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Pride Landers! Welcome to the battle of the Lion Guards. Kion's Guard will compete with Vitani's to see which team is the best. There will be one test for each traditional Lion Guard role, the Fiercest, Bravest, Fastest, Strongest and Keenest of Sight.

Rafiki, Return to the Pride Lands

The Battle of the Lion Guards was a traditional tournament that takes place in the Pride Lands between Kion's Lion Guard and Vitani's Lion Guard. It was used to determine the rightful leader of the Lion Guard.


Return to the Pride Lands

When Kion and Vitani's Guards argue over who's best, Thurston suggests for them to sort the situation out the zebra way: a competition. They agree, and Thurston soon goes around the Pride Lands to inform everyone about the contest. Later, Rafiki explains the contest will be a best of five, and Ono will be the judge due to his exclusive role of being the smartest. The losing team will decide what the next challenge will be. Vitani's Guard gets the first choice of the event, which is the strongest competition.

Imara, the strongest of Vitani's Guard, explains the rules of the strongest challenge. The strongest of each Guard will pu[[Chakula Plains|

The Strongest Challenge

]]sh a rock with an elephant on it to a tree in Chakula Plains, and the first to do so wins. The challenge commences, with Beshte pushing Ma Tembo and Imara pushing Zito. Beshte seems to be the clear winner, but he begins to get sunburned and forfeits the challenge, giving Imara and Vitani's Guard the win. For the next round, which is the fastest competition, Ono explains the challenge

The Fastest challenge

rules set up by Fuli. She and Kasi, the fastest of Vitani's Guard, will race around a canyon, and the first to make it back wins. The race starts, and Kasi takes an easy lead. However, the lioness makes the critical error of using her speed too quickly, causing her to tire, and Fuli speeds past her to win the round for Kion's Guard. The next contest is between the keenest of sight. Ono explains that Anga and Tazama, the keenest of sight of Vitani's Guard, must find Laini in a dark cave, and whoever does so first wins. The challenge

The keenest of sight challenge

bends into Tazama's favor, as Anga struggles to see in darkness, and she emerges with Laini first. Therefore, Tazama wins the contest for Vitani's Guard. The martial eagle apologizes, but Bunga reassures her the next challenge gets to be decided by him. The second-to-last contest is the bravest contest. According to the rules set up by Bunga, he and Shabaha, the bravest of Vitani's Guard, must complete a series of events. The first one to reach a baobab via running through Maumivu Thorn Patch, crossing

The bravest challenge

Urembo River with Makuu's Float, and climbing Mekundu Cliffs wins the challenge. Shabaha is stunned by the complexity, but tells Bunga she isn't scared at all. The contest starts, and while both run through the Thorn Patch, Shabaha hesitates upon seeing the river and the crocodiles. This allows Bunga to easily pass her, climb the cliffs, and take the baobab, winning the contest for Kion's Guard. Shabaha proceeds to walk toward her Guard, defeated. Before the final challenge, Ono says the Guards are tied 2-2, and it comes down to the bravest for each Guard: Kion and

Vitani uses the Roar of the Elders and becomes the new leader of the Lion Guard

Vitani. The latter calls for a Mashindano, and refutes Kion's warning that his abilities with the Roar of the Elders will easily down her. Kion is shocked at Vitani's courage and bravery, and recalls what Askari told him. He forfeits the challenge and tells her she and her Guard have won, citing her bold statement. He gives Vitani the Mark of the Guard, passing leadership of the Guard over to her, and the contest ends.


  • When Vitani calls for a Mashindano, she becomes the first non-crocodile to do so.
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Later Kion lets her win since she was the fiercest to challenge him. Askari appears saying to kion that there is another place that could use the roar.