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Despite an awkward introduction, Ono and Anga have become close friends
Firefromthesky (267)

When Kion asks Ono to find Hadithi, Anga offers to go with him, and Ono agrees, the two bond whilst singing, and Ono introduces her to Hadithi, much to Anga’s delight.

During a fight, Anga is wounded but helped to safety by Ono.

Later, after Hadithi is badly injured, Anga tells Ono that he could lead the birds into battle against the Outlander vultures, and Ono asks for her help in doing so.

Later, Anga helps Ono and the Guard fight Scar’s army, and the two assemble the birds to prepare for the battle.

When Pride Rock is set ablaze, Anga meets up with Ono and is shown to be visibly relieved that he is safe. Along with Hadithi, Anga and Ono help rescue Kion’s family.

After Ono is injured, whilst saving Bunga, Anga expresses concern for him and immediately assures him that she will accompany him to see Rafiki.

When she is suggested as Ono’s successor, Anga is shown to be stunned, and initially protests, as she is fully aware that she can't replace him, commending her friend for his knowledge. After Kion and Ono encourage her, Anga accepts her new position as the Keenest of Sight.

When Ono partially regains his eyesight, Anga is shown to be happy for him.


Despite an awkward introduction, Kion and Anga appear to be on good terms. Anga
Battle-for the-Pride Lands (851)
was familiar with him and the Lion Guard and agreed to help discover the cause of the fire falling from the sky.

Kion shows how much he really believes in her later when he agrees with Ono that Anga should be the new keenest of sight. He often calls for Anga to check the surrounding areas.


According to the hippo, he and Anga were acquainted but didn’t know each other that
The-Harmattan (289)
well, due to her quiet personality. Beshte brought the Lion Guard to Anga to ask for help and discovering the cause of the fire falling from the sky. She and Beshte appear to be on good terms.


Firefromthesky (109)
Despite an awkward introduction, Bunga and Anga appear to be on good terms. Anga was familiar with him and the Lion Guard and agreed to help discover the cause of the fire falling from the sky. Bunga wanted to fly on her back and fight the vultures himself. However, Anga didn't like that idea.

Anga doesn't tolerate Bunga's craziness and tends to be the one to stop him from causing more problems.


Despite an awkward introduction, Fuli and Anga appear to be on good terms. Anga was
The-Race-to-Tuliza (247)
familiar with her and the Lion Guard and agreed to help discover the cause of the fire falling from the sky.

They seem to be very close, considering they’re very similar in personality.


Firefromthesky (332)
Anga is a big fan of Hadithi and was excited to meet him. Hadithi says that any friend of Ono's is a friend of his. When she met him she started singing his song Hadithi the Hero. While fighting the vultures Anga starts to fall and Ono grabs her. However, she was too heavy so that Hadithi catches both of them. He ends up in a thorn bush and believes that Anga and Ono can finish their mission. Anga got excited when Hadithi said he believed in her.

She is always excited when receiving praise from Hadithi.


Ghost-of-the-mountain (529)

Makini and Anga work together to help the Lion Guard fight the Army of Scar in Battle for the Pride Lands. The two appear to be friends, despite their clashing personalities.  


Anga and Jasiri work together to help the Lion
Battle-for the-Pride Lands (95)
Guard fight the Army of Scar. Although she pulls a face at Jasiri, she appears to trust her enough to stay near her.

Simba and Nala

Anga is on good terms with both, the king and queen. She helps them get off of Pride
Battle-for the-Pride Lands (362)
Rock and fights Scar.


Anga and Kiara are on good terms. She helps her off of Pride Rock when it's set on fire.


Anga and Rafiki are on good terms.

Janja's Clan

Anga used to dislike the hyenas because they worked for Scar, but once they switched to the side of the Pride Landers, she did not mind them anymore.

Yuki's Troop

Anga and Yuki's troop are good friends. At first, they
The Accidental Avalanche (703)
were scared of her because she is a bird of prey. However, she saved them when they all fell into the snow and there were trapped inside a hole, after that they started to like her. Nabasu and Kimyo wanted Anga play hot springs with them.

Domog's Pack

Anga and Domog's pack are on good terms. She helps to fight against a ghost.


Anga and Lumba-Lumba are good friends. She helped the dolphin get back into the water.


Tupp and Anga are on good terms.

Makuu's Float

Makuu and Anga worked together to defeat Scar.

Bupu's Herd

Anga and the sable antelopes worked together to defeat Scar.

Mbeya and Kifaru

Anga and the rhinos worked together to defeat Scar.

Ma Tembo's Herd

Anga and the elephants worked together to defeat Scar.


Anga and Laini worked together to defeat Scar.


Anga and Shujaa worked together to defeat Scar.

Mzingo's Parliament

Anga used to hate the vultures since she stopped them from dropping fire on the Pride Lands. Anga helps the Lion Guard fight the vultures. However, during the Guard's absence, the vultures completely reformed and even decide to help her fight Zira, only to learn that she is deceased.


Anga and Azaad are on good terms. Azaad helps the Lion Guard get back to the Pride Lands.


Anga and Madoa are on good terms.

Kovu And Vitani

Anga used to hate those lions after hearing how bad Zira is. In Return to the Pride Lands Anga spots a strange lion with dark fur on Pride Rock. Jasiri points out that it's Kovu. Soon Vitani comes with her own "Lion Guard." They have a fight but Kiara stops it. When deciding who should be the Lion Guard they have a contest to see who's the best. Vitani's team wins and Kion's team joins the Night Pride.

The Night Pride

When Bunga causes a rock slide the Night Pride thought that the Lion Guard wa
Triumph-of-the-Roar (70)
s a threat. However, Kion apologizes and they get welcomed into the Tree of Life. They soon help the Night Pride fight Makucha's Army. In the end, they join the Night Pride and become good friends.


Anga and Ullu are on good terms.


Anga and Askari are on good terms all thought just like everyone else she was shocked to see him.

Shabaha, Imara, Kasi and Tazama

At first Anga dislike the lions since they were part of Zira's Pride. When Zira completed her journey through the Circle of Life, they joined Simba's Pride. Anga didn't like how they were trying to be the Lion Guard. However Kion decided to give Vitani the Roar and join the Night Pride.


Anga and Binga are on good terms.


Anga and Varya are on good terms she helps save her from Makucha's Army.


Reirei's Pack

Anga helps the Lion Guard fight the jackals in Battle for the Pride Lands.

Kiburi's Float

Anga helps the Lion Guard fight the crocodiles in Battle for the Pride Lands.


Anga and Makucha are enemies since she's now a member of the Lion Guard.


Anga was terrified of Scar when he appeared on top of Pride Rock.


Ghost-of-the-mountain (896)

Chuluun hates her because she is friends with the red pandas, and ultimately helped to put a stop to her tyranny. Anga was the one who cornered her by a rock so that the Guard and Makini could see her.


Long-Live-the-Queen (65)
Ora hates Anga. He fights her twice with his fellow Komodo dragons. Anga and Ono eventually drop wet seaweeds on his eyes. Ora continues to go after Anga, Makini, and the rest of the Lion Guard until the ocean closes on him and his bank.

Mama Binturong

Lake-of-Reflection (535)

Anga hates Mama Binturong after learning her deception to the Lion Guard and the Night Pride that foiled her plan of an ambush on the Tree of Life.  She mostly flys and carries her out. 

Jiona and Fahari

Anga hates these leopards. In "The Harmattan" they try to ditch Anga and the rest of the Lion Guard.


Anga hates Smun since he works for Mama Binturong.


Anga prepares to fight Zira in Return to the Pride Lands, only to find out that she is deceased.
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