end.


Bupu is a rather stubborn sable antelope, who frowns at those who order him around. Whilst he may be eventually persuaded into taking orders, when Fuli uses the word please he does so begrudgingly, and will never hesitate to point out his frustration when he feels that he is being messed around. He is quick to give up and difficult to work with at most times. Despite this, he appreciates politeness, and will gladly remove any hostility towards those who remember to be polite towards him. He is also very kind and willing (sometimes) to help others.


Beshte and the Hippo Lanes

Bupu hears Kion's fears

After a rainstorm floods their grazing grounds, Bupu and his herd stand around in the water, waiting for it to pass. But when a second storm starts to brew, the Lion Guard, minus Beshte, rush to call them away for their own safety. Bupu refuses to leave, even after Ono warns him of the impending rain storm. When Fuli tells him to follow them, he still refuses, stating that they don't take orders from them. Kion understands that they are tired and hungry, but explains that, if they move, they'll have food and won't be standing around in the water. Upon hearing this, Boboka talks with Bupu, urging him to reconsider their offer for the sake of the young ones. Reluctantly, he agrees, and the Guard escort them away across the side of a cliff.

Bupu refuses to get up

The herd follows the Lion Guard around the side of a nearby cliff until Kion warns them to get back. This annoys Bupu, having just been told to follow them. However, a minor rockslide then separates them. The Guard climb over the rocks and Kion tries to get them to move. But Bupu refuses, stating that they are tired and 'give up'. The lion cub then walks towards the rocks, and Bunga assures him that Kion has got this, and for him to hold onto his antlers. Bupu irritably refutes his statement, informing him that they are horns. Before he can say anything else, Kion uses his Roar to blast the rocks out of the way. Proud of himself, Kion looks behind him and calls for them to follow again. Bupu refuses to move or even acknowledge him. Fuli then rushes up to Bupu, who claims they have come so far already. She is unimpressed, having glanced back the short distance they have traversed. This prompts Bupu to continue, albeit begrudgingly.

Bupu is tired of the orders

They arrive at the Flood Plains, where Bunga sends in Boboka and her son. Upon their leave, Bupu starts complaining again about how they were ordered around, criticizing the times when the Lion Guard had tried to help them. Fuli points out that they were all good reasons when suddenly the rainstorm breaks out. Eager to believe they'll be ordered to move out of the rain, Bupu informs them that they're not going anywhere. Fuli and Bunga are okay with this since it's exactly what they want them to do anyway.

"Blah, blah, blah."

With the rainstorm still going, Bupu resorts to more complaining. Fuli informs him that they'll tell them when to keep going, and asks him to stand and be quiet. Bupu suspires heavily and sits down. When Fuli orders him to stand up, Bupu isn't surprised that the Lion Guard is telling them what to do, causing the other sable antelopes to sit down in protest with him. Despite Fuli's best efforts, she is unable to get him to stand, even when Ono returns with the youngster. When Ono questions her actions, she explains what she's trying to do, only for Bupu to respond with 'Blah, blah, blah blah blah blah blah'.

A grateful Bupu

Confirming that Beshte has finished the new Hippo Lane, Bunga then calls for them to 'follow that hippo', but Bupu remarks that it looks so wet. Fuli snaps and reminds them that they're already wet, and Bupu turns his head, telling her to continue yelling at them like they've done all day. Fuli has a change of heart and apologizes for yelling. She goes on to say that it's been a long day for her as well as them, explaining how they can get something to eat on the other side. She returns to Bupu and asks them to go, adding 'please' at the end of her statement. To her surprise, Bupu responds by telling her that that was all they wanted to hear and that it never hurts to be polite. He then calls for his herd to follow, and together, they run through the new Hippo Lane.

While running through the Flood Plains, they trample over Makuu's Float having been led there by Beshte and Basi. Bupu turns to Sable Antelope #1 and asks if he heard anything, but he responds with 'no' and they continue going.

Later, when the Flood Plains have cleared, Bupu and his herd can be seen grazing in the grass on the other side, finally safe.

