Female Chorus: ¶ Till the Pride Lands' end.
¶ Till the Pride Lands' end.
¶ With all our friends, we will defend.
¶ Till the Pride Lands' end.

KION: The Pride Lands will never end while the Lion Guard is here. Just like this tiny tree, we'll keep growing stronger. Scar will never defeat us.

FULI: We'll never give up!

BESHTE: We'll fight for what's right.

ONO: We'll defend the Circle of Life!

BUNGA: Yeah! What you guys said!

ANGA: Lion Guard!

KION: Anga? What's going on?

ANGA: One of the bird patrols spotted Scar's army. Near Mapango Cliffs.

KION: Then, that's where we're going. Till the Pride Lands' end...

ALL: Lion Guard defend!

BEAU BLACK: ¶ Circles of life bring a new dawn.
¶ Stay united, keep fighting on
¶ We don't give up despite our gains
¶ Though, we stand tall 'cause trouble remains

¶ Till the Pride Lands' end
¶ Till the Pride Lands' end

¶ With all our friends
¶ we will defend
¶ Till the Pride Lands end

¶ Seasons may change
¶ and we all grow

¶ What's ahead, no-one can know

¶ Bigger now in size and heart

¶ Still there's hope
¶ we can start

¶ Till the Pride Lands' end
¶ Till the Pride Lands' end

¶ With all our friends
¶ we will defend

¶ Till the Pride Lands end

¶ As we fight this world
¶ No one can ignore

¶ There is no holding back
¶ The power of the growing Roar


¶ Till the Pride Lands' end

¶ Till the Pride Lands' end

¶ With all our friends
¶ we will defend

¶ Till the Pride Lands' end

¶ With all our friends
¶ we will defend

¶ Till the Pride Lands' end
¶ Till the Pride Lands' end ¶

SIMBA: Well done, Kion. Lion Guard.

ONO: Your Majesty.

KION: Thanks, Dad.

RAFIKI: Yes, yes! Kion and the Lion Guard are growing up. And, Kion's Roar is more powerful than ever.

SIMBA: Yes. That's true.

KION: Dad? What is it?

SIMBA: You and the Guard have proven you can defend the Pride Lands. But, it hasn't stopped Scar's Army. We need a change its strategy. I say, we take the fight with Scar into the Outlands.


ONO: Hapana.

BESHTE: No way.

FULI: Seriously?

BUNGA: 'Bout time if you ask me.

SIMBA: It is time. Time to defeat Scar and his followers, once and for all.

KION: Dad, even if we defeat Scar's army, we don't know how to defeat Scar himself.

SIMBA: Without his followers, Scar will be powerless and we can have peace in the Pride Lands once again.

JASIRI: We can help, too, Your Majesty. My hyenas know the Outlands better than anyone.

SIMBA: Thank you, Jasiri.

KION: Well... I guess if everyone who respects the Circle of Life helps us...

RAFIKI: Yes! Yes! Everyone can help!

KION: Right. Lion Guard, we need everyone who's willing to fight.

FULI: I'll get the crocs and antelopes.

BESHTE: I'll talk to the elephants and rhinos.

ONO: Anga and I will assemble the birds.

BUNGA: And, I'll get the galagos.

FULI: Galagos?

KION: I know what you're thinkin'. But, if we're invading the Outlands, we'll need all the help we can get.

SHUPAVU: Invade the Outlands? We better tell Scar.

CHEEZI: Janja! Why can't we go back to our den in the Outlands?

CHUNGU: Yeah, it's nice and warm back there.

JANJA: 'Cause Scar wants us to guard this dump, so the Lion Guard can't reclaim it for the elephants.

CHUNGU: (GRUNTS) The Lion Guard... I'm tired of always havin' to fight them.

CHEEZI: Yeah! They keep kickin' our tails!

CHUNGU: It's even worse now that they're bigger.

CHEEZI: Kion's Roar has gotten bigger, too.

CHUNGU: And, he's got lots of other animals helpin' him.

CHUNGU: Even Jasiri and her hyenas!

JANJA: Yeah, yeah. I know. I know. Maybe Jasiri was right. Her hyenas seem to be happy workin' with the Lion Guard. Wonder if we would be, too. Why am I so confused? Oh. It all used to be so simple. What changed? Think!

¶ Why do I feel this way inside?
¶ Jasiri doesn't fear me, she's been saving my hide
¶ It's like, I know she buys the whole Circle of Life
¶ I mean, sisi ni sawa's kinda catchy all right

¶ But, Scar's got a big master plan though
¶ He'd never give me something a hyena couldn't handle
¶ Would he?
¶ Which side of the fight?
¶ Could it be, maybe that Jasiri is right?

JASIRI: ¶ Sisi ni sawa means we're the same

JANJA: ¶ Oh no! It set something off inside my brain
¶ She says I can trust her but I don't know
¶ Could there really be a new way to go?

