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Green Bee Eaters! Help Ono!

Hadithi, Fire from the Sky

Bee-eaters are birds that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Pride Lands and the Tree of Life.


In the Real World

Green bee-eaters are small green and yellow birds with elongated central tail-feathers. They have long, slender beaks that they use catch the insects that they eat such as bees before beating them on their perch.

In The Lion Guard

Bee-eaters are very similar to their real world counterparts.   


In the Real World

Bee-eaters are often found near water, and they are solitary nesters that make tunnels in sandy banks. Both males and females work together in raising their young.

In The Lion Guard

Bee-eaters live in the Pride Lands, and are shown nesting on trees.


The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

During Zuka Zama, bee-eaters lean out from behind a tree and begin moving their wings up and down while singing Zuka zama zom zom zom!. They reappear at the end of the song, in the same place.


The Trail to Udugu

Several bee-eaters can be seen flying alongside some turacos during the song Running with the King.

Bee-eaters and turacos fly by Simba

Ono's Idol

Several bee-eaters are seen during the presentation of Hadithi. They are also present during Hadithi the Hero, praising Hadithi along the way.


Bee-eaters during the song

Babysitter Bunga

A bee-eater is seen watching Bunga during Teke Ruka Teleza. He dances a little to the beat.

Bee-eater watching Bunga

Fire from the Sky

Bee-eaters help Hadithi

A flock of bee-eaters were apart of the bird army in order to stop the vultures.  

Battle for the Pride Lands

a flock of bee-eaters were apart of the bird army for final battle to defeat Scar and his army once and for all.

The River of Patience

Blue-throated bee-eaters can be seen flying around during Welcome to the Tree of Life.

Long Live the Queen

A blue-throated bee-eater appears gathering flowers at Janna's funeral and Rani's coronation.

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