BUNGA: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold it zebra- deebras! It's the giraffes' turn to use the watering hole!

THURSTON: This is an outrage! We just want a drink of water!

BUNGA: You'll get one. You just need to wait your turn.

ONO: Indeed. Sharing water is part of the Circle of Life.

THURSTON: But giraffes are so slow! With those long necks it takes them forever to swallow.

FULI: Everyone gets on edge when the water's running low.

KION: It'll be okay,as long as we can keep them from fighting over it.

BESHTE: Well, it's been pretty peaceful so far.



FULI: What is that?

SHUJAA: Me Shujaa!

BUNGA: Think he's trying to cut the line?


THURSTON: (SCREAMS) Panic and run! Panic and run!


KION: Beshte! Ono! Get the herds somewhere safe!

BESHTE: You got it, Kion!

ONO: Affirmative!

We've gotta stop that gorilla.

FULI: You sure about that?

BUNGA: Thought you'd never ask.

SHUJAA: Shujaa ponda!


Stop tearing up the Pride Lands!

BUNGA: Yeah! Or you'll have to deal with the Lion Guard!

SHUJAA: Lion Guard? Okay.

BUNGA: You asked for it!

Zuka Zama!




Back rub good. Higher?

BUNGA: Yeah, okay! Take this! And this! And this!


KION: Bunga, you can stop. Shujaa seems... friendly.

BUNGA: He does? Huh. Then my work here is done.

FULI: So, you're not here to make trouble?



Shujaa help Lion Guard. Shujaa save water from long-necks and stripes.

KION: "Save?"


Shujaa, I think you misunderstood...

ONO: Kion! The zebras and giraffes are safe and...



Sorry! My mistake!

BESHTE: We haven't met, have we?

SHUJAA: Shujaa new. Sent by King Sokwe!

ONO: The gorilla king of the Theluji Mountains? That King Sokwe?

SHUJAA: He hear bad Outlanders hurt Pride Lands. He say, "Shujaa, go help Lion Guard! Do what Shujaa do best!"

FULI: And what does Shujaa do best?

SHUJAA: Shujaa ponda!

SHUJAA:  ♪ Oh, way, oh!

♪ Oh, way, oh!

♪ Shujaa ponda!

♪ It's what Shujaa do

♪ Oh, way, oh!

♪ Oh, way, oh!

♪ Shujaa ponda!

♪Shujaa smash for you

♪ Shujaa bash and crash

♪ Shujaa make big smash

♪ Better get out of the way

♪ Shujaa big and strong

♪ It no take long

♪ Shujaa smash it up today

♪ Oh, way, oh!

♪ Oh, way, oh!

♪ Shujaa ponda!

♪ It what Shujaa do

♪ Oh, way, oh!

♪ Oh, way, oh!

♪ Shujaa ponda!

♪ Shujaa smash for you

♪ Shujaa smash for you

♪ Shujaa smash for you ♪

FULI: That is pretty impressive.

ONO: Adult gorillas can pick up ten times their body weight. Common knowledge, really.

BUNGA: Strongest in the mountains, meet the strongest in the Pride Lands!

SHUJAA: You strong, too? Show Shujaa!

BESHTE: Aw, I don't like to show off.

KION: It's okay, Beshte. Show him.

BESHTE: Okay, I guess... Twende Kiboko! (GRUNTS)

SHUJAA: Oh, Beshte very strong! Shujaa and Beshte play catch!


ONO: I think I'll stay up here for a while.

KION: King Sokwe was right. We can definitely use your help.

ONO: Maybe sooner than you think! The hyenas, crocs, and jackals are attacking Big Springs! They're facing off against Basi!

BESHTE: Dad? Oh, no!

SHUJAA: No! (SNORTS) Dad in danger?

KION: Not for long. Come on, Shujaa! Till the Pride Lands end...

ALL: Lion Guard defend!

SHUJAA: Shujaa defend, too!

KION: Okay, here's the plan...

SHUJAA: Shujaa have plan! Shujaa ponda!


BASI: That's far enough! This is our territory!

KIBURI: Not for long. Get 'em!


SHUJAA: Me Shujaa!

JANJA: What's a Shujaa?

CHUNGU: I think it's the biggest baboon I've ever seen!

