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Be alert, guys. This part of the Back Lands is leopard territory.

Kion, The Golden Zebra

The Back Lands are a territory on the border of the Pride Lands. It was first seen in the episode in The Trouble With Galagos.


Walking towards Mirihi Forest

The Back Lands resemble the Pride Lands. At that place is some vegetation everywhere, with many large trees overlooking the land, bushes are also present, though not quite as abundant as the trees. Although it is not shown there is also a waterhole [1]. At that place are many dirt paths scattered around the land, particularly near some of the trees. On top of all this, certain areas contain many rocks of various shapes and sizes.

The Back lands seems to have less native animals then Pride Lands and Out lands. Its possible that the vegetation isn't as munch compared to the Pride Lands have for scrubs or trees to be scattered around. As it enough for zebras and okapi's to survived. Leopards most likely are the only predators to live around though due to be unexplored could be more animals living though most likely are better hiders.


The Trouble With Galagos

Mapigano bullies another leopard named Badili out of his tree, and Badili is forced to flee. He winds up in the Pride Lands, but when the Lion Guard find him, he is forced to return home with them escorting him.

Mapigano intimidates Badili

Nervously, Badili makes multiple excuses on the way back to his former home in the depths of Mirihi Forest, which causes Kion to become suspicious. When Badili leaves them, Kion and the Guard stay behind, spying on him from a nearby bush. They watch as Mapigano reveals himself, frightening Badili and mocking him with the intent of kicking him out once and for all. The Lion Guard intervene at this point and drive Mapigano out by using his own tactics on him. Badili thanks the Lion Guard and joyfully runs back to his tree.

Badili intimidates Mapigano

However, Mapigano soon returns and pushes Badili out again, and Badili returns to the Pride Lands. This time, the Lion Guard decide to train Badili in strength, speed, bravery, and fierceness, raising his confidence in the process. Badili returns to Mirihi Forest with newfound energy and approaches Mapigano. Whilst Mapigano soon breaks his spirit, Badili manages to recompose himself and drive out Mapigano by intimidating him. The Lion Guard congratulates Badili, who thanks them again for their assistance. The Guard then leave the leopard to his home territory, with Badili asking the Lion Guard to apologize to the Galagos he caused problems for back in the Pride Lands.

The Golden Zebra

The Lion Guard proceeds into the Back Lands, where they are greeted by Makucha. The leopard refuses to let them past and takes a strike at Ono. He misses, but Beshte tackles Makucha to keep him away. Kion informs him that they just want to pass, but have no choice but to engage in combat anyway when Makucha strikes out. He is effortlessly defeated by the Guard and finally allows them to pass, warning them not 

The-golden-zebra (166).png
to come back. As the Guard continues, they notice a shaking bush, which they believe to be Makucha again. But to their relief, it is a pair of zebra siblingsFuli assures them that there's no need to "panic and run", but the pair instead reply that they prefer to "frolic and romp", before doing so around the Lion Guard. Kion tries to stop the zebras from their routine, but only succeeds when using a stern voice. He asks if they know Dhahabu and if they can take them to her. Although their response is 'yes', no other action is taken, until Kion re-words his request to "will". They then excitedly guide them through a bush, telling them to be ready for the "Fabulous Dhahabu". After introducing herself, Bunga takes a shine to Dhahabu and even allows her to call him a mongoose. After Kion introduces himself and the Lion Guard, she mistakes him for someone who plans on guarding her, until Kion goes on to say that they came from the Pride Lands. This excites Dhahabu, and she asks them to prance with her. They follow and decide that it would be best for them to befriend her first.

She presents to them Dhahabu Grove, describing it as the happiest place in the Back Lands. After a brief talk about leaderships, Kion asks the all-important question, explaining about the drought in the Pride Lands. Dhahabu is hesitant, prompting Fuli to ask if they actually have one. Before she can reply, the two zebra siblings answer for her, claiming it to be the biggest in the Back Lands. Excited at the prospect of meeting the Pride Landers, the two beg her to allow them access. Since she is still hesitant, Kion offers to do something in return. After a quick think, Dhahabu requests a Tamboa plant, their favorite food. She is shocked when they accept and trots away happily.

