Ai-Chan Carrier is an actress. She voiced Kimyo in The Lion Guard.


Ai-Chan is an actress from Japan, America and Mexico. She started in musical theater at age 7 and then went on to work in commercials, TV and film. On stage, she was Princess Ying Yoawlak in The King and I, Little Fan in A Christmas Carol, and a munchkin in The Wizard of Oz. On TV, she worked with the wonderful Bill Paxton and Katrina Law in CBS Training Day and provided voiceover for Disney's The Lion Guard. In commercials, she appeared in travel and toy advertisements, and paired with the funniest man in the world Kevin Hart to educate people about health care. In film, she plays the main antagonist Corrina Corrina in Disney's Timmy Failure, based on the best-selling children's books by Stephan Pastis and directed by Tom McCarthy (Spotlight).

She is also an avid horse enthusiast, artist and dog lover. She practices jumping in English saddle several times per week, draws and paints in multiple mediums, and has a maltipoo puppy named Coco.

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