JANJA AND JASIRI: ¶ A new way to go
¶ A new way to go
¶ Say, yes instead of no
¶ With a new way to go
¶ A new way to go
¶ A new way to go
¶ Make a friend from a foe
¶ With a new way to go

JANJA: ¶ She always eats
¶ We're always hungry

¶ She got a team
¶ I got these dummies

¶ It's like, I'd rather be happy
¶ Than scrapping for food or respect

¶ What's happening?

¶ I think I see it in a different light

¶ Maybe the stuff I thought was wrong was right

¶ I think I like it
¶ But, I'm still undecided

¶ How to choose, what to do?

¶ A new way to go

JASIRI:¶ Sisi ni sawa means we're the same

JANJA: (GRUNTS) ¶ It set something off inside my brain
¶ She says I can trust her but I don't know
¶ Could there really be a new way to go

JANJA AND JASIRI: ¶ A new way to go
¶ A new way to go

¶ Say, yes instead of no
¶ With a new way to go

¶ A new way to go
¶ A new way to go

¶ Make a friend from a foe
¶ With a new way to go

¶ JASIRI: Sisi ni sawa means we're the same

JANJA AND JASIRI: ¶ A new way to go
¶ A new way to go

¶ Make a friend from a foe
¶ With a new way to go ¶

JANJA: Mmm. Maybe we are on the wrong side.

CHEEZI: Wrong side?

CHUNGU: The wrong side of what, Janja?

JANJA: Oh, never mind, furbrains.

SCAR: What an interesting turn of events. Wouldn't you say so, Ushari?

USHARI: With the Lion Guard preparing to attack the Outlands? And, Janja thinking of joining Jasiri? I'm not sure "interesting" is the word I'd use...

SCAR: Oh, don't worry, Ushari. I'm always two steps ahead.
Ah! Janja! There you are!

JANJA: Uh, yeah.
You, uh, wanted to see me?

SCAR: Oh, yes.
It's time for another attack on the Pride Lands.

JANJA: Another attack? But, the Lion Guard just kicked our tails this morning. Maybe we could lay off of 'em for a bit? Give me and the boys some time to recover?

USHARI: The Lion Guard is planning to attack the Outlands.

SCAR: Perhaps they've learned that Kion is now powerful enough to destroy me.

JANJA: Kion can destroy you?

SCAR: Oh, yes. But, Kion would have to use the most powerful Roar he can muster. And, it would have to be here, in the caldera. The fire of the volcano would utterly consume me. I'd cease to exist.

JANJA: Really? Oh...

SCAR: So...
It's time for the final battle against the Pride Lands. Time to say goodbye to Simba and the Royal Family! But... I'll need the hyenas to distract the Lion Guard for the plan to work.

JANJA: Just distract them?

SCAR: You merely have to lure them into their Lair and keep them there, while the rest of the plan unfolds.

JANJA: I suppose we could do that...

SCAR: Excellent! Shupavu will lead you to Lion Guard Lair tonight. Now, go! Prepare your hyenas!

JANJA: Uh, okay, Scar.

SCAR: In the meantime, Shupavu, fetch me Reirei, Kiburi and Mzingo. We will need their help as well.

SHUPAVU: Yes, Scar.

SCAR: If the plan works, we'll soon be rid of the Royal Family and the Lion Guard. And, the potential hyena revolt.

USHARI: And, if the plan doesn't work?

SCAR: I'm two steps ahead, Ushari. I already have another plan in place.






SIMBA: Zazu, report.

ZAZU: Hadithi has just arrived with the gorilla warrior, Shujaa.

KION: That's everyone.

ZAZU: Indeed. The Lion Guard has gathered all the other herds.

SIMBA: Excellent. Kion, I want you to lead the attack first thing tomorrow morning. Zazu, tell everyone to get some rest. We'll need them at their best in the morning.

ZAZU: Yes, sire.

SIMBA: With this many animals here, I'm sure Scar will know we're coming.

KION: Yeah. You're probably right about that.

SIMBA: Are you okay, son?

KION: Everyone knows the plan against the Outlanders. I just wish we knew how to defeat Scar himself.

SIMBA: Don't worry, Kion. I know you and the Lion Guard will succeed. I wouldn't ask you to do this if I wasn't certain.

KION: Thanks, Dad.

SIMBA: Now, go on. Don't forget, you'll need to get some rest, too.

KION: Okay.

¶ So, this is my last night
¶ Before the biggest day of my life
¶ Can one more big fight
¶ Put an end to all this strife?
¶ And, finally end this war?
¶ Who can know for sure...

FULI: ¶ There goes my worried friend
¶ Taking time to think on his own
¶ But, when he must defend
¶ No, he won't be alone
¶ I'll be there by his side
¶ Go with him stride for stride

FULI, BUNGA, & BESHTE: ¶ So, bring it on tomorrow
¶ When the Pride Lands unite
¶ We're going in to battle

BUNGA: ¶ With bravery...