KIBURI: Who cares how big he is? We got him outnumbered!

REIREI: We sure do.

SHUJAA: Numbers not matter! Shujaa can't count!



FULI: Think he needs our help?


SHUJAA: Shujaa ponda! Shujaa ponda!


KION: Looks like he's got it under control.

SHUJAA: Shujaa... (GRUNTS) ponda!

KIBURI: Takes more than a few flying rocks to scare a croc!



CHUNGU: What do we do, Janja?


JANJA: We run, furbrains! We run!


SHUJAA: Shujaa ponda!



JANJA: Now we run!

BUNGA: That was un-Bunga-lievable! Shujaa ponda.

KION: Thanks, Shujaa.

BESHTE: That was Poa!

FULI: It was pretty great.

ONO: It was, but... look!

MUHANGUS: Hey! Who put these boulders on my den?

MASIKIO: Lion Guard? A little help?


SHUJAA: Shujaa do bad?

KION: No! Shujaa did great! We just might have a little clean-up to do.

SCAR: The Lion Guard defeated you? Again?

JANJA: No! Scar, it ain't what you think!

REIREI: Yeah! It was a big gorilla that defeated us again. I mean, for the first time.

KIBURI: That's right! The Lion Guard just stood there and watched.

SCAR: One gorilla beat all of you?

REIREI: Well, yeah. But he was huge! And strong!

JANJA: You shoulda seen him! Rippin' up trees, Throwin' boulders.

REIREI: He even knocked down a whole hillside!

SCAR: Hmm. So a gorilla's tearing up the Pride Lands while trying to help the Lion Guard? (CHUCKLES) That's perfect!

KIBURI: It is?

SCAR: Of course! It means all we have to do is keep attacking, then he'll do more damage to the Pride Lands than we ever could!


KION: Sorry about your den, Muhangus.

SHUJAA: Shujaa just try help hippos.

MUHANGUS: Help hippos? Hippos are huge! They don't need help.

KION: Well, they kinda did.

ONO: Okay, Kion! The oryxes are all untangled now.

BUNGA: And the hares are out!

MASIKIO: Thank you.

BUNGA: See ya!

BESHTE: Twende Kiboko!

That's the last one, Muhangus. All your den entrances are uncovered.

MUHANGUS: What about that one?

SHUJAA: Ooh! Shujaa get. Shujaa help aardvark!


FULI: Maybe you should just let us handle the cleanup.

BUNGA: Are you kidding? Mashed termites are my favorite! Thanks, Shujaa!

ONO: Uh, I don't think there's time to eat.

The hyenas, crocs and jackals are back in the Pride Lands!

FULI: Where?

ONO: On the Savannah, just beyond Nyani Grove!

KION: Then we'll go through the Grove and cut 'em off!

Till the Pride Lands end...

ALL: Lion Guard defend!

SHUJAA: Shujaa defend!

KION: How we doin', Ono?

ONO: They're still coming, Kion! Looks like they're after some antelope! You'll see them once we get through these trees!

SHUJAA: Cut through Grove? Shujaa help! Shujaa ponda!

KION: Shujaa, wait! Baboons...

(BABOONS SQUAWKING) in those trees.

FULI: Well, (SCOFFS) they used to.

ONO: (GASPS) Hapana!

Look where they're going!




KION: Fuli, Beshte! Stop those buffaloes!

FULI: On it!

BESHTE: Got it!

KION: Bunga, Ono, you're with me!

BUNGA: Gotcha!

ONO: Affirmative!

SHUJAA: Shujaa ponda!

KION: Shujaa, stop!

SHUJAA: Shujaa clear path!



JANJA: Anybody see that big gorilla?


Path clear, Kion.


Scar was right. That guy's a menace.



KION: We'll never catch them before they reach the antelopes. Ono! Tell the antelopes to take cover in the Grove.

ONO: On it!

SHUJAA: Shujaa ponda?

KION: You won't need to. Just stay behind me.

BUNGA: Wait til ya see this!

ONO: Antelopes! Hurry! Follow me into Nyani Grove!



SHUJAA: That best thing ever!

KION: Thanks, Shujaa.

BESHTE: Well, we stopped the stampede. And no one got hurt.

