Baby Baboon's Mother

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The Baby Baboons mom cares for her son so much. She was worried when he got lost and was glad that Fuli saved him.

Friends, Allies & Acquaintances


After being saved by vultures, Kion asks Fuli to take the baby baboon back home to Mapango Cliffs. The baby baboon did annoy Fuli a little bit, especially when he was throwing fruit at her. Fuli questions why they can't see eye to eye, and wishes they could go separate ways, although Baby Baboon isn't fully aware of how much she's annoying him, seeing it as a game. At the end of their journey, Fuli saves the baby baboon and his family from the vultures, and Baby Baboon is show to be grateful to her, even repeating her catchphrase.

In "Battle for the Pride Lands", a slightly older Baby Baboon cuddles up to Fuli before she leaves the Pride Lands, showing he still cares for her and remembers what she did for him all those moons ago.

The Rest Of The Lion Guard 

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After Ono spots the vultures hunting for the baby baboon. Bunga catches the baboon and Beshte knocks the vultures out of the way. Soon the babooon gets washed away by water and Fuli runs to save. The rest of the guard thinks that the baboon likes her. Kion asks Fuli to bring the baby baboon home.

Mtoto's Mom

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Mtoto's mom and the baby baboon are on good teams. The baby baboon was swinging  on the elephant's trunk.


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Shingo and the baby baboon are on good teams. The baby baboon was riding  on the giraffe's neck.


Baby Baboon and Azaad are on good terms. In "Journey to the Pride Lands" when Fuli comes home from the Tree of Life she spends her day showing Azaad around the Pride Lands. She soon meets up with the baboons as they bounce all over the two cheetahs.

Big Baboon

Baby Baboon and Big Baboon are on good terms since they're neighbors. 


Mzingo, Mwoga And Male Vulture

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Mzingo and Mwoga along with the rest of the vultures really wanna eat the baby baboon and his troop. While Fuli brings the baby back to his home she spots Mzingo circling around the grass. Fuli explains that the baboon is probably at home safe and sound. Later when they go to the cliffs the vultures tries to attack the baby and the other baboons help Fuli by throwing fruit. After being stopped by Fuli the vultures fly away. 
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