Bunga: Really tall grass, or super skinny trees.

Anga: It's bamboo.

Bunga and Anga, Ghost of the Mountain

Bamboo is a plant seen in The Lion Guard.


This plant is a tall grass and is the only part of giant pandas' and a large part of red pandas' diets.


Ghost of the Mountain

The Lion Guard is the next landmark on the route to the Tree of Life: A cluster of bamboo. Then the Lion Guard meets a group of red pandas living in a clearing in what's called the Bamboo Forest. Being the good Samaritans they are, the Lion Guard agrees to help get a ghost out of their old home.

The Lake of Reflection

Bamboo appear in Bamboo Woods at the Tree of Life. When Heng Heng the giant panda and Kely the gentle lemur are aruging to eat their bamboo.

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