KION: So that was the good news. And then there's the bad news. Nyani Grove is a mess.

SHUJAA: Shujaa clean!




KION: Shujaa! No! Don't touch anything!

SHUJAA: But... Shujaa want to help.

BESHTE: You do help, Shujaa. And we're really grateful. It's just, sometimes...

KION: Sometimes you don't know your own strength.

BUNGA: I know his own strength! It's almost as un-Bunga-lievable as Beshte's!

ONO: Yes. But when Beshte uses his strength, he doesn't cause all this damage.

BESHTE: I just know how to control my strength. That's all. Hey! Maybe I can teach Shujaa how to control his strength.

FULI: That's actually a great idea.

BESHTE: What do you think, Shujaa? Want me to teach you how to control your strength?

SHUJAA: Shujaa no understand. But if Shujaa with Beshte, Shujaa say "okay".

BESHTE: Oh, great! Let's go! Hmm. Let's see, what should I show you first?

LAINI: Beshte? Beshte! Is that you?

BESHTE: Hey, Laini!

LAINI: (SCREAMS) What is that?

SHUJAA: What? Where?

BESHTE: (LAUGHS) It's okay, Laini.

This is Shujaa. He's my friend.

LAINI: Uh, if you say so.

BESHTE: So, what's the kerbubble?

LAINI: It's that serval! He jumped into our tree and won't leave! We're sure he wants to eat us.

SERVAL: No, I don't! I jumped up here to catch a bird, but it flew away. And I'm not as good at jumping down as I am at jumping up.

BESHTE: Okay, Shujaa. First lesson. What should we do about a stuck serval?

SHUJAA: Shujaa tear down tree! Serval fall out!

ALL: No!

BESHTE: Shujaa, this tree is the galagos' home. You can't just tear it down. You gotta think first, then act.

SHUJAA: Hmm. "Think." Okay. Shujaa try. Oh! Idea!

SERVAL: Thanks! It feels great to be down from there. So long, galagos.

BESHTE: Good thinking, Shujaa.

SHUJAA: Aw, Shujaa thank Beshte.




BESHTE: Phew! Good thing Ndefu Grove's got a lotta trees!

SHUJAA: Shujaa think he flip that tree now, Fly galagos back home!

LAINI That's okay! We're good! We'll get back on our own! Thanks, though!

BESHTE: It's okay, Shujaa. You didn't know the tree would spring back. Hey! Here's a chance to try again. See? Even teeny tiny Pride Landers sometimes need help.

SHUJAA: Oh! Pretty bug stuck.

BESHTE: Yep. So you'll need to be extra gentle to help him.

SHUJAA: Very gentle.

BESHTE: Right. Now, think about what you need to do.

SHUJAA: Shujaa move little rocks first!


Beshte, look! Pretty bug free!


BESHTE: You did it, Shujaa!

SHUJAA: Shujaa did it!



BESHTE: It's okay, Shujaa. The big rock didn't actually land on anybody, And you did save the butterfly.



BESHTE: Kifaru?



BESHTE: Are you okay?

KIFARU: Is that you, Beshte?

BESHTE: Sure is. Where's your tickbird?

KIFARU: I gave Mwenzi the day off. And now I can't find the watering hole.

BESHTE: Hear that? Kifaru needs our help.

KIFARI: Who's that with you, a pangolin?

SHUJAA: Pangolin?

BESHTE: Rhinos can't see too well. That's why he needs us to help him out of this dead end.


Shujaa ponda!

Watering hole...


That way!

KIFARU: Ooh! I'll take your word for it. Thank you!

SHUJAA: It feel good to help.

BESHTE: It does, but...


SHUJAA: Beshte? Why little fuzzies so sad?

BESHTE: They're rock hyraxes, and you just kind of, uh, smashed their home.

SHUJAA: No! No! No! What Shujaa do? What Shujaa do?

BESHTE: Easy, Shujaa. We can still help. Don't worry, little hyraxes. We can find you a new home!


BESHTE: Come on, Shujaa! Let's get these hyraxes a new place to live!

SHUJAA: It no use! Shujaa no think, bad! Shujaa do think, bad! Shujaa no right ever!

