Rani cares a lot for her little brother. When Kion used the Roar of the Elders on him she
The-River-of-Patience (738)
got mad at Kion for hurting her brother. Rani even comforted Baliyo when they learned that their grandmother was passing on. They still have a prickly side to their relationship as Baliyo prefers Rani calling him her younger brother instead of little brother, as he's bigger than her.


Long-Live-the-Queen (199)
Baliyo is Janna's grandson. Baliyo loves his grandmother and was saddened to see her end her journey in the Circle of Life.


When Baliyo and Kion first met, Baliyo thought that Kion was a threat after misunderstanding Kion's words and when Ki
The-River-of-Patience (668)
on uses the Roar of the Elders on him. Once he got to know Kion they became really good friends. Kion would eventually becomes his sister Rani's mate, making them brothers-in-law and Kion Baliyo's king.


Surak is Baliyo's uncle. They work well together in the Night Pride to defend the Tree of Life
Long-Live-the-Queen (238)
. They mourned Janna's passing together when Baliyo nuzzled up to his uncle and Surak nuzzled back to comfort him.

Simba And Nala

Baliyo, Simba, and Nala are on good terms.


Kiara and Baliyo are on good terms.

Friends, Allies & Acquaintances


Little-Old-Ginterbong (690)
Nirmala and Baliyo are good friends. She does care about him and did heal him when he was dizzy after Kion roared at him.
Little-Old-Ginterbong (117)


Baliyo and Binga are good friends. Baliyo introduces Bunga to Binga.

The Rest of the Lion Guard and Makini

Baliyo becomes friends with all of the members of the Lion Guard and Makini. They help the Night Pride fight the enemies. He introduced Bunga to his friend Binga.
Poa-the-destroyer (295)


Baliyo and Pinguino are good friends. He helps the penguin overcome being scared of Beshte.


Baliyo and Ullu are good friends. She shows Baliyo and the Night Pride where there is danger. 


Tangaagim and Baliyo are good friends.  He helps the Polar Bear overcome being scared of Beshte.


Makucha's Army

The-River-of-Patience (614)

Baliyo hates Makucha and his followers. He, the Night Pride and the Lion Guard had to fight them. 

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