BESHTE: ¶ And, might

FULI, BUNGA, & BESHTE: ¶ We'll always do what's right
¶ And, we'll stand as one and fight
¶ With the end almost in sight
¶ On the last night

ONO: ¶ Everything looks safe and sound
¶ But, I want to be sure
¶ One more flight around
¶ Will help reassure
¶ The skies all seem clear
¶ No sign of danger here

KION: ¶ Yeah, I know everything's in place
¶ But, still don't stop make my thoughts race
¶ Need someone to put my mind at rest
¶ Before I take this final test

KION, BUNGA, FULI, BESHTE, & ONO: ¶ So, bring it on tomorrow

FULI: ¶ O-ooow~...

KION, BUNGA, BESHTE, & ONO: ¶ When the Pride Lands unite

FULI: ¶ Pride Lands unite

KION, BUNGA, BESHTE, & ONO: ¶ We're going into battle

FULI: ¶ To battle~

KION, BUNGA, BESHTE, & ONO: ¶ With bravery and might

FULI: ¶ Bravery and might!

KION, BUNGA, BESHTE, & ONO: ¶ We'll always do what's right

FULI: ¶ Always do what's right

KION, BUNGA, BESHTE, & ONO: ¶ And, we'll stand as one and fight

FULI: ¶ Stand as one and fight

KION, BUNGA, FULI, BESHTE, & ONO: : ¶ With the end almost in sight~...!

KION: ¶ On the last night ¶

SHUPAVU: Lion Guard Lair is this way.

JANJA: Remember furbrains, we need to keep the Lion Guard distracted for Scar's plan to work.

CHUNGU: Hooh... Sure are a lot of Pride Landers gatherin' at Pride Rock.

JANJA: No kiddin', furbrain. That's why Scar's havin' us attack 'em now.

SHUPAVU: Shhh. We don't want to give ourselves away.


CHUNGU: Ooh. What's that?

JANJA: Shhh!
Goigoi? What are you doin' here?

GOIGOI: Gettin' branches for the big fire.

JANJA: Fire?

GOIGOI: Yeah. Things are gonna get real hot for Simba and the Royal Family. (CHUCKLES)

JANJA: Oh. Guess that's the other part of Scar's plan.

GOIGOI: Yep. Now, I gotta get goin'. Which way to Pride Rock?

SHUPAVU: (SIGH) It's right there, Goigoi.

GOIGOI: Oh. Right.

SHUPAVU: Come on. We're going around the back.

KION: Grandfather Mufasa?

MUFASA: Yes, Kion. I'm here.

KION: Dad wants me to lead the Pride Landers into the Outlands tomorrow, to fight Scar.

MUFASA: And, this worries you?

KION: Yeah. I mean... We still don't know how to beat Scar. I don't even know if he can be beaten.

MUFASA: All evil can be defeated.

KION: Even when it's a lion made of fire?

MUFASA: I believe you can do anything, Kion. Just stay true to who you are inside. And, remember... You can't fight fire with fire.

KION: Can't fight fire with fire...

SHUPAVU: That opening in the rocks is the Lion Guard Lair.

JANJA: And, we need to keep the Lion Guard distracted for Scar's plan to work.

SHUPAVU: Which means you'll need to get their attention.

CHEEZI: How're we gonna do that?

JANJA: Oh, I know how...


ONO: All seems quiet.


ONO: Spoke too soon. Janja and the hyenas? Oh, gotta tell Kion.
Kion! Kion!

KION: Ono? What is it?

ONO: I've just spotted Janja and his hyenas. It looks like they're headed for Pride Rock.

KION: What? Get the rest of the Guard!

ONO: Affirmative.

CHEEZI: Uh, you sure about this, Janja?

JANJA: Sure, I'm sure. It's all part of Scar's big plan.

KION: Hold it right there, hyenas!

CHUNGU: Janja, The Lion Guard!

JANJA: Yeah, I see 'em, furbrain. But, they can't stop us from gettin' into their Lair. Come on!

BUNGA: They're headed for the Lair!

FULI: Why would they do that?

KION: I dunno. But, I'm sure Scar's got 'em up to something.

JANJA: Come on!

KIBURI: Keep movin'. We gotta pile up a lot more of this stuff before the vultures arrive. Scar wants to get rid of the Lion Guard and Janja's hyenas.

CHEEZI: Hey! This place is nicer than our den.

CHUNGU: Lots of pretty pictures, too.

KION: That's far enough, Janja.

BUNGA: Yeah! Get outta our Lair.

JANJA: You kiddin'? We just got here. Boys, scatter!

FULI: What are they up to?


ONO: They must be after something in the Lair.

BESHTE: But what?

KION: Doesn't matter. Let's round 'em up, and kick 'em out.

BUNGA: With pleasure. Zuka Zama!

FULI: Glad he's on our side.

KION:Let's go!

FULI: Huwezi!

BUNGA: Yaaaaaah!

FULI: Keep goin'! Get outta here!

JANJA: Keep runnin' boys! Anywhere but out!


BESHTE: Twende Kiboko!

