A Search for Spots is a short story inspired by The Lion Guard.

It is featured in Issue 10 of The Lion Guard Magazine.


The Lion Guard are out playing, when Ono spots a giraffe heading over to them. Bunga wonders if they want to play too. But when the giraffe reaches them, he asks for their help. He explains that he has somehow lost his spots. Even Ono is confused, unable to see the spots despite his status as the keenest of sight. Kion assures him not to worry, and the Guard set off in search of the giraffe's missing spots.

They search the Pride Lands, under rocks, inside bushes and up in trees, but to no avail. They start to think of a new plan, when Rafiki walks by. He asks why they're frowning and not playing, when the giraffe explains how he lost his spots. Rafiki then exclaims that he's about to lose his mind, asking what that smell is. The giraffe admits that it must be him, since he has been forgetting to take a bath. Kion then offers to help clean him, since it's the least they can do.

The Guard then march off and find a river. When the giraffe jumps in, Ono announces that his spots are back, much to the giraffe's delight. Rafiki is also happy, since the smell that has been catching his nose for the past few days has also gone.

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