Friends, Allies & Acquaintances


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Kion was the one who agreed to teach Badili how to be fierce so he could defeat Mapigano and even defended the leopard from him at first. When Badili's training was complete, Kion knows he can defeat Mapigano and when he does, he congratulated the leopard and said that all he had to do was be himself which is what he proudly did and the two remain close as of now.


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Bunga was the one who taught Badili to be brave and even defended him from Mapigano at first when he couldn’t.

Later after his training is completed and he defeats the bully, Bunga and the others are extremely proud of Badili and the two as of now are on good terms.


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Fuli was the one who helped Badili learn to be fast and even defended him Mapigano when he couldn’t.

Once he completes his training, Badili is able to defeat his bully and Fuli is quite happy when he does. The two remain on good terms as of now.


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Beshte was the one who helped Badili get stronger and defended him from Mapigano when he couldn’t and, once he completes his training, he is able to stop his bully which makes Beshte proud of him.

The two remain on good terms as of now.


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Ono was the one who helped Badili with eye contact and even defended him from Mapigano when he couldn’t and once he completes it, he isn’t able to defeat his bully. At first Badili is worried that the Guard may have seen how scared he was, but Ono states that he saw a leopard standing up for himself, which delights Badili and the two remain on good terms for now.


Although Laini shows hostility towards Badili, the leopard responds only with positivity towards her, hoping he could live in her tree alongside the galagos. He tries desperately to be friendly, but his ferocious appearance frightens them too much.



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Mapigano bullies Badili constantly, believing him to be a scaredy cat. When Mapigano takes over Badili's Tree, he refuses to compromise by sharing it, knowing that Badili is not powerful or strong enough to fight back.

Mapigano uses harsh words to force the other leopard into submission, but thanks to the Lion Guard, Badili finally plucks up the courage to fight back Mapigano who backs down and runs off.
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