The Savannah Summit

Bupu becomes friendly

As the leader of the Sable Antelope, Bupu attends the Savannah Summit with several other leaders and gets a surprise shock when Makuu gets invited too. Everyone travels to Mizimu Grove for the summit as the event begins, with Bupu warming up to some of the other guests.

Arguing with Makuu

Upon arrival, Bupu leaves for the Watering Hole, where he has a conversation with Makuu, who wishes to negotiate with the antelope. He explains that he and his float sleep during the dry season, and wish to do so near his watering hole. But he refuses to compromise and takes a strike at Makuu, with the crocodile striking back in retaliation. The Lion Guard arrives on the scene, and try to work out the situation by placing Beshte between the quarreling pair. As Makuu explains, Bupu attempts to strike him again, and Makuu retaliates again. Kion warns the crocodile, who slinks away, mentioning that he has no desire for a fight. Bupu is proud of himself, claiming that Makuu wouldn't try tangling with an antelope again.

A failing negotiation

Later, Bupu tries to negotiate with Makuu again at Pride Rock, but Kion pounces on Makuu, believing him to be starting another attack. When his father reveals the truth, Makuu refuses to continue since nobody will trust him. Simba assures Bupu that they will try again, but he too refuses, claiming that negotiating is clearly not the crocodile way, before leaving the king and his son.

"We were so close..."

Later at the summit, Kion tells Bupu and the other leaders that Makuu has completed his journey through the Circle of Life after an accident involving him falling into a pit. Everyone is disappointed with Bupu stating that they "were so close to an agreement." But to their surprise, Makuu reveals himself to be fine once he found out that it was Vuruga Vuruga and Twiga who planned the trap. Bupu along with the others hold their breath in shock as Makuu mentions how badly he's been treated, causing them guilt. After Bupu grows tired of everyone's gasping, to everyone's relief, Makuu found the prank worthy of a crocodile.

Butting heads!

Finally able to trust Makuu, Bupu excitedly resumes negotiations allowing his float to sleep near his herd's watering hole. However, he butts heads with Vuruga Vuruga when she allows the crocodiles to sleep near their mud wallow, prompting Simba to step in.

The Traveling Baboon Show

Bupu is seen watching The Traveling Baboon Show.

Let Sleeping Crocs Lie

Bupu watches the Mashindano between Makuu and Kiburi.

Rafiki's New Neighbors

Bupu speaks with Fuli about Mzaha

After kicking Mzaha out of his herd, Fuli is tasked with taking him home and speaks with Bupu. He is adamant that he doesn't want him back, and that they sent him away for a good reason. While Fuli agrees that he's a little different, she also mentions that he should be with his family. When Bupu still refuses, she adds 'please' to her words, and Bupu finally gives in. He calls to Mzaha that he's back with the herd, and the youngster reacts with joy. Fuli thanks Bupu, before quickly rushing away. After she leaves, Mzaha tries to play tag with a few herd members, much to Bupu's annoyance.

Later, Mzaha continues to disrupt his herd by trying to play tag while they're grazing. Bupu scolds the youngster, telling him that antelopes are not silly creatures and prompting Mzaha to leave the herd of his own accord. As he leaves, Bupu refers to him as a "silly creature".

The Morning Report

A stuck Bupu

After getting his horns trapped in a tree, Bupu listens to the Lion Guard's suggestions on how to get himself free. Kion suggests breaking the branch off, and Bupu reluctantly agrees. Bunga starts leaping on the branch until Nyuni makes his presence known. The little Yellow Wagtail expresses his annoyance with Bupu for crashing into the tree he had made his temporary home. Nyuni refuses to move, and the commotion draws the attention of Zazu, who investigates the situation. Zazu confirms that he'll be putting the scene into his Morning Report, which aggravates Bupu a little.

The "solution"

Kion then has an idea that could help both of them. The branch is broken off, leaving Nyuni's nest on the tree branch, allowing him to view more of the Pride Lands along the way. After Bupu leads his herd away, Zazu praises Kion for his original idea before departing, reminding Bupu not to get his horns stuck again. Bupu offers the hornbill a tepid 'thank you' for his words.

