Actually, camels don't spit. It's more like they throw up a little just when they're worried.

Ono to Bunga, Triumph of the Roar

Bactrian camels also known as Mongolian camels are mammals that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Tree of Life.


Wild bactrian camels are one of two camel speices, the other being the dromedary camel. They have a body length between 2.5 and 3 m (8.5 - 9.75 ft), a tail length of approximately 53 cms (21 inches) and they weigh between 450 and 690 kgs (990 - 1,520 lbs).

Their fur is pale beige to dark brown in colour. During the winter months they have a warm inside coat and a rough, longer outer coat that keeps them warm, but when spring arrives their winter coat is rapidly shed. 

Bactrian Camels have two humps that they use to store fat and they use these fat reserves when food is scarce. Their neck is long and almost "U" shaped and they have a tough, broad foot pad that provides stability when they move through sand and snow.

To enable them to withstand sand storms they are able to close their nostrils, they have thick hair inside their ears, they have bushy eyebrows and they have two rows of long eyelashes to prevent sand from going into their eyes. 

They are active during the day, spending their time looking for food, and they sleep at night in an open space.

Notable Bactrian Camels in The Lion Guard

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