The-golden-zebra (592).png
Kion turns to Ono for more information, who is skeptical that they'll even find one in time.

After scouring the Back Lands they are able to find one for her, but soon learn that the watering hole has dried up. Dhahabu agrees to share the water if the Guard can figure out what the problem is. They discover a large pile of rocks has blocked the water flowing from above, but when they try to destroy the blockage, Makucha and his friends fight the Lion Guard and Dhahabu. They are defeated, and the rocks are destroyed, allowing the water to flow through once again.

Later on, Kion leads some herds through the Back Lands, where they are introduced to Dhahabu. She approaches them and states that they have to do something before they can enter - "Frolic and romp". The animals happily agree and enter the water. Dhahabu invites the Lion Guard, and all but Fuli enter to join her. Bunga tells her to lighten up, and Fuli does so by following the other zebras, monotonously chanting "frolic and romp".

The Wisdom of Kongwe

When Fuli, Makini, and Kongwe go to the Back Lands they see Makucha who wants to eat Kongwe. Fuli blocks the way and says that they're just passing through. Makucha leaves but later comes back, causing Fuli to stand between him and the other two

"I should come here more often"

animals. This time, Fuli chases Makucha away, until he climbs up a tree. Fuli sinks her claws into the tree, but is unable to follow the leopard, or remove her claws. With Fuli trapped, Makucha approaches Kongwe, who retreats into her shell. Makini appears behind her, using her broken staff as a nunchaku, but This fails to have an impact on Makucha, who bats her away. The distraction works, and Fuli tackles Makucha again. The leopard begins zig-zagging around, a technique that  Fuli is unable to compete with. After chasing him off again, Kongwe tells Fuli that, in order to defeat the leopard, you must observe the leopard. Fuli angrily exclaims that she has observed him, and Makini suggests using 'shwari' to help. With both Kongwe and Makini's advice, Fuli realizes that Makucha always zigzags and that there's no reason for her to mimic his actions.  Fuli approaches a resting Makucha and challenges him to another round. This time, she runs in a straight path, whilst Makucha zigzags as predicted. She pins him down a

Fuli captures Makucha

nd orders him to leave. Defeated, Makucha leaves. When Fuli admits to Kongwe that she just had to observe, Kongwe is amazed that a cheetah listened to a tortoise, adding that now she has truly seen everything. 

The Queen's Visit

The Back Lands are mentioned several times when Queen Dhahahbu and her herd come into the Pride Lands.

The Harmattan

Kion asks Anga how much farther it is to get to the waterfall. Using her eyesight, Anga informs the group that the waterfall is just up ahead along with the moja kwa moja stone. Makini taking it as a sign that they must be on the right path to the Tree of Life. Ono agreeing with Makini, remembers Rafiki's map in his mind, pointing out that the  Back Lands Waterfall is the first landmark after  Pride Rock. Arriving at the waterfall, Makini uses her Bakora Staff o activate the stone, which shows the Tree of Life. Recalling that the next landmark involves a tree, Makini suggests looking around nearby trees for it before Ono specifies it to be an Iroko Tree, a particularly distinctive type of tree. Ono attempts to look for the tree himself, but his hazy eyesight reminds him that he is no longer the Keenest of Sight, leading him to ask Anga for help. Anga spots the Iroko tree far away, prompting the group forward. Though the Guard assures Ono of his worth to the team as the Smartest, he is left saddened by his failure. 

While on their way, the group stumbles across  Makucha's Leap who attack the Guard for crossing their territory. During the fight, Makini drags a reluctant Ono to the  top of a tree for his safety. Soon after, he hears a high-frequency ringing before a dust storm

Lost in the harmattan

descends upon both parties. When Anga is unable to find a way out, Ono remembers a cave at the waterfall the Guard could use for shelter. Fighting against the storm, they manage to enter the shelter only to find Makucha and his Leap also inside, causing both leaders to angrily growl at each other whilst ordering the other to leave. Before a fight can break out, Makini tries to calm down Kion with Tuliza, though Kion angrily snaps at her to back off. Shocked, Bunga and Fuli remind him that Makini is one of them, causing a remorseful Kion to come to his senses and accept the Tuliza. Now calm, Kion plans on going back outside, though the Guard is doubtful of their chances, with Fuli suggesting waiting for the storm to pass. Hearing this, Makucha scoffs at the idea of waiting out a Harmattan, causing Ono to remember Harmattans as powerful and unpredictable dust storms capable of lasting weeks.

