Anga lenga!

–Anga's catchphrase

Anga is a young female eagle, who lives in the Pride Lands. She made her debut in the Season 2 finale, Fire from the Sky. After Ono loses his sight, he passes his role to Anga, making her the guard's new Keenest of Sight.


Anga has purple and white feathers with black and white underlining. Her eyes are yellow and blue and her feet are dark gray. In Season 3, she gained a Mark of the Guard, which is bright purple and can be found on her left wing, just like Ono.


Anga is shown to be very blunt and not easily impressed or amused, often staying silent even when others address her. However, her “whatever” attitude is shown to be mainly a front, and once she's opened up to someone, she is an amiable bird with a brave heart, ready to enter a dangerous situation to defend her home. She is capable of working alone or in a group, and selflessly gives it her all.

Like most other birds, Anga greatly admires Hadithi and is frequently starstruck in his presence, getting excited about the idea of working with him.


Fire from the Sky

Firefromthesky (166)

"Those bone pickers!"

After strange fire falls from the sky, the Lion Guard decide to find Beshte's friend, Anga, for help. Beshte calls out for his friend but doesn't see her until she tries to land and the Lion Guard duck their heads, believing that she is about to attack. After an awkward conversation, she agrees to help them. A little later, Anga and Ono fly up in the air to see what's happening and she spots Mzingo's Parliament and sends them back to the Outlands, leaving Ono behind as he struggles to fly as high as her. Although she at first goes to follow them, she returns to the Lion Guard has agreed to let them know what's going on.
Firefromthesky (267)

"Height and Sight"

They soon tell the rest of the Guard that the vultures are behind all the fires. Bunga suggests riding on top of Anga so he can fight them, but she rejects his idea and moves away from him. Ono suggests asking Hadithi for his help, and Anga briefly gets excited. She suggests that she comes along for the ride, and Ono accepts. As they search for him the two birds sing together.

Firefromthesky (325)

Excited to meet Hadithi

They soon locate Hadithi and land on his tree. Anga gets very excited after Ono introduces her to Hadithi and starts singing the song "Hadithi the Hero". After the situation is explained to him, the three birds fly off and meet the rest of the Guard. Hadithi makes a speech for the birds of the Pride Lands and asks them for help. Soon Ono and Anga catch the smoke trails. They explain the plan and head off to Maumivu Thorn Patch. They fight against the vultures but Anga gets wounded in the process. Ono tries to catch her but she's too heavy. 
Firefromthesky (471)

Being caught by Hadithi

Hadithi grabs them both but falls and gets stuck in a thorn bush. Unable to command the birds in the sky, he suggests that Ono take over. As Ono and Anga fly up, Hadithi calls to them both that he believes in them, which invigorates Anga, knowing that her idol has faith in her.

Firefromthesky (534)

"I can get used to it."

Ono leads the birds with Anga's help in gathering the vultures in one place. Once cleared, Kion uses the Roar of the Elders on the vultures and blasts them away.

Hadithi frees himself, pleased to see the two youngsters are okay. Ono asks if Anga liked working with them, and Anga claims that she could get used to it.

Battle for the Pride Lands

Battle for the pride lands (341)

Seeing that Ono is okay

warns the Lion Guard about the Outlanders attacking. Seasons later, Anga, along with the Lion Guard and Jasiri, watches Kion roar at Scar's Army. King Simba and Rafiki come to appreciate their splendid work. Simba then claims that the time to defeat Scar and his army once and for all has come. That night, all of the Pride Landers are gathered at Pride Rock, only to find it suddenly aflame. Ono explains to Anga that Simba, Nala, and Kiara are trapped. She carries Kiara off of Pride Rock. They soon get Hadithi to help Simba and Nala. Soon Scar appears on Pride Rock in fire and the herds panic.

They all soon started to lose their will to fight but then Janja comes. He says that the roar could possibly defeat Scar once and for all.

The next morning the team is ready to go fight. Kion and the Lion Guard go inside the volcano while
Battle for the pride lands (595)

"Thanks Hadithi

everyone else fights the rest of the army. When the guard comes out Kion, claims that Scar is defeated. But soon, she notices that something is wrong with Ono's eyes and hears that he can't see really well. They go to the Lair of the Lion Guard to check Ono out. Kion also gets checked because of his scar. Rafiki along with Makini and the royal family is there to help. Rafiki suggests to go the Tree of Life and get the cure for Kion and Ono. Realizing he isn't the keenest of sight anymore, Anga becomes surprised that he chooses her as his replacement. But, the eagle says she can't replace him, aware of Ono's knowledge, claiming he is the smartest, realizing that both Kion and Ono are right, she accepts the offer becoming the new Keenest of Sight while Ono becomes the Smartest. They soon adventure out of the Pride Lands.