ONO: Ahhh! Wha? (GASP) Hapana! Kion, we have a problem!

JANJA: What's that? Huh? Scar didn't say nothin' 'bout a fire while we was in here. Fellas! Follow me! Now! (GRUNTS)

CHEEZI: Janja!

CHUNGU: What about us?

JANJA: Furbrains? Oh, no! But, Scar told us to go in there... We've been double-crossed! I gotta get help. But, the Pride Landers won't trust me. And, I can't trust Scar's army... I know who to trust.

CHEEZI: Ya think we should jump through it?

CHUNGU: N-no! That fire's too hot. Even I'm not that dumb.

KION: Hyenas! Get away from the fire! If it doesn't hurt you, the smoke will.

ONO: Common knowledge, really.

BESHTE: Kion? The whole Lair is filling with smoke!

BUNGA: Use the Roar to blast us outta here!

KION: And, risk having the whole Lair collapse on us? I don't think so. There's gotta be another way out.

FULI: (COUGHING) Well, we better find one soon...

BESHTE: Yeah, it looks like all of Pride Rock is on fire.

KION: Ono! Fly out of here and make sure my mom, dad, and Kiara are okay.

ONO: Affirmative!
Whoa! Hapana... Oh, no!

ANGA: Ono! You're okay!

ONO: Anga.

ANGA: We chased off the vultures. But, not before they hit Pride Rock. What do we do?

ONO: Kion's already given me orders. We have to help the Royal Family.
Your majesties, are you okay?

SIMBA: For the moment. You wouldn't have any idea how to help us get down from here?

ONO: No. I'm afraid not.

ANGA: I do.
You first.

KIARA: Hey, wait! Whoaa!

NALA: Anga! Be careful!

ANGA: Always am! Be right back. Don't go anywhere.

BUNGA: Kion? (COUGHS) Any ideas?

KION: The fire's too hot to get close. We'll need to wait it out.

BUNGA: Hey! We could use the water from Beshte's pool to put it out. See?

FULI: Seriously?

BUNGA: Once the fire gets close enough?

BESHTE: I was thinkin'. The water in my pool has to come from somewhere.

FULI: Like somewhere outside the Lair?

BESHTE: Sure. The stream that leads to Lake Shangaza's not too far from here.

KION: Seems like a good time to find out if it does.

BESHTE: Be right back.

HADITHI: Your Majesties. Anga says you could use a lift.

SIMBA: You could say that.

HADITHI: Well, Anga. I think the two of us can handle one lion.

ANGA: Who's next?

SIMBA: Nala?

HADITHI: Excellent! Ready, young Anga?

ANGA: Always.

JASIRI: (SNIFFING) Janja! What are you doing here? This isn't your territory.

JANJA: Yeah, I know. I just, uh...

JASIRI: You what?

JANJA: I've been thinking, 'bout something you said to me a while ago.

JASIRI: And, what's that?

JANJA: Aw, you know...

Sisi ni sawa means we're the same ¶

JASIRI: (LAUGHING) Well! I never thought I'd hear you say that.

JANJA: You were right. Scar don't care about us hyenas.

JASIRI: And, what made you realize that?

JANJA: The rest of my clan is trapped! In a fire at Pride Rock.

JASIRI: A fire at Pride Rock?

JANJA: The Lion Guard's trapped, too.

JASIRI: And, you're standing here singing? There's no time to lose! Let's go!

JANJA: Uh, uh, okay. Uh, whatever you say Jasiri!

BESHTE: Guys! Come on! This is our way out!

KION: Great work, Beshte.

BESHTE: It's a bit of a swim. So, hold your breath and follow me.

FULI: Swim? Uh, guys? You know me and water. We don't exactly get along.

BUNGA: You'd rather be stuck in all this (COUGHS) smoke?

BESHTE: Don't worry, Fuli. You can just hold on to me. I'll get you through.

FULI: Thanks, Beshte.

CHEEZI: Uh, Kion? C-can we come too?

CHUNGU: Please.

KION: I still respect the Circle of Life. Even the lives of those who don't. Come on.

FULI: Ooh!

BESHTE: Twende Kiboko.

BUNGA: Zuka Zama!




BESHTE: There. Told ya it wasn't so bad.

FULI: Ugh, speak for yourself. (PANTING) And... (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Thanks, Beshte.

BUNGA: Woo-hoo-hoo! That was fun! We gotta do that again sometime.


CHUNGU: We should.

KION: Oh, no!

SIMBA: Well done! Thank you, Hadithi. Anga.

HADITHI: Of course, Your Majesty.

ANGA: Sorry about Pride Rock.

SIMBA: It will survive. There have been fires there before.




SIMBA: Scar.

SCAR: (FINISHES LAUGH) Ah, Simba. You've managed to escape my little scheme. Too bad the same can't be said for the Lion Guard.

NALA: Kion?

KIARA: Oh, no!

KION: Guess again, Scar.

ONO: You're okay!