SHUJAA: ♪ Shujaa bash and crash

♪ Shujaa make big smash

♪ Better get out of the way

♪ Shujaa big and strong

♪ It no take long

♪ Shujaa smash it all today

♪ Oh, way, oh!

♪ Oh, way, oh!

♪ Shujaa ponda!

♪ It what Shujaa do

♪ Oh, way, oh!

♪ Oh, way, oh!

♪ Shujaa ponda!

♪ Shujaa smash for you

♪ Shujaa smash for you ♪



SHUJAA: Shujaa no move so Shujaa no make trouble, ever!

BESHTE: Shujaa! There you are. It's all okay. The hyraxes really like their new home.

Shujaa? Are you okay?

ONO: Beshte! Shujaa! Kion needs you! The Outlanders are attacking Big Springs again! And this time there's a fire!

BESHTE: Oh, no! Shujaa, come on! We have to help!

SHUJAA: If Shujaa help, Shujaa make worse. Shujaa stay.

BESHTE: But, Shujaa...

ONO: Beshte, the fire is spreading!

BESHTE: I won't give up on you, Shujaa. You're my friend. I'll come back when the fire's out.




BUNGA: Zuka Zama!



KIBURI: Say goodbye, hippo!

BESHTE: Twende Kiboko!


BASI: Beshte! Just in time!

BESHTE: Better get the pod into the water, it's the safest place!

BASI: This way, hippos! Everyone into the Springs!




BESHTE: Kion! What can I do?

KION: We need you on fire breaks! I'm not gonna lose another part of the Pride Lands!

BESHTE: I got it!

BUNGA: How we doin'?


FULI: Not great.

BUNGA: You gotta use the roar!

KION: Can't! It'd spread the fire everywhere.

ONO: Hapana!

Kion! Fuli! Bunga!



ALL: Beshte!

ONO: Hapana!

KION: Beshte, are you okay?


It's my leg. I can't get up!

FULI: The fire's getting closer!

BUNGA: That's okay, we'll get'cha outta here, Big B!


It might take a while.

KION: We're not strong enough to move him.

Ono, get Shujaa!

Tell him Beshte's hurt, and we need him, now!

ONO: Affirmative!

Shujaa! Follow me to Big Springs!

SHUJAA: Hmm! No! Shujaa no move! If Shujaa stay, Shujaa no mess up.

ONO: But it's Beshte! He hurt his leg. He needs you, Shujaa!

SHUJAA: Beshte...need...Shujaa? Ono! Take Shujaa! Now!



SHUJA: Shujaa ponda!

BESHTE: Shujaa! You came!

SHUJAA: Shujaa help Beshte! Hmm. Beshte leg hurt, so...


BESHTE: Shujaa, you did it! You thought first and you controlled your strength!

SHUJAA: Shujaa did?

BESHTE: Yes! You knew my leg was hurt, so you were careful and strong!

SHUJAA: Shujaa careful and strong. Shujaa make no trouble no more!


Now, Shujaa help Lion Guard! Shujaa think, then Shujaa ponda!

Leave Lion Guard alone!

KIBURI: Hey! What do you think you're doing?

SHUJAA: You not listen? Shujaa think, Shujaa ponda!

CHUNGU: Whoa! He sure ponda'ed them good!

JANJA: Oh, I'm not waiting around for him to ponda me!

REIREI: Me, neither.


SHUJAA: Crocs go home with friends!


TAMKA: Gorilla!


SHUJAA: Now, Shujaa help put out fire!

Shujaa ponda!


KION: You did great, Shujaa. We couldn't have saved Big Springs without you.

SHUJAA: Shujaa ponda. It what Shujaa do.

BESHTE: You didn't just ponda, you thought first.

You're a good friend, Shujaa.

KION: And a great ally.

We're lucky King Sokwe sent you here.

SHUJAA: King Sokwe!

He no see Shujaa think!

Shujaa need show him.

But Shujaa come back if Lion Guard need help.

Shujaa promise.

KION: It's a deal.

Thank you, Shujaa.

SHUJAA: Thank you!

Goodbye, Lion Guard!

Goodbye, strong friend Beshte!

Me know me see you again!

BESHTTE: So long!

BUNGA: See you!

KION: Bye!

FULI: Bye! Think he'll make it home without knocking something over?


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