Big Baboon Tree is a tree located in Nyani Grove. It is the home of Big Baboon's Troop.


Big Baboon Tree is a large acacia tree, with many leaves and a fairly sturdy trunk.



After the Lion Guard rescues a young baboon, Kion tells Fuli to bring it to the baboons
Baboons (145)

Throwing fruit

that live at Nyani Grove, believing them to be his family.

After Fuli brings the baboon to Nyani Grove, Big Baboon informs her at he actually belongs to the baboons that live at Mapango Cliffs. An irritated Fuli vows to bring the baboon to Mapango Cliffs.

Ono the Tickbird

When Kifaru the rhino loses his tickbird, his poor eye sight drives him straight into Big Baboon Tree. After getting his horn stuck inside, the baboons start escaping the tree out of fear.



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