The Harmattan

​​Kion asks Anga how much farther it is to get to the Waterfall. She says that it's not far and sees the next moja kwa moja stone. Makini says that they're on the right path to the Tree of Life. Ono remembers Rafiki's map and says that the Back Lands Waterfall is the first landmark after Pride Rock. Kion tells Anga to lead the way. When they make it to the stone, Ono says they need to find
Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 11.51.30 AM

Stopping Makucha

an Iroko Tree. While on their way to the tree, Makucha's Leap comes by to attack the guard. Makini drags Ono to the top of a tree so he will be safe. During the fight, a dust storm comes and the guard gets blown away. They soon find shelter but Makucha's Leap follows them. Makucha says
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 9.46.54 AM

Anga questions Makini

for them to leave but there's no where else to go. Kion says that they need to get along and stay in the spot. Makucha says that he wants them and he'll show them the way out. Fuli talks to Kion alone saying that she doesn't trust him. But Kion wants to get to the Tree of Life as fast as possible. The guard leaves with Makucha's leap and Makucha overhears Makini
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 10.05.26 AM

Catching Bunga

talking about the Tree of Life. Kion thinks that Makucha left but he didn't. He kidnaps Makini and Kion tries to save her. Bunga falls and hangs onto a tree but is saved by Anga. After Makucha lost the guard continues on their journey. The guard makes it to the iroko tree and Kion thanks Ono for getting them out of the harmanttan.

The Accidental Avalanche

The Lion Guard climbs up a snowy mountain. Makini doesn't remember climbing up a mountian the last time she went to the Tree of Life. Ono says that the map says they need to go around the mountain, but Kion decides that going over it will be quicker.
Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 11.52.45 AM

Trying to speak to the snow monkeys

Kion soon slides down the mountain making the rest of the guard slide down too. Ono almost falls but is saved by Anga. Beshte stops them before they slide off a cliff. Kion says to try it again but Fuli says they should go around the mountain. Kion says they're going the way he wants to go since he's the leader. Kion then suggests finding a shortcut through the mountain. Makini spots some Snow Monkeys and says they could help us. However it turns out that they're scared of large birds. Anga tries to talk them but they just panic. Kion then uses the Roar of the Elders. to blast a hole through the mountain. The roar made an avalanche happen and the guard saves Yuki's Troop. The monkeys start to get scared of Anga again but Kion says she's a nice bird. After seeing their home destroyed, Kion suggests finding them a new home. They find a hot spot which is surrounded by a bunch of trees. Snow Monkeys are scared of the trees because it attracts big birds. Soon a group of flying squirrels come by. The guard tries to protect the snow monkeys from the squirrels. After talking to the squirrels the guard sees the monkeys have ran away. Turns out they're hiding in snow and Bunga is with them. Anga pulls all of them out and Kion finds them a better home. The lion guard hangs out with the snow monkeys in their new home. The snow monkeys starts to like Anga.

Ghost of the Mountain

The Lion Guard are having fun in the snow. They soon see a bunch of bamboo trees. Kion asks Makini and Ono what they think and if they should find another way around. Ono says the next moja kwa moja stone is throught the trees. Beshte suggets going thorugh the trees. Anga inds some tuliza on a ledge. Bunga tries to climb up and get it but he falls down the cliff. Soon he meets a group of Red Pandas and claim Bunga as the "Chosen one." They say that Bunga is chosen to fight the ghost of the mountain. After Kion introduces himself and says that Bunga is part of the Lion Guard. They soon meet the red panda's leader Domog. He teaches them the legend ghost of the mountain. The guard soon talks in private with Bunga and Beshte thinks they should help the red pandas. Fuli oesn't believe in ghosts but they all agree to help. After they spot it, the guard decides to look for footprints and track it by sent. Anga spots the tracks and Kion says to stay close. They soon find the ghost who happens to be a Snow Leopard named Chuluun who happens to be attacking the red pandas. Bunga asks if Chuluun cares about the Circle of Life. She said she makes her own rules. Bunga attacks her but she vanishes and Anga spots her attacking the red pandas. Bunga saves the red pandas by using his stink. Domog's Pack cheers and says that the ledgen of the chosen one is over. Makini finds the next moja kwa moja stone. The guard leaves the red pandas and continue on their journey.