Knowing that they can't wait out the storm, and with Makucha unwilling to hide out with them, both groups come close to the fighting. Kion stops them, however, pointing out that although they don't want to be stuck together, they are better off staying inside the shelter than outside in the storm. Makucha then proposes leading the Guard outside, using his knowledge of the Back Lands to help them find a safe route even through the storm. However, he points out that he is only doing this not because he wants to help them, but because he wants to get them all out of his territory.

Fuli takes Kion aside to talk to him, believing that Makucha might lead them to a trap. Although Kion agrees with Fuli as his scar pains him, he also believes that Makucha might be their best chance to get to the Tree of Life. Before Fuli can protest, Kion irritably silences her, believing they can defend themselves in case of a trap, to w

Kion thanks Makucha for saving him

hich Fuli hesitantly agrees. Makucha tells them the winds are dying down, allowing them to leave. Outside, Makini's attempt to assure Ono of his safety causes him to doubt his worth if he can't help others, despite Makini assuring him of his help finding the shelter.

While crossing the storm, Ono realizes that the winds are picking up, causing both groups to head into a nearby canyon. Soon after, the winds dislodge a rock above them, causing Makcuha to jump out and push Kion before the rock crushes them. This action shocks both groups, with the Guard believing that Makucha might want to help them, though Makucha insists that he was actually trying to save himself and that Kion only got in the way. When the winds die down, Anga scans the area, spotting the moja kwa moja stone still far away, prompting them to continue. 

Outside, Makucha overhears Makini talking to Anga about The Tree of Life, going on about all the rare animals that live there as well as how it can only be found by someone who knows the way like her. His interest piqued, Makucha takes his leap aside and informs them of his plan to ambush the Guard at a nearby cliff, allowing them to

Makucha's new plan

kidnap Makini and get her to take them to the Tree of Life. The Guard soon notices Makucha's absence before the leopard returns, claiming to have scouted ahead for another route. Though Ono worries about the winds, Makucha advises them to go on.

Following Makucha, the group presses on despite the strong winds. Soon after, Ono is blown off of Beshte's back and, unnoticed is left behind. Remembering that Harmattan winds always blow in the same direction, Ono realizes that Makcuha is leading them the wrong way and, fighting the currents, tries to catch up to the others. Farther ahead, Makucha leads the rest of the Guard to a canyon with a cliff at the end, claiming it to be the way out. Believing him, Kion thanks Makucha as the Guard rushes through the canyon in a hurry to get out of the storm, with Bunga leading ahead of the others.

On their way out, Beshte suddenly notices Ono's absence and tells the others. Outside the canyon, a struggling Ono manages to enter the canyon as Makucha prepares his ambush. Finding the group, Ono informs them of Makucha's plan before they suddenly hearing Bunga screaming from further ahead and rush toward him, finding him hanging from a branch below the cliff after having fallen off. With the guard distracted, Makucha kidnaps Makini, leaving his leap to attack the rest of the Guard while Kion tries to save Makini by fighting Makucha himself.

Bunga soon falls off his tree branch, but Anga manages to save him. During the fight, Ono realizes that the winds are picking up once again. After fighting off the leopards, Ono warns the Guard to get behind rocks and brace themselves, leaving the leopards to be blown off by the winds. Once the storm di

Hiding from the harmattan

es down, Makucha tells his group of his plan to follow the Guard to the Tree of Life, hoping to get rid of them and feast on all the rare animals there. Believing the guard to be too powerful, Fahari and Jiona refuse and leave Makucha, who decides to continue on his own.

After leaving the desert, the Guard finally arrives at the Iroko tree. Makini then activates the moja kwa moja stone which, ironically, warns the group of a coming wind storm. The Guard thanks Ono for getting them through, pointing out that he can still help even if he can't see. When Ono admits to still getting used to his new role, Kion reassures him that the Lion Guard wouldn't be the same without him before asking Ono for their next stop. Remembering the map, Ono reveals their next stop to be a mountain with two peaks, allowing them to continue on their journey.

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