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These baobab blossoms are delicious.

Ono, The Kupatana Celebration

Baobabs are a type of fruit that grow in the Pride Lands, found on Baobab trees. They have a variety of uses in the lands.


When the flowers of the baobab tree bloom, the Pride Landers know this as a time called Kupatana. They celebrate it by gathering together in peace.

The baobab fruit is also used to play a game known as Baobab Ball, in addition to being a food source. They are also used as paints.


The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

Bunga with a baobab fruit

Kion and Bunga use the fruit for a game called Baobab Ball. Their game comes to an abrupt end when the baobab tumbles down into the Outlands. Cheezi and Chungu are keen to snack on the fruit, but Janja refuses, instead choosing to try to snack on a butterfly.

The Kupatana Celebration

At the end of the song Jackal Style, baobabs are included in the pile of items stolen by the jackals.

The blossoming baobab flowers

During the Kupatana Celebration, the flowers on a baobab tree bloom, spreading their petals around. The Pride Landers eat the fallen flowers after the troublesome jackals are driven away.

The Imaginary Okapi

In the song Life in the Pride Lands, a troop of monkeys beats on baobabs in Mizimu Grove to create music.


Big Baboon's Troop hurls baobabs at Fuli. Once she leaves, Big Baboon asks whose turn it is to retrieve the "throwing fruit."

Lions of the Outlands

Kion and Bunga are playing Baobab Ball. They wrestle for the fruit until Bunga is able to take it. He holds it in the air and teases his friend, but their game is interrupted by Jasiri.

The Lost Gorillas

Ushari with a baobab

Hafifu and Majinuni mistake Ushari for a stick, and Hafifu flings Ushari towards a Baobab tree. He grabs onto one of the fruits before falling to the ground, spitting it out.

The Trail to Udugu

Some turtles carry some baobabs during Running with the King.

Babysitter Bunga

Bunga plays Baobab Ball with Hamu and the other kids during Teke, Ruka and Teleza.

The Savannah Summit

The Guard plays Baobab Ball together, and are joined by Mtoto.

The Traveling Baboon Show

Falling baobabs

Baobab fruits are amongst the fruits stolen by The Traveling Baboon Show.

The Ukumbusho Tradition

Baobabs are amongst the fruits given to Makini for her to make paint with for the Ukumbusho.

Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas

Baobab fruits are used during The Twelve Ways of Christmas performance.

The Fall of Mizimu Grove

As a Royal Mjuzi in training, Makini plants a Baobab sapling in Mizimu Grove for her Mpando Mpaya.

Battle for the Pride Lands

Makini's tree is growing bigger and so is the Lion Guard.

Little Old Ginterbong

During Who is Better Than Who, baobabs are one of the fruits Bunga and Binga eat in a fruit-eating contest.

Return to the Pride Lands

For Bunga's challenge agasint Shabaha  both teams will run through Maumivu Thorn Patch, cross Urembo River with Makuu's float, and then climb up Mekundu Cliffs, with the winner being the first to grab the baobab fruit wins.

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