Season 3

The Lake of Reflection

"Greetings, Kion. I am Askari."

"Yes, and I know you are the leader of the new Lion Guard."

"Good. That means you are ready. Yes, Kion. It is time. Time for you to learn everything the Roar can do."

Triumph of the Roar

"Of course. You've already made great progress. But remember: Only one who is willing to let go of the Roar completely can truly master it."

"Very well. Soon, Kion, you will learn everything the Roar can do."

"The Roar has great power. And if you control your emotions, it can be precise as well. Now... stay calm, focus, and roar."

"Well done, Kion. You've mastered that skill quickly."

Return to the Pride Lands

"Yes, Kion. You have done well."

"By letting the Roar go, you have truly mastered it."

"There is another place that could use the Roar's help."

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