Marsh of Mystery

The Lion Guard walks through marsh and Fuli questions why they need to walk throught it. Kion says they'll be on the other side soon. Anga says she can see the next moja kwa moja stone beyond the edge of the marsh. Bunga says that this place isn't bad and the snails are great. Fuli says it's nice for Bunga since he's not in the mud. However Bunga jumps into the mud and gets Fuli covered in it. They soon hear a bunch of screaming animals and Ono isn't sure what it is. Makini gets scared and hops on top of Beshte. Makini suggets getting Ono somewhere safe but Ono doesn't like the idea since they don't know what it is. Turns out it's a bunch of Mongooses who are trying to attack the Lion Guard. The guard the mongooses are throwing mud at the lion guard. Once the mongooses leave Kion asks Ono why they were mad. They notice that Makini and Ono are missing. At the guard Fuli tries to sniff them out. Bunga has a bet with Anga and says he'll spot Makini and Ono before she does. The mongooses come back but Kion says they don't have time for games. Fuli says she's having trouble sniffing them out with Bunga's yelling. Anga finds their tracks but Bunga says it first. They follow their tracks and notice that they're not here. Kion says that Makini and Ono are close and Bunga almost falls down the marsh. He says that there's no snails down there. He finds them under a rock. The monogooses start yelling again but Kion asks why they start attacking them. They explain that the guard have been eating their snails. Makini and Ono soon come up and they knock over a log. The monogooses find the snails and starts eating them. That night Anga spots the next moja kwa moja stone and Bunga spots the blue light. Anga grabs him before he gets lost. Bunga spots more snails and asks Anga to let him go. Anga doesn't agree and flies off.

Dragon Island

Kion says that Anga spotted the next moja kwa moja stone. They soon hear a strange sound which happens to be water. Anga shows them an ocean. Kion asks if the next stone is in the ocean but Anga says it's on top of the hill. Bunga umps in but notices there's no water. He soon gets washed away by a lot of water but is saved by Dolphin. The dolphin's name is Lumba-Lumba and she says she's never met a Beshte before. She says that the ocean is her home.The guard goes to get some more Tuliza. Then, a Civet comes and tells them about the Komodo Dragons. Soon, Ora spots them and says he likes to play with his food. Makini drops the tuliza and the guard spreads out. Ora soon brings his friends to share the meal. Kion soon uses the Roar of the Elders on the dragons. The guard notices that Kion blew everything away even the water. The water soon comes back and the guard starts to run. Anga saves Makini but the rest of the guard get washed away. Kion notices that the roar made an island that they're stuck on. They soon hear Lumba-Lumba who isn't in the water. Makini, Ono and Anga go to get more tuliza. Ono hinks he sees another dragon but Anga says it's just more rocks. Makini, Ono and Anga find the next moja kwa moja stone. Ono remembers Rafiki's map and says that there's a cliff with a tall tree on top. The rest of the guard fight the dragons and Anga and Ono throw seaweed on them. Bunga soon uses his stink on Ora and Ono drops the seaweed on him. Makini gives Kion some tuliza. He soon gets Lumba-Lumba back into the ocean. The Guard even escapes the dragons. The guard continues their journey to the Tree of Life.

Journey of Memories

Makini spots the next moja kwa moja stone. Bunga ays it's a painting of a river but he doesn't see one. Kion asks Ono where the next landmark is. Ono says he sees a pool of water with rocks all around it. Makini remembers the river she was her with her parents Fikiri and Kitendo. Fuli is happy to cross the river without water. Beshte asks Makini if she was here with Rafiki. She says her mom and dad were taking her to the Tree of Life to meet Rafiki. Makini says that her mother says "to test the water before diving in". Bunga says where's the fun in that and Makini says he sounds like her dad. Makini soon remembers a waterfall which is the opposite direction from the pool. Kion says a little detour wouldn't hurt. Turns out the water has all dried up. Makini spots a painting that looks like a moja kwa moja stone but it isn't. Makini soon rememebrs a rock where you can put your hand through. The rock is covered up with dirt. Bunga soon kicks the rock and hurts his foot. Makini then remembers a mountain that looks like a monkey's face. However the guard doesn't see anything and move on. Ono spots the next moja kwa moja stone. Ono soon remembers Rafiki's map and says there's a field with small white flowers. Kion tells Makini no more detours and they need to keep moving. Anga says there's no white flowers, just a desert up ahead. The guard walks across the dessert when Beshte starts to get burned. Anga flys over him to cool him off. A wind storm soon comes and the guard takes cover. Makini hops down Beshte and makes a loud thump noise. Kion's scar starts bugging him and asks Makini if she brought them to the desert to have fun. Fuli suggests giving him some tuliza. They soon see a little Jerboa who tells them to stop stomping while he's sleeping. Kion gets mad at him and he runs away. He suggeats following their footsteps and go back to the last moja kwa moja stone they went to. However, another big wind storm comes. Kion sees that their footprints have disapeared. Kion asks Fuli if she can track their scent from where they've been. Fuli says she can't tell. Kion eats some tuliza but he can't since it's covered in sand. They decide to make shelter and wait for night. The guard comes up to Makini and says that she's trying her best. The jerboa comes back Kion says sorry for scaring him. He says his name is Tupp and sees that they took his advice. Tupp soon shows them the flowers and says the water is in the plant. They all drink the water and Makini cleans the tuliza. They soon see stars in the sky that looks like flowers. Anga says the next moja kwa moja stone is on top of a cliff. Kion thanks Tupp for his help and the guard goes on their journey.​​​​​​

