What are you guys running for? Bees taste even better when they're mad!

Bunga, Can't Wait to be Queen

Bees are flying insects that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Pride Lands and the Tree of Life.


In the Real World

Honey bees have three parts to their bodies: the head, thorax, and abdomen. They have transparent wings attached to the thorax and a pair of antenna on their heads. They usually have yellow or golden bodies with black stripes. Stingers are present at the anterior end of their bodies.

In The Lion Guard

The bees in The Lion Guard all have round oval-shaped bodies and transparent gray wings. They lack visible stingers, but posses the ability to sting. At a distance, they appear as small dark brown dots.


In the Real World

Bees belong to the suborder Apocrita, along with waps and ants, and the family Apidae. They pollinate plants by carrying pollen from flower to flower.

In The Lion Guard

One of the king's duties is the ceremonial naming of the bees. According to Bunga, bees are great snacks that taste even better when they are angry.


Can't Wait to be Queen

Cant-wait-to-be-queen-hd (86)

"Ceremonial naming of the bees!"

During Duties of the King, it is mentioned that one of the king's duties is the ceremonial naming of the bees. While Simba sings about this, a swarm of bees fly close to their hive. They momentarily move and fly around Simba's head.

Cant-wait-to-be-queen-hd (195)

The bees pursue the Lion Guard

After Ono reports that the bees are creating new beehives along the path that the elands are traveling along, Queen Kiara sends the Lion Guard to divert the elands away from the bees. However, the leader of the Guard, Kion, instead decides to move the bees rather than the elands. This results in a swarm of bees pursuing the Lion Guard and attacking them after the Guard collides with the eland herd. Bunga, however, is not bothered, and eats honey from one of the hives while bees fly around him.

Fuli's New Family

Fulisnewfamily-p2 (87)

A swarm of bees chases Fuli

During the song My Own Way, Fuli is briefly seen fleeing a swarm of bees.

The Lost Gorillas

Zazu is seen with his beak stuck in a beehive and Bunga helps him out. Then, the bees swarm after Zazu, and once again, Bunga saves him, pushing him away and eating the bees

The Trail to Udugu

When Simba is laughing with Rafiki during Running with the King, a bee lands on his nose. When Simba swipes it away, he accidentally knocks Rafiki off the ledge in the process.

The Ukumbusho Tradition

Bees start chasing elephants wearing paint made from yellow flowers.

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