SCAR: Ah, Kion. Little leader of the Lion Guard. Time for you to lead everyone out of the Pride Lands. While you still can.

KION: We'll never surrender to you, Scar!

SCAR: (SCOFFS) You don't have the power to defeat me! But, if you ever care to try, you know where to find me.


MA TEMBO: It's like he knows what we're planning.

SHUJAA: Fiery lion, scary.

HADITHI: What do we do?

BUPU: Perhaps we should call off the attack.

KION: No! Everyone, listen. Scar's just trying to scare you.

BUPU: Well, it's working.

MAKUU: If he can set Pride Rock on fire, what chance do we have against him?

MA TEMBO: Kion? We do know how to defeat Scar. Don't we?

KION: Well... Not exactly.

JANJA: I think I can help you out there.

KION: Janja?

CHEEZI: Janja, you came back!

CHUNGU: We knew you would.

JANJA: Furbrains, shhh!

KION: Jasiri, what's going on?

JASIRI: I know it sounds odd. But, I think you should hear what Janja has to say.

SIMBA: Janja, what brings you here?

JANJA: I, uh... I know some stuff that might be helpful.

SIMBA: Helpful how?

JANJA: I know how to defeat Scar.

SIMBA: And, why should we believe you? A sworn enemy of the Pride Lands.

JASIRI: Go on.

JANJA: Uh, well...

¶ Sisi ni sawa means we're the same

¶ Though I've got spots and you have a mane

¶ At the end of the... ¶

JASIRI: Janja! Ugh, I meant, tell Simba what you know.

JANJA: Oh! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right.

SIMBA: No offense, Jasiri. But, it is difficult for me to believe that Janja has changed sides.

MAKUU: Your Highness, you gave me a chance when no one else in the Pride Lands would. If Janja's information is useful, we should use it to beat Scar. If it isn't, then we crocodiles will be happy to have him for a late night snack. (GROWLS)


KION: Makuu's right, dad. If Jasiri believes Janja, I think we should at least hear what he has to say.

SIMBA: Kion. Always willing to forgive your enemies. It's a noble trait. And, part of what makes you you. Very well. Janja.

JANJA: Okay. Well, Scar says that only Kion can defeat him. By using the Roar.

KION: If the Roar brought Scar back, I guess it could get rid of him, too.

JANJA: But, it's gotta be the most powerful Roar you've got.

BUNGA: Oh-ho-ho, yeah! Just blast Scar with the Roar.

JANJA: And, you gotta roar inside the top of the volcano. So, the flames of the volcano overwhelm Scar.

BESHTE: The top of the volcano?

FULI: Huh... Getting there won't be easy.

ONO: Indeed.

SIMBA: All the more reason to proceed with the plan to attack the Outlands.

KION: Yeah. But, now it's not just about defeating Scar's army. We have a plan to defeat Scar as well.

JASIRI: The hyenas will help too, Kion. Right?

JANJA: Yeah. That's right. All of the hyenas will help.


SIMBA: Very well. Kion?

KION: Everyone. Get some rest. Tomorrow, we go into the Outlands.

SIMBA: Scar and his forces will be defeated, once and for all. And, we will have peace in the Pride Lands.


CHEEZI: I like the Pride Landers, Janja.

CHUNGU: Me too! Everyone's so... happy!

JANJA: Yeah. I think we're on the right side now.

JASIRI: You sure are. (LAUGHS)

JANJA: You know, I think I could get used to that laugh.

SCAR: So predictable. Janja has joined the Pride Landers.

USHARI: And... you're okay with that? I mean, of course you're okay with that.

SCAR: Kion may have the power to defeat me. But, not the way I told Janja. If Kion uses his most powerful Roar here in the caldera, it won't destroy me. Instead, he'll cause an eruption so huge, it will destroy the Lion Guard. And, turn the Pride Lands into a wasteland.

USHARI: Yes! (HISSES) And then, we reptiles can take over everything! Under your rule, of course.

SCAR: Oh, yes, Ushari. You can have whatever's left... And, I'll need you for the next part of my plan.

USHARI: You will?

SCAR: Yes. Have I ever told you how I got my scar?

USHARI: No. No, you haven't.

SCAR: I wasn't much older than Kion when it happened. Back when I was leader of my Lion Guard...

¶ When I was the Lion Guard's fiercest
¶ I took most patrols on my own
¶ So, when I met this strange lion
¶ I had no fear of being alone

¶ He said he had wisdom and power
¶ And, the most powerful should be king
¶ With help from me and my Roar
¶ He and I could rule everything

¶ I found his idea intriguing
¶ Though the most powerful lion was me
¶ But, the strange lion was scheming
¶ And, had a friend I didn't see!

