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Back Landers are animals who live in the Back Lands. They share a watering hole together. Some of the land are ruled by their leader, Queen Dhahabu, a golden zebra. Since she mention that leopard have their own territory she has no power over them.

Living Members


Main article: Makucha

Makucha is a territorial leopard and he's an enemy of the Lion Guard. He always tries to stir up trouble for the Lion Guard by breaking rules of the Circle of Life.


Main article: Badili

Badili is a friendly leopard who just wants to be live in peace and doesn't like to be left alone. He learns how to stand up for himself with the Lion Guard's help, when his turf is threatened by another evil leopard, called Mapigano. Afterwards he can live happily in his tree, which is his personal territory.


Main article: Mapigano

Mapigano is a mean leopard who bullies Badili and hates the Lion Guard. Once he tried to challenge Badili to take away his turf and live there himself. But he lost and fearful of Badili, who had gained self-esteem and confidence from Kion, Mapigano decided to leave Badili alone and fled out of the Back Lands in search of a new home to call his own.


Main article: Dhahabu

Dhahabu is a golden zebra, which are very rare acording to Ono. She is the queen of a big group of zebras. She rules wisely and just. After meeting Kion and his Lion Guard she agrees to form an alliance between their two kingdoms. This results into Pride Landers and Back Landers sharing Queen Dhahabu's own water source.


Main article: Raha

Raha is a zebra who's part of Dhahabu's herd. He has a sister named Starehe. He always protects her. Later on he becomes part of the Queen's royal, personal guard along with his sister, Starehe.


Main article: Starehe

Starehe is a zebra who's part of Dhahabu's herd. She has a brother named Raha and would do anything to keep him safe. Later on she becomes part of the Queen's royal, personal guard along with her brother, Raha.


Main article: Fahari

Fahari is a member of Makucha's Leap.


Main article: Jiona

Jiona is a member of Makucha's Leap.


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