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Tree? They don't live in a tree, Fuli. They live on Mapango Cliffs. In a cave. Way up at the top.

Big Baboon, Baboons!

Baby Baboon's Troop, also called the cliff baboons, is a group of baboons in The Lion GuardThey live in a cave at the top of Mapango Cliffs.



Fuli takes Baby Baboon to Nyani Grove, believing it to be his home. She is told that the baby belongs to the neighbors of Big Baboon's troop, who live in Mapango Cliffs. They ask her to send a message to the cliff baboons, but simply hurl baobabs at her.

The troop gathers around Fuli

Once Fuli reaches the cliffs, she returns Baby Baboon to his relieved mother. However, Mzingo and his vultures attack, causing the rest of the troop to emerge and fling fruit at the vultures as Fuli battles them from a ledge. She ensures that the vultures are driven away, and the troop chants her name in unison as they descend from the cliffs and surround her. Baby Baboon's mother thanks Fuli warmly, and Baby Baboon embraces her neck.

Battle for the Pride Lands

Baby Baboon's troop says goodbye Fuli and the rest of the lion guard. As they make their way to the Tree of Life

Return to the Pride Lands

Baby Baboon's troop (along with Big Baboon's troop ) welcomes Fuli back home along with her new friend Azaad.

Named Members

Baby Baboon

Baby Baboon tosses a fruit

Main article: Baby Baboon

Baby Baboon is the youngest known member of the troop. He is mischievous and playful, but is nevertheless skilled at fending off enemies. He is much smaller than the rest of the troop, with pale fur and large, round cyan eyes.

Unnamed Members

The following are known members of Baby Baboon's Troop who have not received an official name.


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