¶ That's how I got my scar
¶ When I led the guard

¶ The lion would cure the snake's venom
¶ As long as I did what he said
¶ But, I lost control and in rage
¶ I roared and destroyed them instead

¶ I expected to be praised near and far
¶ For stopping that treacherous thing
¶ But, Mufasa just nicknamed me "Scar"
¶ Then, I knew that he shouldn't be king

¶ That's when I became Scar
¶ When I led the guard

¶ My first plot for vengeance
¶ Was spoiled when I lost the Roar
¶ My second plan later succeeded
¶ Mufasa was king no more

¶ If it weren't for that miserable Simba
¶ I'd have ruled Pride Rock to this day
¶ But now, it is time
¶ For Simba and Kion to pay

¶ That's why I still am scarred
¶ From when I led the Guard

¶ Oh-oh
¶ That's why I still am Scar
¶ And, why I'll destroy the Guard ¶

USHARI: So, that's how it happened.

SCAR: Oh, yes. And, so you see, Ushari. When the time comes, I will need your help.

USHARI: What'sss the plan?

SCAR: We need to be sure Kion can no longer control the Roar. Which means today is the day Kion gets his scar.

RAFIKI: It is time.

KION: Till the Pride Lands end...

BUNGA: With all your friends.


KION: We'll fight for what's right!




MZINGO: Here they come.

KIBURI: And, it looks like Janja's turned against us.

REIREI: Everything's just like Scar said.

KIBURI: He's smart. And, that's why we're gonna win.

MZINGO: I hope you're right. There certainly are a lot of them.

KIBURI: So? We can take 'em. Scar said so. Crocodiles, with me!

TAMKA: You got it Kiburi! (LAUGHS)


REIREI: Jackals! You know what to do.


MZINGO: Oh. Time to assemble the committee.

KION: Everyone knows the plan. Keep the Outlanders off us so we can get to the top of the volcano.

MA TEMBO: That's what we'll do.

JASIRI: You got it, Kion.

JANJA: Right.

FULI: Do we have to say "please"?

BUPU: (SIGH) You just did.

BUNGA: Hoo-hoo-ha! And, here come the baddies.




ANGA: Anga lenga.





HADITHI: Well done, Anga!

ANGA: Thanks, Hadithi.


MAKUU: Kiburi!

KIBURI: Bring it, Makuu! (GRUNTS)



TAMKA: Gurgh! (SCREAMING) Gecko!

REIREI: Come on, kiddies. You know what to do.

BUPU: Antelopes, look out. Waa! Whoa!

SHUJAA: Shujaa ponda!





JANJA: Furbrains, we're good guys now.

CHEEZI: Oh, right!

CHUNGU: Sorry, rhinos. We forgot.

JANJA: Keep charging, fellas. Won't happen again.


JASIRI: You're all clear, Kion!

KION: Right. Lion Guard, with me.

SHUPAVU: Scar, the Pride Landers are winning. The Lion Guard is headed this way.

SCAR: Then, it's up to you and your skinks to stop them, Shupavu!

SHUPAVU: Yes, Scar. Of course. Skinks, with me.

USHARI: You really think they'll be able to stop the Lion Guard?

SCAR: (SCOFFS) Of course not. But, the Lion Guard must believe that we don't want them to get here.


SCAR: Now, Ushari. get in position. You know what to do when they arrive.

USHARI: Yes. (HISSES) Yes, I do.




SCAR: Kion. Lion Guard. Welcome.

BUNGA: He does know why we're here, doesn't he?

SCAR: I know why you think you're here. But, destiny can be full of surprises. Ushari, now!




BESHTE: Oh, no!

BUNGA: Ushari!



SCAR: Sisi ni sawa, Kion. Now, you have a scar. Just like me.

¶ Sisi ni sawa means
¶ We're the same
¶ Though you're made of flesh
¶ And, I'm made of flame ¶

KION: We're not the same! I'll never be like you, Scar!

BUNGA: Ooh! Ooh! Use the Roar, Kion. Blast that guy back to where he came from.

SCAR: You don't have the power to destroy me, Kion.

FULI: Don't listen to him!

BESHTE: We believe in you.


USHARI: Finding it difficult to think? My venom has a tendency to do that. (GRUNTS)

BUNGA: Use the Roar, Kion! He's asking for it!

SCAR: You have the mark of evil. Just like me, Kion. Accept your destiny! There is no other choice!

¶ At the end of the day,
we all are fire and flame
¶ Sisi ni sawa, we are the same ¶


KION: Fire and flame?

MUFASA: Stay true to who you are. Don't fight fire with fire.

KION: Of course. I do have another choice, Scar. Something only one Lion Guard leader can do to another.

SCAR: (LAUGHS) And? What's that?

KION: I forgive you.

SCAR: You... You what?!

KION: But, I can't judge you for everything you've done. The Lions of the Past need to do that.




SCAR: No. No!

USHARI: What? Scar's plan failed?

SCAR: The Roar is a curse, Kion. You'll see! Sisi ni sawa!

USHARI: Ssstop! You can't destroy him. (GRUNTS)

BUNGA: Oh, no, you don't!



ONO: I've got you, Bunga!



BUNGA: You can do it, Ono!

ONO: (PANTING) Almost... There! (GRUNTS, COUGHS)

BESHTE: Way to go, Ono!