The Race to Tuliza

The Lion Guard are all hot from the sun. Kion has trouble with his scar and he falls down a little hill. Makini tries to help Kion but he says he doesn't need any. Fuli asks if he might need some more tuliza. Makini opens up her gourd but there is no more tuliza. Anga says she'll go find some. Bunga starts to become thirsty and Kion doesn't want him to fool around. Anga finds some but it's very far away. They soon spot a sea which turns out to be salty water. Makini suggests floating in the salty water. Kion tries and soon the rest of guard except for Fuli. Fuli suggests going to get the tuliza and goes on her way. Anga says that they need to get going to the Tree of Life. But Kion doesn't wanna leave since he feels so relaxed. Soon a bunch of Flamingos come by and says their on migration. Kion is confused on what's happening and Makini moves him away. Beshte says if they're here Kion can't relax. Ono tries talking to them but they start to have a Flamingo Dance Party. Kion soon gets mad at the flamingos and scares them. Fuli and her new friend Azaad come back to the guard and Fuli hops into the sea. Kion eats the tuliza and says sorry to the flamingos. Azaad says goodbye to Fuli and hopes to see her again. The lion guard soon gets going on their journey.

Mama Binturong

Beshte makes a new friend Tenuk. Tenuk introduces Beshte and Bunga to his other friends. Beshte says that everyone is very friendly here. Tenuk says they're welcome to stay as long as they want. Anga says they're just passing through. Tenuk says if there's anything they need to let him know. Makini says they need some more tuliza. Tenuk starts to panics, runs away and says to leave him alone. Tenuk's friends questions the Lion Guard on why they scared him. Beshte said they didn't mean to scare him. Makini says all they asked for was tuliza. The two animals panic and run away. Bunga says that everyone's running away whenever Makini says "tuliza." Beshte says that it's not Makini they're scared of. Fuli thinks that they might be scared of tuliza. A Porcupine named Smun is there spying on the guard. Bunga yells "tuliza" at a Civet. The civet is soon saved by Anga when he falls into a river. He soon panics and runs into the porcupine who says that they heard the civet say "tuliza." Tompok says he was just saying the word. Kion's scar starts to bother him and Makini gets some tuliza. She gives it to Kion and Kion starts to feel better. Mama Binturong steals Makini's staff which had the tuliza in it. Fuli asks Makini if she forgot and anything and she remembers her staff. She goes to the log where she placed it down but it wasn't there. e guard starts to track Makini's staff but has no luck. Fuli says they need to find her staff in order to find the Tree of Life. They soon spot a Gibbon and asks him if he's seen the staff. He says to ask the Mongoose. The mongoose says to ask the civet. The civet says to ask the Mouse Deer. The mouse deer says to go back and asks the gibbons. The gibbons explains to the guard where to find Mama Binturong and Makini's staff. After fighting Mama Binturong, Bunga comes back to the guard with Makini's staff. They soon head off on their journey to the Tree of Life.



  • Anga is a martial eagle, the largest eagle in Africa and one of the most powerful birds-of-prey in the world.
  • Anga's catchphrase "Anga lenga" means "aim for the sky" or "aim for the heavens".
  • She is the last new character to make a debut in Season 2.
  • When using her sight to its fullest, Anga's eyes flash purple.
  • Following Fuli, she is the second female to join the Guard.
  • She is also the second bird to join the Guard, after Ono.
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