Astuto's Kits

Journey-to-the-Pride-Lands (108)

Astuto is the mother or her kits and tries to protect them whenever she can, such as when she thought Beshte was bad or when they were being attacked by Makucha's Army.

Friends, Allies & Acquaintances


Poa-the-destroyer (282)
At first Astuto thought that Beshte was a bad guy after hearing a rumor from Pinguino. When Beshte saves Pinguino, he tells them that Beshte is a good guy.


Journey-to-the-Pride-Lands (107)

Astuto and Rani are good friends. Astuto comes to Rani's coronation. During the song Of the Same Pride, Rani saves Astuto's Kits from being under a log.


Astuto and Kion are on good terms. He helps her kit from being under a log along with Rani. He even becomes their king when he mates Rani.


Astuto was good friends with Janna. She was sad when she completed her journey through the Circle of Life.


Pinguino and Astuto are on good terms.


Tangaagim and Astuto are on good terms.

Tsah and Sasem

Tsah, Sasem and Astuto are on good terms.

Cek and Rama

Cek, Rama and Astuto are on good terms.


Makucha's Army

Triumph-of-the-Roar (422)
Astuto hates Makucha's Army since they were attacking her and her kits.
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