FULI: Way to go, Kion.



KION: Scar is finally gone. We've won.


ANGA: There they are!

MA TEMBO: The Lion Guard. They're okay!

JASIRI: Kion, your face.

KION: I'll be fine. More importantly... Everyone! Scar has been defeated! The battle for the Pride Lands is over.


CHEEZI: But if Scar's gone, who's in charge of the Outlands now?

CHUNGU: Ooh! Good question.

REIREI: Yeah! What about us?

JANJA: If you ask me, there's only one animal that can keep the peace between the Pride Lands and the Outlands.

KIBURI: And, who's that? You?

JANJA: Nope, I ain't that dumb. From now on, Jasiri should be in charge of the Outlands.


KION: Makes sense to me.

JASIRI: Outlanders, I know we can all get along here in the Outlands. Just so long as we respect the Circle of Life.

JANJA: And if you don't, then you'll have to answer to Jasiri's new clan, which includes us.

REIREI: Don't worry about us. If Jasiri's keeping you in line, the Outlands might actually be livable.


MZINGO: Actually, we vultures would prefer a run-off election. The top seven candidates would be narrowed to three. And, the eventual winner requiring a majority of no less than 72%...


MZINGO: Or, we follow the Circle of Life, like Jasiri says. To the victor belong the spoils!

KIBURI: Don't matter who's in charge. My crocodiles can fend for ourselves. It's the crocodile way.


BUNGA: There they go.

ONO: Go where? (COUGHS) Guys? What's going on? Has the smoke from the volcano cleared up yet?

BUNGA: Yeah. Like a long time ago.

ONO: Hmm, odd. Everything still looks pretty hazy to me.

ANGA: Ono? Your eyes look... different.

ONO: Is that you, Anga? Everything's looking a bit fuzzy.

KION: That rescue must have taken more out of Ono than we realized.

FULI: He did breathe in a lot of smoke and ash.

ONO: I did. And, volcanic fumecan be poisonous. It's called vog. Common knowledge, really.

KION: Don't worry, Ono. We'll have Rafiki look at you.

BESHTE: Yeah. He'll know how to help. C'mon, I'll take you to him.

ONO: Okay...

ANGA: I'll be there too, Ono.

FULI: We all will.

ONO: Thanks, everyone.

JASIRI: Go ahead, Kion. We'll make sure the rest of the Pride Landers get home safe.

KION: Thanks, Jasiri. For everything.

JASIRI: Thank you, Kion. Asante.

KION: Ah! Still hurts. Hevi kabisa! The mark. It's just like Scar's.

BUNGA: Kion!

KION: Could Scar be right? Am I destined to turn to evil? Just like he did?

BUNGA: Hey, Kion, c'mon! Hurry up!

KION: What if the Roar really is a curse? (WINCES)




ONO: Was that the Roar? What's going on?

KION: The Roar just came out! I... I didn't mean to. (GROANS)

FULI: I believe you, Kion.

BESHTE: Me too.

FULI: But, we better make sure Bunga's okay.

ONO: Wait, what? Kion roared at Bunga?

BESHTE: Ono, shh. It was an accident.

ANGA: I'll find him. Got him! He looks dizzy. But, he's fine.

FULI: It's gonna be okay, Kion.

KION: C'mon, let's go!

BUNGA: Wow! That was un-Bunga-lievable.

KION: Bunga! I'm so sorry. I... I don't know how that happened.

BUNGA: Hakuna Matata, Kion. Just warn me before you do it next time, so I can really enjoy it.

KION: Yeah. I think I'm going to need Rafiki's help, too.

RAFIKI: Hmm. Mm? Yes, yes. I'm afraid you are correct, Ono. The vog has seriously hurt your eyesight.

BUNGA: Can't you just fix him like you did last time?

RAFIKI: Hmm. Last time Ono merely had dirt in his eye. This... is more serious. Only time will tell if your vision will return to full strength.

ONO: Oh...? (COUGHS)

MAKINI: Don't be sad, Ono. Everyone knows you saved Bunga's life.

KION: That's right. You were the keenest of sight when you saw Bunga falling into the volcano.

BUNGA: And, you were the bravest to dive after me.

FULI: You were the fastest to reach him in time.

BESHTE: And, the strongest to pull him out.

KION: And, the fiercest to never give up.

ONO: (CHUCKLES WEAKLY) I am the Lion Guard...


RAFIKI: Shwari, Makini. Ono needs rest. Now, Kion. About your eye...

KION: It's more than just my eye. Ever since Ushari bit me, I... I'm not feeling quite right.

RAFIKI: Hmm. Yes... I have seen this sort of injury before. And, it is not good.

BUNGA: Scar said it's the Mark of Evil. He said it'll make Kion turn bad.

RAFIKI: Honey badger! Hush! Your heart is racing, Kion. I am surprised you are able to stay so calm.

KION: It's not easy. I even roared at Bunga by accident.