Later, when Zazu goes missing, the Lion Guard approach Bupu and Nyuni to see if they have seen him since. Neither has seen him, but Nyuni does notice a youngster straying from the herd again. Bupu thanks him for the info and starts to wander away, and reacts negatively to Fuli's confusion over how they're getting along now, with Bupu claiming to be very easy to get along with.

The Scorpion's Sting

Bupu attends the Kumbuka celebration for King Simba, singing along with Rafiki to "Good King Simba".

The Kilio Valley Fire 


When Ma Tembo's herd loses their home, Kion asks Bupu if they can stay in their home. Bupu says yes since the guard asks nicely. Soon the elephants start bathing themselves in the dirt, making it land on everyone to which Bupu says is unacceptable. Kion asks to give them some time to find them someplace else to stay but eventually, the herd kicks them out. 

Pride Landers Unite!

Bupu is first seen running with his herd because they think they saw a jackal. Soon 

"Herd, you heard?"

Laini's Group comes by Kion and asks Bunga to gather the galagos and to get them to safety. Later Fuli asks them to help fight the Outlanders and Bupu agrees to this. He forms groups of animals that don't get off to a great start. Bunga waits by a tree, while the animals are instructed to race over to him.

"He's a little hard to miss."

Unfortunately, only the galagos complete the task, while the larger animals collapse onto each other. Later Scar's army comes to attack Makuu's Watering Hole. The Pride Landers come to help the galagos and Bupu asks Kion if they could help and he gets Bupu to give them a ride. The galagos start making the jackals trip and Bupu finds this to be fun. After the battle, Kion uses the roar to blast the Outlanders away. Makuu thanks the herds for their

The galagos riding on Bupu

help and says that he will do the same for them in the future. 

The Queen's Visit

Bupu watches as Queen Dhahabu and her herd come into the Pride Lands and go up to Pride Rock.

The Fall of Mizimu Grove

Bupu is first seen at Mizimu Grove for Makini's Mpando Mypaya, watching Timon and Pumbaa perform their Tujiinue song. When the Army of Scar attacks the Grove, Bupu

Taking Thurston's advice

joins the fight with Laini, at one point fighting off Kiburi. Unfortunately, after Scar reveals himself to the herds when the Grove is in flames, Bupu takes Thurston's advice to flee the Grove with his herd. Fuli manages to stop Bupu and his herd from running into a

"Okay? No we're not okay!"

ditch, but upon reuniting with the other herds, Bupu is furious over Kion and Simba keeping the revelation of Scar's return a secret, and considers taking his herd and leaving the Pride Lands, like the other leaders, claiming to his herd that "there is nothing to discuss". However, after listening to Kion's speech about how they'll survive Scar's war at Mizimu Grove, Bupu agrees to stay, albeit reluctantly, as it takes some persuasion from Laini to get him to confirm his decision.

Battle for the Pride Lands

Bupu and his herd come to help fight against Scar. However, Scar comes on top of Pride Rock and scares the herds. They soon want to call off the attack until Janja comes up with Jasiri. He tells them that he has reformed and wants to help in the fight against Scar. Jasiri confirms this and after that Janja

Bowing to the Lion Guard as they leave the Pride Lands

says by using Kion's roar they can defeat Scar. The next morning the herds go to fight the Outlanders. Kion and the Lion Guard come out of the volcano and say that Scar is defeated. Bupu's Herd says goodbye to the Lion Guard as they make their way to the Tree of Life.

Return to the Pride Lands

Bupu is first seen at Mizimu Grove as Rafiki announces the competition of the Lion Guards of Kion and Vitani as was Thurston's suggestion. He then watches Beshte, Fuli, Anga and Bunga's individual competitions against Imara, Kasi, Tazama and Shabaha respectably alongside the Pride Landers.



  • Bupu was confirmed to be a returning character for Season 2 ahead of time.[1]
  • Bupu wouldn't do anything unless someone says 'please'.
  • Bupu's model appears multiple times in The Queen's Visit.


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