They looked so yummy...

–Baby Hippo, A Remedy For Impatience

Baby Hippo is a hippo calf in The Lion Guard comic, A Remedy For Impatience.


Baby Hippo is a short, stubby little hippo calf. He has grey skin with a light purple tint and a few darker spots on his back. He has three dark purple toenails on each foot. His underbelly is a pale purple. He has brown eyes, pink inner ears and several short strands of hair atop his head.


Baby Hippo is shown to be very impatient, and unable to wait on a number of occasions. He is grateful for the Lion Guard's assistance, and is capable of learning and taking note of his own mistakes.


A Remedy For Impatience


A painful stomach ache

Baby Hippo winds up getting a stomach ache after ingesting some berries which were unripe. The Lion Guard decide to help him out, with Beshte recalling that a wise old hippo once fed him some leaves to help settle his own stomach when he suffered the same pains after consuming the same berries when he was also young.

If the Guard choose Bunga's idea, they ask Rafiki how to find the plant. But just as Rafiki turns to show them the leaves, the Baby Hippo gobbles them up. He complains that his stomach still aches, and Rafiki scolds him for being impatient, and that there weren't enough leaves there to fully cure him.


Feeling better!

After being given a description and a rough location, the Lion Guard race away, not wishing to hear Rafiki's other solution. When they return with the leaves, Baby Hippo has recovered from his ordeal, and Rafiki explains how the stomach pains never last that long anyway, suggesting the Lion Guard themselves learn something about patience. The Baby Hippo also learns not to eat berries before they are ripe, and happily munches on some fully ripe berries instead.

If the Guard choose Beshte's idea, they manage to locate the plant at the bottom of the water. As he starts to eat the leaves, Baby Hippo happily informs Fuli that he's feeling better. Having learnt his lesson, he walks over to the Lion Guard just in time to see two more baby hippos about to snack on the unripe berries that caused him such distress in the beginning.

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