RAFIKI: Makini, tuliza plant.

MAKINI: Yes, Rafiki. Of course.

RAFIKI: Chew on the tuliza blossoms, Kion.


MAKINI: Better?

KION: Mm-hmm.

RAFIKI: The tuliza will help soothe your discomfort. But, it is not a cure.

KIARA: Kion. Your face!

NALA: Rafiki, will he be all right?

SIMBA: It's just a scar, right?

RAFIKI: The venom from Ushari's bite is still inside Kion. If the venom stays inside him too long, he may no longer know the difference between right and wrong.

BUNGA: Just like Scar.

NALA: You can help him get better. Right?

RAFIKI: There is no cure for Kion here in the Pride Lands.

SIMBA: What?


KION: Rafiki?

RAFIKI: But, there is still hope! If Kion is to get better, he must seek out the Tree of Life.

MAKINI: Oh, yeah! The Tree of Life! That's where animals with nowhere else to go go to seek help!

BUNGA: Wait. You've been there?

MAKINI: Yeah! But, it's been a while.

RAFIKI: Yes! The Tree of Life is where I first met Makini. And, the Lions of the Past told me she would be the next Royal Mjuzi.

MAKINI: The Tree of Life is a safe place for animals who are hurt or sick.

RAFIKI: Or, if only a few of their kind are left. The Tree of Life is very far away. And, not easy to find. But, there landmarks to help guide your way.

ONO: Hmm, yes. I see.

RAFIKI: (LAUGHS) Yes, yes. Just follow the paintings on the Moja Kwa Moja Stones. It is only at the Tree of Life that Kion may find the cure he needs.

KION: Then, that's what I need to do. I need to go to the Tree of Life.

ONO: M-maybe the Tree of Life can help me, too.

MAKINI: Oh, I'm sure it could!

BUNGA: Then, we'll all go with you.

KION: I don't think so.

FULI: Why not? With Scar gone and Jasiri in charge of the Outlands, there's finally peace in the Pride Lands.

KION: Mom? Dad?

NALA: After everything you've done for the Pride Lands, I think it's okay for the Lion Guard to help you.

SIMBA: I agree. Go Kion. And, have the Lion Guard go with you.


BUNGA: Hey, wait. Ono's not the Keenest of Sight anymore. Doesn't the Lion Guard still need that?

FULI: Bunga!

ONO: No, Bunga's right. I'm not keenest of sight. But, I know who is. Anga. You should replace me on the Guard.


ONO: Indeed. You can see nearly as well as I did. And, you can fly even higher!

ANGA: I can't replace you, Ono. You're not just the keenest of sight. You're the smartest, too.

ONO: It's okay. You'll be great. Common knowledge, really.

KION: Ono's right, Anga. The Lion Guard needs you.

ANGA: Okay. I'm honored.

KION: Anga. Now you are the Keenest of Sight.

ONO: Oh... Guess that's it... I'm not on the Guard anymore.

KION: Not as the keenest of sight. But, Anga's right, too. You're the smartest animal I know. And, that's why I still need you on the Lion Guard. Ono, you are the Smartest.

ONO: (LAUGHS HAPPILY) Look at that!

BUNGA: Can he do that?

FULI: He just did.

BESHTE: Kion is leader of the Lion Guard.

KION: That's right. And, now the Lion Guard has six members.

RAFIKI: (LAUGHS) Never one for tradition, is he?

NALA: That's my boy.

SIMBA: Safe travels, Lion Guard.

KION: Thanks, Dad.

SIMBA: You know how to get there?

ONO: Don't worry, Your Majesty. I've memorized the landmarks that point the way to the Tree of Life.

ANGA: And, I'll keep watch from the sky.

FULI: But, we should probably get going.

BESHTE: Like my dad always says, "The sooner you go, the sooner you get there".

BUNGA: That's right. So let's go already!

SIMBA: Bring Kion home safe.

FULI: Of course, Your Majesty.

MAKINI: Wait for me!

KION: Makini?

RAFIKI: I have agreed to let Makini go with you.

MAKINI: I've already been to the Tree of Life, remember? When I was little!

BESHTE: Poa. I'm sure we could use the help. Right, Ono?

ONO: Uh... I guess?

MAKINI: And, I can give you tuliza whenever you need it.

KION: Oh! That'd be great, Makini.

KIARA: Good luck, Kion.

KION: Thanks, Kiara. Keep Tiifu and Zuri out of trouble while we're gone.

KIARA: I will.

NALA: Hopefully, you'll be back in time for Kiara's first hunt.

KION: I hope so.

SIMBA: We'll miss you, son.

KION: Everyone ready?

RAFIKI: (LAUGHS) It seems other Pride Landers want to wish you luck as well.


KION: Lion Guard, let's go.




THURSTON: Don't worry, Kion. We zebras will protect the Pride Lands while you're away.

KION: Okay. Thanks, Thurston.

THURSTON: (LAUGHS) I told you he knew my name!

KION: Till the Pride Lands end.
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